world of darkness – How can I maximize the value of Appearance for a sidhe?

I am preparing a character for my first Changeling:The Dreaming second edition game. I’ve opted for a sidhe, which come with this ability:

Sidhe get two extra dots of Appearance during character creation, even if this increases scores above 5.

Starting with an attribute of 7 sounds pretty incredible, so I’d like to maximize the value of my Appearance. I’m having some trouble:

  • I don’t see any attributes which obviously synergize with my high Appearance.
  • None of the Arts in the core rules are based on Appearance.
  • The only task I’ve seen which calls for Appearance is seduction.

How can I maximize the value of my abnormally high Appearance score? Assume nothing about the rest of the party (our characters will meet for the first time at the table). Anything published for Changeling: The Dreaming second edition is allowed, but I myself was only able to search the core rules.

dnd 3.5e – Is there an official description of the appearance and culture of tribal orcs?

I play on a Neverwinter Nights persistent world module that uses the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 rules. I’m editing and updating the module’s features into a new document. The module allows players to pick different races. I want to add pictures of the various available races and a short blurb about each race’s culture to help players role-play.

However, I’m struggling to locate information on tribal orcs. I’d like to have a brief physical and cultural description of this race that’s drawn from official 3.5 material. Is such information available?

real analysis: could we get the following boundary appearance?

The question may seem simple, but it is interesting.

Suppose we have the following function with the indicated characteristics:

$ F (x, a) $ It is a finite and continuous function. Beside$ , , , $ $ int_0 ^ infty g (x, a_0) dx = int_0 ^ infty h (x, a_0) dx = 0 $ $ , , , $ to$ , , , $ $ a_0 $ .

And we know by all $ , , , $ $ u $ $ , , , $ by including the infinity neighborhood that:$ , , , $ $ int_0 ^ u h (x, a_0) dx ≠ 0 $

AND $ F (x, a) $ was defined as follows:

$$ frac {{} int_0 ^ infty g (x, a) , dx} { int_0 ^ infty h (x, a) , dx ^ *} = ^ * F (x, a) $ $

THE QUESTION: Could we get the following boundary aspect? (because we know that$ , , , $ "for all $ , , , $ $ u $ $ , , , $ by including the infinity neighborhood that:$ , , , $ $ int_0 ^ u h (x, a_0) dx ≠ 0 $)
$$. $$

$$ frac { lim_ {u to infty} int_0 ^ ug (x, a) , dx} { lim_ {u to infty} int_0 ^ uh (x, a) , dx ^ *} = ^ * F (x, a) ⇒ lim_ {u to infty} frac { int_0 ^ ug (x, a_0) , dx} { int_0 ^ uh (x, a_0) , dx } = F (x, a_0) $$

What does "no data" mean in the search appearance of the Google Webmaster Tool / Search Console?

The search appearance section has no data to display. It has been months since some of the pages and posts on my website were indexed on Google. But I don't see data in the search appearance. Does this mean that none of my pages or posts appear in SERP? If yes, what can be done?
Additional information: About 70 pages that are all removed were crawled and passed the previous indexing, which still appears in the page report.
enter the image description here

Ad appearance reduces ad cost | Forum promotion

Without a doubt, if the ad gets more participation, the price is lower. For example, with my ads changing, my cost went from over a dollar per click to 0.09 per click on Facebook.

Any more stories? Anyway, the problem with the ad before was that it didn't give a good enough idea of ​​what the ad was about.

How do I change the appearance of Eclipse IDE? (A white)

I'm running Eclipse version: 2020-03 (4.15.0) and I want to change the fonts too small and the black background to White: but I can't find the configuration items, usually simple.

Eclipse-> Preferences-> Appearance-> Color and Fonts

. There is a list of various "Active / NoActive" entries and it is not clear where to set a simple background color or it is not present in those settings.
Also in the "Window" tab there is no entry to customize the appearance. Although there is a "context help" under the "Help" tab and, ironically, the help system displays the Editor with a normal readable black and white background, it won't reveal anything about how to customize the editor for the displayed view
(I've already looked for a solution but nobody was suitable)

Appearance of a kind of "padding-top" when including an inside a

When writing in HTML a simple div with a paragraph tag p inside the text appears with a little padding at the bottom and a larger one at the top. Why does this happen? I find this HTML behavior of padding to be a bit erratic depending on whether we talk left, up or down:

A greeting.

dnd 5e: Can a nude Changeling use his Shapechanger feature to duplicate the appearance of clothing?

Can a nude Changeling use his Shapechanger feature to duplicate the appearance of clothing or gear, similar to Mystique of the X-Men?

As an action, you can change your appearance and your voice. You determine the details of
changes, including hair color, length, and
sex. You can also adjust its height and weight, but not
so much that your size changes. You can become
appear as a member of another race, although none of
Your game stats change. You cannot duplicate the appearance of a creature you have never seen, and you must
adopt a form that has the same basic provision of
limbs you have Your clothes and gear are not
changed by this trait.
He remains in the new form until he uses an action to return to his true form or until he dies.

The feature indicates that you cannot change your clothing and equipment, but it does not mention anything about changing your body to duplicate the appearance of clothing or equipment.

It also states that you can become other races. So if a Changeling can become, for example, Yuan-ti Pureblood and duplicate the appearance of scales, then I see no reason why it would not be able to duplicate the appearance of leather, silk or other clothing materials.

Sharepoint Enterprise: compound appearance error

When I try to change the composite look of the site collection, I get this error:

The background image could not be saved in the folder:
_catalogs / theme / Themed / 9577847E. Unexpected error. System.UnauthorizedAccessException: access denied. to
Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities.SPUtility.HandleAccessDenied (Exception
ex) in Microsoft.SharePoint.Library.SPRequest.PutFile (String
bstrUrl, String bstrWebRelativeUrl, Object punkFile, Int64 cbFile,
Object punkSPFileMgr, Object punkFFM, SPFileSaveParams sfsp,
SPFileInfo and pFileProps, UInt32 and pdwVirusCheckStatus, String &
pVirusCheckMessage, String & pEtagReturn, Byte & piLevel, Int32 &

I checked the folders at: _catalogs/theme/Themed/ and it's empty
What do I have to do to get the correct permissions?
to solve this problem.

Dungeons and Dragons: When did the Rangers make their first D&D appearance and how do they differ between editions?

My curiosity continues after asking when did the Druids make their first D&D appearance, and how do they differ between editions? Also, see about Artificers. This series of questions is based on the initial question about Warlocks by aaron9eee:

A quality response would have more than just a release date, and
ideally cover what makes each edition's version different from others

When did the Rangers first appear in D&D, and how do they differ between editions?