How to free up storage taken by the “On My iPad” app?

I have a 6th generation iPad, iPadOS 13.5

I have used an app called “On My iPad” that came preinstalled to this iPad to copy files to this iPad (like PDFs, movies, etc.). Eventually, I deleted all the files that I have copied (at least this is what I think I have done).

The problem is that there is still a lot of storage taken by something in this “On My iPad”. Has it not completely deleted the files? How to clean up the storage?

Please see the screenshots.

You can see that there are zero items showing when I open the “On My iPad” app. There are three folders Downloads, Keynote, Pages, and they are all empty.
nothing in On My iPad

Recently Deleted

There is nothing in the Recently Deleted items.
nothing in Recently Deleted

iPad Storage

When I look at the overall iPad storage I see that there is about 1GB taken by the “On My iPad”.
Also, there is a discrepancy in the reported available space. The “On My iPad” above shows that 20.31 GB available. The iPad Storage reports 14.3 of 32 GB used, i.e. only 17.7 GB is available.
Overall storage

Documents and Data

When I tap on the “On My iPad” to see the details, I see that “Documents and Data” take 1 GB.
storage 2


When I tap further on Recommendations, there is nothing there. When I had some files, they were showing here. I have deleted all I could. Apparently, something is still sitting somewhere.
storage 3

I have seen advice to delete an application and reinstall it back to reclaim the storage taken by the “Documents and Data” and I have done this trick successfully with the Keynote application. But there is no option to delete the “On My iPad” application and there is no such application in the App Store, so this method can’t be used here.

Any ideas?

sharepoint online – How do I update a SPFx App in Dev without updating Staging or Prod?

Ok, I did a change in one of my SPFx web parts, incremented the version in package-solution.json file and deployed the app in the app catalog.

In the Dev site I went into the Details for the app, and I saw the new version there and clicked in the Get It button.

I went in the page where the web part is and refreshed the page and it was updated successfully.

However, for my surprise, I went in the production site (in the same tenant) and refreshed the page and the changes were there as well! It was strange because I didn’t go to the Details and clicked in the Get it button in the production site.

How can I have different versions of the same web part in Dev/Stg/Prod?

How To Choose Good Dating App Nowadays?

How to choose good dating app nowadays?

web app – What are the best macro-areas for an Editing Tool Dashboard?

I am a designer, working on an editing tool, that allows you to create presentations.
You can collaborate on these presentations with other users of the platform. I wonder what are the clearest, most simple macro-areas to find on the dashboard.
So far I have: All Files, Shared with me ( single presentations shared by peers) and Folders ( I create a folder to group similar presentations, inside this section I see other folders that have been shared with me). Does this make sense? Are there any other ways? more dynamic and fluid, less structured? Thanks a lot

web app – Dashboard design, are there any good alternatives to side nav?

I am trying to create a user profile dashboard for an application. The user creates the media asset which is saved under All files, he/she should be able to organize these files somehow ( workspaces/folders/projects, you name it), from the web I see the most common solution is to have a side bar where user creates folders in which he can drag the assets created. I guess is so commonly used because the folders are always within reach but are there any other creative alternatives to a side nav for application file management? Thanks

Why Gmail App on Android version 9 now hides the message body of the postfix Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender?

I noticed that GMAIL APP in Android version 9 would hide all the Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender body message like in the following picture:

Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender displayed on GMAIL App Android v 9.0

And another unfortunate event is when I click to try to download the attachment, it displays:

enter image description here

So, this is really annoying, because it is displaying as if it was a spammy email and it has a dangerous content inside it.

HOWEVER …, I can confirm that when I go to the gmail web version or when I open it on another Gmail App on Android version below 9, the message body is not hidden, it would display normally and nicely as it should! See the picture below when opened in GMAIL App on Android version <9 or in Gmail web.

The body would display as it should in GMAIL Web and GMAIL APP on Android version less than 9

From the picture above, you can see that The Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender on my case was because the target mailbox was FULL.

I am using Postfix 3.3.3 and No custom bounce message (Postfix default), if this is somehow related (but I am sure is not):

$ postconf -d mail_version
$ mail_version = 3.3.3

I have googled around, but I have not yet found any satisfying answer related to this or even came close to as an answer.

And, before posting this question here. I tried to fix this with Postfix Custom BOUNCE Message in /etc/postfix/, but unfortunately, it has no effect on GMAIL App Android v9.

This question might sound silly and dead-simple, but this question was asked from a person who is on the Board of Directors who got a new smartphone with Android v9 and he is super annoyed and thinks that IT Dept. did not do their job well!

  1. Can anyone confirm if this is an issue to GMAIL App Android version
  2. Has anyone had this issue before?

Thank you in advance!

Does anyone know if the W notification app is the secret chat/dating app whsiper?

**enter image description here
Help me figure out if this is the dating app whisper notification on my girlfriends phone lol

How to revoke OAuth app permission?

The Microsoft docs explain in great detail how to set up an app and how to grant access. All of this works fine. On the OAuthAuthorize.aspx page I can choose to trust the app.

enter image description here

My question now is: How can I remove access for the app after trusting it?

I know that I can delete the security principal on AppPrincipals.aspx. But that removes app access for all users, right? So if 2 users (or 100 for the sake of the argument) have granted access and one of them doesn’t want to trust the app anymore, how does she/he remove it?

Looking for wordpress (woocommerce), laravel programmers and ReactNative mobile app programmers

Dear all,

I’m currently looking for new collaborations with programmers in these areas:
– Good WordPress developers (woocommerce)
– Good Laravel web developers
– Good Web designers (.psd layouts etc)
– Good XHTML/CSS developers
– Good ReactNative (IOS + Android) developers

Especially the ReactNative developers I need for one immediate project right now etc.

PM me for more info thanks. (I also have regular website projects)

(Even better if you are from south east asia)



How can I find photos in Lightroom Android app after reinstalling it?

I uninstalled my Light room application in Android and after reinstalling it and logged in my account all my 300 photos disappeared. Is there any way to explain how did this happen and how can I take back my photos?