python – Permitir apenas meu app mobilde acessar minha api django rest

Gostaria de saber se tem como restringir que apenas meu front-end mobile possa acessar minha api django rest. Sei que web tem o ALLOWED_HOSTS, mas o endereço ip do mobile não é estático.

applications – trying to develop an app to access music databases

Basically i’m trying to develop a search app to get specifics on songs, this data is accessed on whatever databases to provide information about songs, as in whats popular, or specific characteristics about the file, or even as the file is accessed, somethings in the file it’s self. I am new to this but I understand some things. I know you have to pull from specific data bases for the information since I dont have the available server with all the music files.

Mobile App Monetization Strategy: 9 Models To Choose From

A medical mobile app should complement the overall business goals of the app’s owners. It’s best to integrate a mobile app monetization strategies at the beginning rather than force one when your app is already built and functioning with an active user base. An app’s optimal monetization model highly depends on its business logic and concept.

External Sharing – Sharepoint Mobile App

I have a requirement to develop SharePoint Mobile app, which involves some external user interaction. The external users do not have the corporate/School account (they have personal Gmail ids, registered with Microsoft). But it looks like, Microsoft do not allow to access the application with the external accounts. Can somebody suggest if a am missing any settings.? Or is there any other alternate way to fulfill this requirement.?

dpkg: error processing package app armor (–configure) E:Sub-process

I finished installing ros kinetic on Ubuntu 16.04, but when I run the last command:

sudo apt-get install python-rosinstall python-rosinstall-generator python-wstool build-essential.

I met an error:

Reading package lists... done  
Building dependency tree
Reading state information...done
building-essential is already the newest version(12.1ubuntu2).
python-rosinstall is already the newest version(0.7.8-1).
python-rosins tall-generator is already the newest version(0.1.22-1).
python-wstool is already the newest version(0.1.17-1).
0 upgraded,0 newly installed ,0 to remove and 41 not upgraded.
1 not fully installed or removed.
need to get 0 B/451 kB of archives.
After this operation,0 B of additional disk space will be used.
Do you want to continue?(Y/y) y
dpkg: error processing package app armor (--configure):
package is in a very bad inconsistent state; you should reinstall it before attempting configuration
Errors were encounter while processing:
 app armor
E: Sub-process /user/bin/dpkg returned an error code(1).

I have tried sudo apt-get autoremove ; sudo apt-get installl -f …and so on, searched online but all failed.

root access – Problem reinstalling system app (Media Manager)

So at first my intention was to fix some other problem with DownloadManager but it ended messing up MediaManager which was crashing in loop. I reinstalled it and at first it was reinstalling fine but after a while I couldnt reinstall anymore. Heres the console output:

ASUS_X008_1:/system/priv-app/MediaProvider #
pm install MediaProvider.apk
Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK: Package couldn't be installed in /data/app/ Package /data/app/ code is missing]

Its complaining for some reason about not having files in /data/app? Maybe it deleted some directions for system as to where its supposed to install system apps like this? Also if it helps my phone is Asus ZC520TL. I pulled media manager apk from stock firmware image but that didnt change anything.

postgresql – Caching expensive SQL reports in web app when the data changes

I have a web application with an express/node backend using typeorm and PostgreSQL. The home page in my app is a query with lots of inner joins that shows the user a complex report. This query takes about 30 seconds to run which is a bad experience.

I could easily add caching with a ttl value, but that has 2 problems. First the report could be out of date if the user hits the cache after updating data. Second the first page load after the ttl expires will be slow.

Since the report only changes when more records are added to the database I could use the number of records as a key to tell me whether the cache value is out of date or not, solving the first problem. And then I could have a queued process that updates the cache in the background any time the number of records in the database changes, solving the second problem.

The only thing is, I don’t know if any third party libraries exist that already do this or if I’m somehow reinventing existing functionality. Does this strategy have a name?

applications – A sketcpad app with a capabilty to export an inkml file

I’m interested in installing a simple sketch app on my ebook-reader (an android device) with the capability to save/export an inkml file. so all strokes will get stored for each sketch I draw.

I have searched and installed few apps and didn’t find any app with this feature.
has someone been using any kind of app with this kind of functionality ?

Thank you!