pathfinder 1e: What is the most optimal level 20 construction to keep an infinite apocalypse of Swarm of crabs at bay?

My friends and I were discussing a meme that we saw when our imagination took us too far, and now I'm curious about how many swarms of crabs would be needed to kill the most efficient crab swarm killer, and who is the crab swarm killer. more efficient it could be.


You are an adventurer who ran into some pranks and now, suddenly, you are in the middle of a swarm of crabs apocalypse. That is to say,

  • You are in the center of a 20sqx20sq (100 feet x 100 feet) flat square plane;
  • You have a week to prepare;
    • For the purposes of this theory, you can assume that you have the necessary resources in infinite quantities.
  • and, after that week, the crab swarms begin to appear from all directions in an infinite stream.
    • There is nothing special in any swarm of individual crab; Each one is exactly as described.
    • Everyone is hostile against you, specifically, and they will do anything within their crab powers to kill you.
    • The transmission will not stop and cannot be stopped until it is dead.

Specifically, I am interested in building any 20 level arbitrary adventurer (for whom 250 CR4 Crab Swarms would make a CR20 encounter). What are the most effective constructions at level 20 to eliminate crab swarms and prolong survival?


Spells like Teleport or hold undefined amounts of string tricks, although technically valid for the definition of prolongation of survival, are not in the spirit of the stage and should not be considered. Running away is not an option.

For "murder", I don't necessarily think it is necessary to kill. Simply teleporting them to another level through skills such as, for example, Seventh Veiled Initiate Violet veil Skill is an equally valid strategy (in addition to being hilarious in concept).

Basically I am open to any valid Pathfinder solution for this problem, from published books. Psionics, Path of War, whatever, bring it.

dnd 5e – Can you deal while using this Princes of the Apocalypse item?

In Princes of the Apocalypse The following element exists:

Claws of the Hulk Umber:
(…) While using the claws, you cannot manipulate objects or cast spells with somatic components.

Princes of the Apocalypse (page 222) Magic items

This element does not really say that prevents you from dealing, but the requirements to deal with are the following:

(…) Using at least one free hand, try to capture the target by making a hook check instead of an attack roll (…)

Do you still have a free hand while using the two previous elements (left hand and right hand)?

werewolf the apocalypse – capture a sneaky nightmare

Our Kaganmadi just met a Bane in the last round, who is cunning and tries to influence a BĂȘte by whispering them furtively. Now we had stopped at a cliffhanger, having discovered the following:

  • A Spirit room silences him and breaks the influence, possibly for as long as the victim remains in him.
  • The spirit is pretty good dodging Wyrm sense, having given us tremendously conflicting readings at times, but enough evidence to prove the neighborhood, confirming that it was a kind of Spirit / Perdition.

Like other weapons in our Arsenal we have:

  • a lot of BĂȘte that could enter the Umbra and drag all the people there
  • it could be said that the same group could tear Bane down for a new one, as long as we can force him to reach our claws
  • Invocation Rite (various)
  • Rite of union (one)
  • Rite of cleansing (various)
  • Spiritual speech (various)
  • The truth of Gaia (several, including a fetish)
  • Aroma of the true form (one or more)
  • A Bubasti slightly stinking of Wyrm (as all Bubasti do)
  • Maybe 4 to 6 hours to do what needs to be done until we have to get moving.

While we were making plans to try to "leave the nightmare behind" somehow trying to use the Umbra and the Hall of Spirits. But surely we should have more options whenever we could … Uhm … Force it to a rock?

What rules would apply to link said unknown power Bane without knowing his name so far on a rock, maybe turning it into a Talen, and how could our arsenal make it easier for us to force the result?

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BlackHatKings: Proxies and VPN section
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driven by the apocalypse: Is it allowed to "Reject the influence of someone" against "Take advantage of your influence over someone"?

Talk and find a place where you agree with the uncertainty, then make the movement that makes sense.

Masks p.34, "Triggers and uncertainty"

The feeling is common among PbtA games: movements do not occur unless everyone on the table agrees that proper fiction has established what movement should happen and what is at stake.

Rejecting someone's influence over you is almost necessarily a dramatic rhythm, and like any other movement, it has to occur in an appropriate place in fiction.


If someone tries to use Influence to change your labels:

That movement itself gives you a dramatic opening to accept the change or take the risk to reject that influence.

If someone takes advantage of their Influence in +1 in course against you:

If you want to reject your influence, the right time to do it is before you make the roll, instead of trying to "change the past" by affecting a roll that has already landed. So, to follow the example of the book:

when Hornet tries to cause Sureshot to come with her on a mission instead of being depressed in her room

Sureshot and Hornet are quite equal participants in the scene of Hornet trying to persuade Sureshot to go out on patrol, so if Sureshot wanted to reject the influence of Hornet, the right time to do so is before Hornet starts the provocation roll .

It is possible for someone to take advantage of your Influence on you in ways you could not answer, if you evaluate a situation that revolves around you but is not aware of it. In that case you do not have much foundation to reject it.

If someone gives his influence to change a roll or give it a condition:

Pushing a roll after the dice have hit the table is something very unusual that happens, and it is necessarily a less prominent moment than whatever caused the dice to fall in the first place. Trying to develop the drama to reject that influence at the moment usually does not make much sense.

Inflicting a condition works under the same warnings as the influence of leverage: trying to inflict that condition will involve personally involving that influence in a moment of drama, and you will probably have enough dramatic time to reject that influence if you want to take a chance.

If you are responding to a movement in a way that suggests you are rejecting Influence:

Sureshot does not have to try to reject the Hornet Influence before launching Provoke. Anything about the events of the subsequent mission could make her regret the ease with which she convinced him and took steps to reject his influence. But the roll of Provoke in the past, so nothing changes as a result.

Driven by the apocalypse: How does the expense credential work in The Sprawl when the mission team is purchased?

My players bet 3 credits on the murder mission they took, for a total of 9 credits.

During the leg work phase, they decide to position the target, so that one of them goes out to buy a contact neurotoxin. Due to bad rolls, this will cost 8 credits.

Does this loan come out of the credit that remains after the mission bet, or does it leave the credit of 9 that you bet on the mission?

If you left the credit bet in the mission, does this affect the results of the get paid move at all?

Driven by the apocalypse: How does the power of Nova Burn at level 7-9 work?

In Masks, The novae have the power to burn:


When you reload your powers, pull + the conditions that you have marked. In one stroke, keep 3 burns. In a 7-9, check a condition. In a failure, keep 2 burns and check three conditions.

Pass your burn on your flares. You lose all the burns at the end of the scene.

Choose four flares.

This is a power that Novas have, a core class. You can get this resource and spend it to do fun things, like pick up buildings,

How does this power work in segment 7-9? Do you have 2 burns too? Do you keep 3 burns, because if it's a hit, you keep 3? Do not you keep any burn for segment 7-9? I'm really not sure what the experience is for Novas.

dnd 5e – Where can players sell Griffon's eggs in Princes of the Apocalypse?

I have been playing Princes of the apocalypse lately, and … (spoiler on the adventure)

In P. 41 of the adventure, in the Valley of the Sighs, the players find themselves with a faucet hanger with mating taps that have a nest with two eggs, which are described as a value of up to 2,000 gp each. Since the book provides the value of gold, I assume that the egg is supposed to be sold (with a little chance of deterioration).

Where can players sell it? It does not look like Red Larch has a place with the infrastructure to incubate it, or any other nearby city.

On the other hand, traveling back to Waterdeep or Neverwinter takes more than a week, which greatly increases the likelihood that the egg will spoil (about 52% on a week's journey).

So, can players sell it in a closer city? Should they go back to a big city? Or are not the eggs supposed to be sold?

I ask this as a player for this adventure, but I am also interested in the answer as DM, since I could run the adventure in the future.