USPS API – Rates

Basically I’m needing help with understanding how to best serve our customers. Right now our USPS integration returns a lot of rates that are difficult for clients to deal with, such as:

USPS Priority Mail Express 2-Day
USPS Priority Mail Express 2-Day Flat Rate Envelope
USPS Priority Mail Express 2-Day Hold For Pickup
USPS Priority Mail Express 2-Day Flat Rate Envelope Hold For Pickup
USPS Priority Mail Express 2-Day Sunday/Holiday Delivery

This is not a great experience for the shoppers. I’m trying to understand how to simply this, so our clients can simply choose “Priority Mail” as a shipping option, for example.

I’ve reached out to USPS, researched other websites, looked at other ecommerce platforms, and honestly I’m at a total loss on how to simplify USPS rates.


Headless Drupal 8 – REST API 401 Unauthorized in user register json post

I created a headless application using Drupal and Vue.js/Nuxt.js. I want anonymous users to register and Admin approves their subscription (the configuration for this is done).

I can’t find a way to understand why:

When I activate “Access POST on User registration resource” permission for anonymous users I got 401 Unauthorized status with the message “No authentication credentials provided.” using Postman or Axios.


When I activate “Administer users” permission for Anonymous users, the POST method works fine for me without the X-CSRF-Token in the header.

The anonymous users don’t need any identification methods to access the registration form and send their information using /user/register?_format=hal_json.

“Administer users” permission (Warning: Give to trusted roles only) will let any user display, edit, delete users using the server url.

let userData = {
        "_links": {
          "type": {
            "href": ""
        "name": ({"value": "jack"}),
        "mail": ({"value": ""}),
        "field_phone": ({"value": "99999999"}),
        "roles": ({"target_id": "member"}),
        //"pass": ({"value": "0000"}) // if required email verification (admin/config/people/accounts) not checked we send pass

 // Post Data
      this.$"", userData, {
        headers: {
          "Content-type": "application/hal+json"
      }).then(() => {
      }).catch(function (res) {

I also tried to Uncheck the “Administer users” permission for Anonymous user and added the “X-CSRF-Token” with a value from “” in the headers but I still get the {“message”:”No authentication credentials provided.”}

User registration config:
enter image description here
Account Config:
enter image description here
Administer users permission:
enter image description here
Access POST on User registration resource:
enter image description here

Graph API url to target a specific file in a specific site

Let’s say I have a file located in documents/General/MyFolder/myfile.xlsx.

How to reach this file using a graph request ?

I tried :

But it fails with "code": "BadRequest","message": "Url specified is invalid." error.

The furthest I can reach without error is the library itself :

How to fix my request?

EDIT: If I use the ID of the site instead of the relative path :,aaf8a27d-dcc4-44e7-a9c9-a9124a4bb7f7,bb706eb0-ebd1-42f7-ee5a-97230eaf447c/drive/root:/General/MyFolder/myfile.xlsx

it works as expected. But I my context (no code platform), I may be painful to retrieve the site IDs then get the file in a second request

MVC architecture in RESTFUL API

What is model in MVC architecture, is it only request object or it can be any object carrying data? Then what will be the model in RESTFUL API.

restful – How to authenticate to WIX-BLOG API?

So I need to get all my blog posts every 5 hours.

This looks like a way to go:

The only thing I don’t get is how to authenticate to this API so I get MY OWN blog posts?

From what I’ve read so far it looks like I need to create a public Wix App that has a consent screen, App URL, redirect URL, must be publicly available to all users, and must be reviewed by the WIX staff.

But this goes totally against the logic. Why would they want this? Apps are for other users not just to get my own access token.


Apps must be publicly available in the App Market; private apps will be rejected.
Apps should have clear documentation instructions (relevant to Wix users) and provide an email address for support.
Apps should use Wix billing services and should not bill outside of the Wix cycle. The pricing plans should be clear and not misleading.
Apps should not display ads (including ads for your product, third-party ads, or any info that isn’t relevant to Wix users).

It absolutely doesn’t make sense to me if I just want to access my own blogs. Can you bring some light to this, please?

Is it possible to deploy a .NET 5 Web API solution inside of a VM hosted on Azure?

Is it possible to deploy a .NET 5 Web API solution inside of a VM hosted on Azure? – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

api – Cómo realizar la conexión al web service de Pickup de ESTAFETA

He estado tratando de conectarme al web service para crear recolecciones con estafeta, entiendo la estructura el xml y los parametros que debe de llevar, sólo que al momento de realizar la petición me regresa como respuesta “Invalid Api Key” y ejemplo del web service no viene ninguna información relacionada al api key. He tratado de realizar la petición por medio de postman y soapui y en ambos me da la misma respuesta.

URL del web service (abrir en chrome):

Alguien sabe cómo solucionar este detalle.


javascript – Import a local JSON file in your pc to your basic HTML page and display it’s content using Chart.js API

javascript – Import a local JSON file in your pc to your basic HTML page and display it’s content using Chart.js API – Webmasters Stack Exchange

json – como visualizar mensagem de um canal do telegram via api

json – como visualizar mensagem de um canal do telegram via api – Stack Overflow em Português

How to create a search api facet for filtering user access

I’m trying to figure out how to create a search api facet, that will filter results based on user access. By default, I’m bypassing access check hence showing all the nodes. I need to add a checkbox, which will filter results by access for current user (showing only already purchased items).
One approach could be perhaps indexing all accessible nodes per user (about 300 nodes and 4000 users at the moment) similarly to flag_search_api or another and likely more elegant solution, adding access check to query if the access checkbox is selected.
Does anyone have any idea if the latter would work and how to actually implement it?


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