javascript: check if username or email have been taken from REST API AJAX and WordPress

Is it possible to verify if the username or email was taken in the registration?

I have a popup with registration and login form, but as a result, I don't have any rollback errors to show on the front of the site. Just reload the site, nothing as a result. If you have other solutions, please share.

Thank you.

array – How to manipulate data returned from an API in PHP

I have a problem that I have been trying to solve all day. It is the first time that I work with API using PHP.

Anyway, I have the return of an API with various data being returned inside an array where each character in that array is a position.

insert image description here

I'd like to know how you could get just number 4579 in a unique way, without having to concatenate position by position to form the number and display it on the screen.

I already tried $ answer-> confirmed and it didn't work, because in my opinion there is an array that has IDS or identifiers for each data.

Can somebody help me ? I have little experience with PHP

api – one super app or many single-purpose apps

While players like Rappi / Alibaba / Wechat have followed the path of the super application, that is, in a single application to host many unrelated services, ecosystems such as Google, Amazon, etc. they still have multiple single-purpose apps, for example Google suite apps like mail, calendar, hangout, meeting etc. .

What criteria would a product manager consider when deciding how to group a business application?

that is, you would have a single super application with many SDKs or multiple single-purpose applications that link multiple services through APIs

Web API: What are the libraries or tools to determine the difference between API calls?

I am creating an integration for an API that only makes CRUD requests, it does not notify us of the changes through a callback.

From this I want the data updates. Only updates thanks. Preferably as json messages to queue.

There must be services or libraries out there that will determine these updates for me and trigger them in a queue.

2013 – API to get all users with specific text in the profile

How can I use an API to get all users with a specific text (hashtag) in their user profile field "about me"?

Is this the correct way?


How can I search for #myhashtag instead of myhashtag?

collection – Array as query parameter in Magento 1.9 custom rest API

I have created a custom module for the guest user rest API, to get a custom product collection, but I am having trouble passing the array in the query parameter, to get some collection values ​​in response.

You are treating the array parameter as a string.

Suppose I am passing categories name (name can contains some sysmbols and space as well)

URL be like:,categroy2)

But all these methods don't work for me.

API design: proper way to put a fixed hash as authorization

I am implementing a system for a client where they ask me to use a fixed hash to protect the API as authorization. Therefore this fixed value will be sent in the HEADER of the HTTP call as "Authorization":"(the hash)".

Meanwhile, when I was looking for RFC implementations, I knew that Authorization: The pattern was introduced by W3C in HTTP 1.0. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong (go against this standard)?

So I was reviewing other APIs using a fixed hash value, and noticed that they are sending this in the URL parameters themselves. e.g: POST I would like to know what standard they are following.

views – How to get a replacement pattern for full-text search from the search API in the header of the global text area

In Drupal 7, I am currently using the default basic search and a node search results view. I have a global text to extract the replacement pattern for the searched term. I am using the replacement pattern %1 As seen in the image:

enter the image description here

Then i put You searched for: %1 In Myself global text to display the searched keywords:

enter the image description here

This all works very well for Drupal's main search, but I can't find a way to do it with the view in the search API. I am using the Database Service and a view created from the index of the database I created. I tried to find a field as keywords for the full-text search, but since the view is based on indexed content, I can't add such fields to make them available for tokens, even through relationships. Maybe there is a better way to build the view?

trading: Cryptocompare API is not updated

I have created an Android application to keep the portfolio. I have used the API. This API does not have the data at the exchange level.

I have tried this does not have the exchanges like some of the exchanges like (o) and some crypto pairs. These are just a few of the missing exchanges.

Is there any API that has all the exchanges in the crypto world?

I wonder how other apps are getting all possible exchanges and crypto currency pairs. Please advise me.

Magento 2: Instagram Graph API Integration

Instagram has now updated its API and now uses the Facebook Graph API. I want to get all the images from my Instagram page in Magento 2.

How can I get it back in Magento 2?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.