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javascript – Como burlar sistema “anti trocas de aba”

Seguinte, em minha escola, há um video que eu preciso assistir inteiro, porém, eu não posso vê-lo em segundo plano, já que se eu trocar de aba ou ir para outro app o video do youtube é pausado imagem do layout do site

Mas enfim, queria saber se tem como burlar esse sistema, nao é um problema para mim assistir um video de 6 minutos, mas me surgiu essa duvida, E SE eu pudesse burlar esse sistema, e isso me interessou muito, sem falar que pode me dar um “exemplo” de como fazer isso em outros sites e outros tipos de exercicios, agradeço desde já

firewalls – How to bypass Anti Viruses? And Using What Tools?

I wanna bypass AVs and firewalls when using meterpreter payload. But it gets caught by first, AV, and then, firewall. How to avoid it?
I have tried Metasploit encoder modules, hex editing the payload, and replacing elements with random characters. But they don’t seem to work. What do I do?

anti cheat – How to get last 20 banned Steam IDs

I am working on a cheat analysis system using data from Steam. From, we can get the last 20 checked Steam IDs. Is there a way to get the last 20 banned Steam IDs?

VacList has a section with the last banned accounts, but I don’t know how to extract the data. A solution like that provided by would be much better.

anti patterns – Name for unnecessary transcoding antipattern?

Say I have a library function that expects a JSON-encoded object and does some things with it:

function foo(bar) {
    const baz = JSON.parse(bar);

Now I encounter an object that is not already JSON-encoded but I want to do the same things with it. Since I don’t want to touch the library that includes foo(), I just do this:

const bar = JSON.stringify(baz);

That this is bad should be obvious; we should have a version of foo() that takes as input the unencoded object to avoid the wasted (and perilous) roundtrip through JSON. However, I’ve seen variations on this antipattern repeated many times in my career. It has nothing to do with Javascript or JSON; it could be Unicode encodings or image file formats or whatever, but the essence of the problem is that the cost of changing the existing code is perceived to be so high that we end up writing code that shoehorns data into some format just so it can be translated back into a useable format later.

I have to think that someone has previously described this problem. My search-fu is probably not just not good enough to find that discussion. Does this antipattern have a name?

Google Drive Proxy Player Script Anti Limit – CODESTER V2.1

Google Drive Proxy Player Codester Version – version 2.1 :relieved:

Download :

Original Author :

Anti -virus software in the world, which one did you use before or now?

Share with you my collection of anti-virus software list here:
1.BitDefender Antivirus 2010
2.Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010
3.Webroot AntiVirus with SpySweeper 2010
4. Norton AntiVirus 2010
5. ESET Nod32 Antivirus 4
6. AVG Anti-Virus 9

Anti -virus software in the world, which one did you use before or now?

Searching VPS wit good anti ddos

I am looking for a VPS with a good anti ddos, I have been in a ddos attack for a week, and despite being in cloudflare, my current prov… | Read the rest of

anti cheat – How cheater in among us use their hack?

So i’ve seen so many cheater on among us, but how did the hacked client do that like skipping voting, no kill cooldown, and keep being impostor all the time, how did they do that? wasn’t all that stuff were handled on server side?

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