Were Native Americans smart? The | Yahoo Answers

Intelligent in survival in the areas where they lived and

They loyally protected each other. Sadly 35% of

Americans (Democrats) want our people

Dead and our economy destroyed. Those

The Indians would have thrown them out or killed them

They. Democrats are lucky conservatives

They are not partly Indian with that mentality.

Dose this infected aspect? The | Yahoo Answers

I do not think so. But keep it clean. It doesn't look so bad now. I have had similar things clear on your own. Then I wouldn't worry.

If it starts to hurt, seek medical attention. I know that doctors are expensive. So you don't want to go without any important reason.

Sources]: Personal experience with similar boyfriends.

How to delete all my answers on YouTube

I understand how to delete my Youtube COMMENTSbut is there any way to massively eliminate all ANSWERS Have I done on all video sites without having to return to each individual site?

[ Politics ] Open question: Is it okay to block users like Pearl L because their answers are useless?

Lol Pearl L really followed this question with her two accounts because I blocked her

Configuration Synchronization – Drupal Answers

I have created 3 vocal words and I need to export your configuration to another site. The export and import of the taxonomy vocabulary was successful, while for the visualization of the entity the export was done well, while the import is not done reporting an error.

when I use the command to import the configuration, display of the entity, the error that the display cannot import returns since it depends on the fields that will be deleted after validation

Drush command mysql – Drupal Answers

I installed a test site, I am using GIT to start drush commands and they seem to work. I tried the drush mysql command but received this error:

$ drush mysql

Could not find the drush & # 39; mysql & # 39 ;. run drush cache-clear (error)
to clear the script file cache if you have installed a new

Drush could not start (bootstrap) the Drupal database.
(Error) Tip: This may occur when Drush tries:

  1. Bootstrap a site that has not been installed or does not have a
    Database configured. In this case, you can select another site with a
    Work database configuration specifying the URI for use with the –uri
    parameter in the command line. See drush topic docs-aliases for
  2. Connect the database through a socket. The socket file can be
    wrong or the php-cli may not have access to it in an incarcerated shell. Yes it is
    http://drupal.org/node/1428638 for more details.
  3. Connect to the database through a cli command using the
    --defaults-extra-file parameter to pass credentials through a tmp
    archive. This method can be broken if other credentials are specified in a
    ~ / .my.cnf file in your home directory. You may have to delete or
    rename the ~ / .my.cnf file in your home directory.

What am I doing wrong?

Do you support Trump? The | Yahoo Answers

No I do not. Americans will not support an unnecessary war started by a mentally unstable fool like Donald Trump. American will not support another twenty-year war over Big Oil, Saudi Arabia's oil asset to Netanyahu's lies about ADM.

Trump is a warmongering warmonger and a criminal. He is a madman who created nothing good and everything bad. Old Cadet Bone Spurs wants to send his children to fight another Blood War for oil in the Middle East, which we cannot win. Trump is the dark side of American exceptionalism. We can use drone attacks, but not the rest of the world. We can assassinate generals in the Middle East and start the war hoping that our allies fight our republican wars based on lies. We saw how Trump treats our allies. Crazy Donald boasts of planning to bomb 52 locations in Iran, on national television. What kind of world leader is so bad? Trump is aggrandizing his greatness, endangering the lives of Americans only to be able to presume the murder of an unknown general and start another blood-for-oil war. He actually boasted of his golf friends on the golf course in Mara Lago, before this happened. Surprising golfers enough to make it public.

mysql – Select answers that match the correct answers

I am working on the online questionnaire website and I am having trouble writing a query to verify if the answer provided is correct or not in the MCQ questions. The question may contain more than 1 correct answer and if only one correct answer is incorrect, the answer to the question is incorrect.

results table

results responses

ask correct answers

I did a search and discovered that it is a problem called relational division, so I tried to create a function that returns true if the question in a result is solved correctly


   DECLARE RES Boolean;

   IF (SELECT resultID
            From result_answers
            WHERE answerID IN (SELECT id FROM answers where isRight = 1 and questionID = qID) AND resultID = resID
            GROUP BY resultID
            HAVING COUNT(*) = (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM answers where isRight = 1 and questionID = qID)) THEN
      SET RES = True;
      SET RES = False;

   END IF;



returns true if a correct answer is provided, even if the other answer is incorrect

Sharepoint online: can I use the REST API (or an alternative) to access the answers to a form owned by the group?

I am trying to get the answers of a group form through the REST API or another alternative (because I can't do it through a flow). it's possible? And if so, could someone give an example?

Thank you

Edit: if this is not possible, it would still be useful if it were not a group form and was owned by a user.

python: ChatBot does not return predefined answers in your training

A ChatBot called "Joker" responds only when his name is cited in a sentence. Any message that does not contain Joker in the sentence, the Bot must remain silent, without reacting. However, he responds with "None." With the word Joker in the sentence, Bot cannot return one of the predefined answers contained in his training. The purpose is for the Bot to be activated through the Joker keyword and respond with some predefined response. However, he responds with timed messages to things he has not yet learned.
User: Hi
Bot: None
User: Hi joker
Bot: I'm sorry, but I didn't receive your message.

def respond(self, message):
    Receive message from user and returns corresponding answer.
    if re.search("joker", message, re.IGNORECASE):
        joker_na_mensagem = True
        joker_na_mensagem = False

    if joker_na_mensagem and len(message) > 50 and self.watson_usage:
        top_answer = get_analysis(message)
        return f"Hmm, você está falando sobre {top_answer}"
    elif joker_na_mensagem and len(message.strip()) == len("joker"):
        return "Algo de errado não está certo. 
                Digite /info para saber mais."
    elif joker_na_mensagem:
        return self.comm.get_response(self.clean(message))