8 – Composer requirement – Drupal Answers

Will Composer and Drush be mandatory in future Drupal releases? If so, I think Drupal will not be an option for non-programmers in the future.

Composer or Drush are not required to install / manage Drupal 8. When downloading tar / zip core from the Drupal office website, you can install it manually.

When I manually update Core, I think the provider folder, autoload.php, composer.json and composer.lock will be updated in the tar / zip files. So, does it make any difference to use Composer for this task?

Yes for composer.json or composer.lock. Because if you want to use Composer to update core, you will also manage contribution modules (with version) in composer.json and drupal core.

You can view more details in Update core manually

I have come across a contributed module that requires installation using Composer. Can I install / update this particular module with Composer without converting the entire site to manage it with Composer?

For the contributed module that requires installation using Composer, I believe that the module will also have the manual way to install / update (downloading tar / zip files and relationship libraries, replace the existing module to update).

I don't think you have the way to install / update the particular module without converting the entire site that will be managed if you use Composer, except that the module is managed by the composer himself (composer.json and composer.lock in the module) and you You need to run composer within this particular module.

Are the "racists" on Yahoo Answers really liberal pretending to be "racist Trump supporters" to make us look bad?


I feel that you are very poorly informed. Trump is racist, sexist, homophobic and everything else, and anyone who knows and continues to support him is the same. Please investigate.

Second, no, "liberals" don't waste time pretending to be Trump's racist supporters. Instead, we are doing things like finishing high school, getting a college education and making a positive change in the world, while Trump supporters are wasting time dropping out of high school, smoking and making sick sexual comments on Yahoo Answers. . Liberals do not need to make false racist and sexist comments here to make Trump's supporters look bad. You are doing well on your own.

Have a nice day :]

[ Politics ] Open question: Would YA Politics improve if we all agreed to ignore anonymous questions and answers?

[Policy] Open question: Would Politics improve if we all agreed to ignore anonymous questions and answers?

formulas: how would you define several answers according to the checkbox selected in Google sheets?

I currently have this formula set in my cell.

= if (G32 = TRUE, "12", "")

Therefore, if G32 is marked, it will show 12.
However, I want to allow the formula to react with several check boxes, each with its own data.

I like it
= if (G30 = TRUE, "7", "")
So, if G30 will be verified, it will show a 7 instead. I don't need them to happen at the same time. As if the two really didn't show up. However, I want them to appear in the same cell independently depending on the cell that is verified. I am quite new to the formulas on Google sheets and I cannot understand this.

Are the flags only temporary? – Drupal Answers

I have a feed that imports content items and a view that selects three of them for a block on the site's home page (the links are in the node to set banners). But when I turn off my localhost test site and return to it the next day, the homepage block is no longer there.
The flags have been disarmed. I cannot find documentation for the Flags module that says something about what establishes temporary or persistent flag links.

What am I not setting up to make the flags persistent? Shouldn't Drupal be saving the status of the indicator in the node database table (or a related one)?

If nobody cares if I'm gay, why 90 percent of my interactions on Yahoo Answers Politics INSULTS for being gay?

I am a conservative man of 68 years. I just returned from taking my niece on a cruise to Honduras. She is a lesbian. I judge people by their character as individuals. She is amazing, and she is also conservative. She feels that love is no different from others. You won't find me hitting someone for being part of a group. There are gay, black, brown and Muslim people that I have met, who are more dignified than me. Not only do I not care if you're gay, as far as I know, you could be a really cool human being.

Who is Pearl Lederman? The | Yahoo Answers

A points player who puts 0 time and effort in her answers, refuses to give substantive answers, half of the time thinks that "I don't know" is a satisfactory answer and that she cannot understand the nuances, the details or the context. And with multiple accounts (at least two). And who is too lazy to use a program to use a program to change a useless keyboard character in a & # 39; m & # 39 ;, or simply copy and paste a & # 39; m & # 39; so that she (painfully) writes rn instead of m

Documentation – Is it a good practice to document useful links and answers?

Suppose that if you are working on a method that does not work correctly, search the Internet and find a useful answer in StackOverflow that solved your problem.

Is it a good idea to document that answer somewhere, so you can check it later? What happens if another developer is looking at your code and wants to know why he wrote it the way he did it?

Possible inconveniences of documenting responses:

  • Hyperlinks may be dead, websites may be deleted and the answers that were at that time, correct and relevant, will no longer be in the future.

  • The Internet may not be your only resource, you can find the answer in a textbook or some other resource that could be difficult to document (video, audio, etc.).

Possible advantages of documenting responses:

  • Facing a similar problem, you can gain an advantage by reviewing your answer.

If it is a good idea, the next question would be where should you document it? Should it be a comment on the method? (I don't think it's a good idea), a special log file?

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integration by parts vs sbstitution – different answers

By integrating 6x / (x ^ 2 + 4x + 4) dx with the substitution setting u u = (x + 2) after factoring the denominator, I get the answer of (12 / (x + 2)) + 6ln | x + 2 | + C. When I use the method in parts, setting u = 6x, I get the following (-6 / (x + 2)) + 6ln | x + 2 | + C