Same Integration question yields to 2 possible answers

On the picture the integration with the 2 answers I found which is strange!

Subscriptions in Commerce Stripe – Drupal Answers

I use the Commerce Stripe module to make charges on my website, but I need to be able to subscribe through Stripe, and I have no idea how to do it. The charges I make and without problem but I would need someone to show me the way on how to change the charge to subscription through Commerce Stripe. Thank you.

Drush Installation error – Drupal Answers

Drush Installation error – Drupal Answers

python – Creating a database of math questions and of answers and a front end for them

Need some guidance on where to begin. I am just learning python if it has any bearing.

I want to create a page on my site where users log in, choose multiple topics from a list, choose between levels of difficulty, choose whether or not to be timed, and then be presented with random multiple choice questions on the topics at the chosen level that I have created in advance. They should be able to answer the questions and then be scored at the end if they chose to be timed (like an exam setting) or else be given the option to see the written solutions as they go which I have also created. So they would see one question at a time. If not timed, then they could choose to see the solution at any time; if timed, then they could skip the question or choose an answer and then when all of the questions have been skipped or answered would be scored.

I am imagine that I would put the questions and solutions in some kind of database, and then create some kind of interface with dropdown lists. The idea is to create a practice space for students preparing for certain kinds of exams.

How do I create such a database of questions and of solutions? Using SQL or mySQL (never used either).

And for the front end could that be done with python or simply html?

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Webform update! – Drupal Answers

I need to update webform module in my live site, I noticed the warning with doing that with the user Interface so I want to update the files manually, ( because we don’t use drush ), Can I get directions for doing this update? again since the site is live and this is our first Drupal site I want to make sure from not breaking the site or having any issues!

also, I have the files in Cpanel so from where exactly should I start to upload the updated files?
is it like in the screenshot below
enter image description here

Thanks and appreciate any help!

How much does it cost to advertise on Yahoo Answers?


y u no do it?

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Google Answers Common Questions About Appearing in Google News

Google tries to clear up some challenging questions about inclusion in Google News.

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