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Have you used anonymous proxies?

I want to buy a package of anonymous European proxies to access European websites.
But it is important for me to know that proxies can work simultaneously and at the same time provide a high stable speed of work.
For example, packages of 1000 or more proxies.
Have you used such proxies? What are the limitations?


8 – How to deal with block cached for anonymous user?

I have placed in the site’s home, via twig, a views block of nodes with a random sort and obliviously no cache active.
Therefore, at each page reload different nodes appear.

The problem is that block get still cached for anonymous users.

For now, we can’t yet do performance test of the site, so we’d rather not disable the Internal Page Cache module.

The Internal page documentation says:

Websites that serve personalized content to anonymous users (dynamic, per-session, e.g. a shopping cart) will want to disable the Internal Page Cache module. This module assumes pages are identical for all anonymous users. Those websites can still take advantage of the Dynamic Page Cache module though, or can alternatively do their personalization using JavaScript + AJAX.

So after failing to find anything else useful, I’ve tried this solution to solve the issue.

Unfortunately I found no module that let “load” the block via ajax, or something similar. For now I’ve implemented a custom route that render the block view:


namespace Drupalmy_moduleController;

use DrupalCoreControllerControllerBase;
use DrupalCoreLoggerLoggerChannelFactoryInterface;
use DrupalCoreRenderRenderer;
use DrupalCoreSessionAccountProxyInterface;
use Drupalsdm_userSdmUserSalesforceClient;
use SymfonyComponentDependencyInjectionContainerInterface;
use SymfonyComponentHttpFoundationResponse;

 * Provides route responses for the Example module.
class myController extends ControllerBase {


   * @var DrupalCoreRenderRenderer
  private  $renderer;

   * @param DrupalCoreRenderRenderer $renderer
  public function __construct(Renderer $renderer){
    $this->renderer = $renderer;

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public static function create(ContainerInterface $container) {
    return new static(

   * @return array
   *   A simple renderable array.
  public function render($id, $display) {
    $view = DrupalviewsViews::getView($id);
    $render_array = $view->buildRenderable($display);
    $rendered = $this->renderer->renderRoot($render_array);
    $response = new Response();
    return $response;


And then in a custom js, load the necessary block via ajax:

(function ($, Drupal, drupalSettings) {
    Drupal.behaviors.products_in_home = {
        attach: function (context, settings) {
            $(document, context).once('products_in_home').each(function () {
                    url: drupalSettings.path.currentLanguage + '/ajax/views/prodotti/products',
                    method: 'GET',
                    success: function (data) {
}(jQuery, Drupal, drupalSettings));

This works, but I’m kinda baffled: is this the only approach possible?

I mean, do I need to manually load via ajax every blockthing in the site that will suffer this problem?

Isn’t there a moduleAPIsome approach that can generally solve this problem, without custom specific code for every element?

multi factor – Anonymous SMS-based auth: How to get phone numbers to receive a single 2FA authentication SMS with minimal cost and effort, multiple times

What is the simplest, fastest, cheapest, easiest way to get access to a ‘non-VOIP’ phone number just long enough to receive a single text message?

Traditional approaches that are not ideal:

  1. Use existing mobile phone number. Compromises anonymity.
  2. Go to the store, buy a burner SIM, buy some minutes, set it up. Probably the best approach, but relatively costly and time-consuming… to receive a single text message! Cheapest I’ve seen is about $10USD for the SIM, plus about >$10-20USD for some ‘days’. Also, considerable hassle to set this up, from going to the store to calling the carrier to scratching off blah blah blah.
  3. Use one of the many burner SMS services, eg, many others, or use Twilio, Google Voice, Skype, or other online-services. This doesn’t work on the site. Need a ‘non-VOIP’ number, presumably registered with a standard carrier, see below.
  4. Ask someone else to receive the text. Creepy, and, well just not good.

Why / use case
In order to create more than one account on a website that requires SMS-based 2FA as a test to prove that you’re human and allow registration for the site. The site doesn’t store the phone number for later 2FA as would be typical for password retrieval, so the number isn’t needed again later. It is only ever needed to receive a single SMS. Caveats regarding the number:

  1. It has to be a phone number that has never been used on the site before.
  2. It cannot be a phone number that the site deems ‘VOIP-based’, see above, or it won’t work.
  3. Want at least reasonably decent anonymity, so not trivial to connect the phone number to the registrant, as it would be for a personal mobile number in routine use.

Want to do this multiple times, so want an approach that is inexpensive and non-time-consuming. Does not matter which country the phone number is associated with it appears.


privacy – How did a Craigslist seller know my name when using the anonymous email system?

I replied to an ad on craigslist. I used my Gmail account to send it to the anonymized craigslist e-mail.

The receiver must have seen my real email address because he knew my name even though I didn’t include it in the message.

I thought when sending an e-mail to an anonymized Craigslist e-mail address, the sender’s e-mail gets anonymized too? – File Storage Service | Streaming & Download Platform | Encrypted & Anonymous | Affiliate Program |


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8 – Node hits getting cached for anonymous user

We are using Drupal 8.8.5. For every page we are trying to provide a counter which increments whenever user hits that node. These are nodes are available to anonymous users. So whenever an anonymous user hits the node, the view counter on that node should be updated to show the no of total hits . So lets say Tom and Hary are anonymous users. Tom hits node1. On top of Node1 it says “View 1” times. Now when Hary hits Node1 it should sat “View 2” times. Again if Tom hits node1 it should day “View 3” times.
I checked How can I show node Hits (statistics)? and made the necessary code changes in basic.theme and node.html.twig. Still, it shows Viewed O times.

This is the code I have in the basic.theme file.

function basic_preprocess_node(&$variables) {
  $variables('node_view_count') = 0;
  if (!empty($variables('node'))) {
    // Get the number of times the current node has been viewed.
    /** @var DrupalstatisticsStatisticsViewsResult $statistics */
    $statistics = Drupal::service('')
    if ($statistics instanceof StatisticsViewsResult) {
      $variables('node_view_count') = $statistics->getTotalCount();

This is the code I added in the node.html.twig file.

Viewed {{ node_view_count }} times

I believe there might be a caching issue once it starts working. For each hit, the values should be updated.

On a side note, when I am using the Visitors module, the report is showing an updated page count even for anonymous users. I had to install the Advanced Page Expiration module, though.

How do I increment the node hit for anonymous user visits in each page and show it updated?

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