recover video file by recreate inode on Android 10 no root?

I have a very painful problem
Delete one camera video with total cmd
I think it just drop inode information and how can i restore the file
Android 10 not root

appsec – Remote debugging android app from another computer on different network

Is is it possible for Android development to remote debug an app from another network?
I am not talking about WebView/Web Pages debugging but as stated here, as this page talks about remote debugging a WebView or web pages opened in any app and also I don’t think it will work on if device and computer are on different networks.

My scenario is that if Device A is connected to Computer A on Wifi A and I want to debug the app running on Device A from Computer B on Wifi B.

There is option to connect your device using the ADB wireless debugging using TCP-IP, but that requires the Device and Computer to be on the same network, but in my case device and computer are on another network.

Calcular dias entre 2 fechas en android studio [closed]

Necesito ayuda para calcular en android studio (java) la diferencia de DIAS entre dos fechas ingresadas en 2 editText y arrojar el resultado en un textView. Gracias

android – Como obtener Fecha Actual del Servidor cloud Firebase

saludos, la pregunta es como se puede obtener la fecha actual del servidor cloud de firebase.

Les cuento tengo un DownCountTimer

Y necesito obtener la fecha del servidor, para así poder lograr que sea cual sea el lugar de donde te metas (Japón, Chile, Arabia, etc) el DownCountTimer tenga el mismo tiempo y finalice para todos por igual, lo único que se me ha ocurrido es usar la fecha fija del servidor.

Si utilizo

Parece que es la fecha desde el dispositivo, porque si cambio la zona horaria del mismo, o la hora, entonces me cambia el contador. y lo que necesito es que así cambies el teléfono de fecha, o tengas una distinta zona horaria, el contador sea siempre el mismo para todos, espero haberme explicado, espero tengan alguna solución, y me ayuden con este problema, de antemano Gracias

Android forgot my password after installing updates

I know it sounds pompous to say this but android seems to have forgotten my password. I updated, get met with a black screen asking for my password, enter the password and… sits on screen saying it is checking for several minutes then fails. It’s the exact same password I have used for months. I even used it before I restarted a good 20 minutes prior. I believe the OS is android 10. Hardware is a coolpad legacy. Anyone have any idea that doesn’t involve wiping my phone?

Android Google Keep Save Snippet AND URL

How can I save both the selected text AND the URL to Google Keep from Chrome in Android? On desktop this is as simple as highlighting text then clicking the Keep icon next to URL; that’s the functionality I want when I’m browsing on Android. On desktop it’ll work multiple times- for keeping multiple snippets in the same keep note for that URL, as you read it and recognise you wish to save that part. On Android (in Chrome, with Keep plugin installed on the machine) I can long click>share to Keep, but this only shares the selected text not the URL. I can share the URL itself to keep (share at top near URL) but this only shares the URL not selected text. A lobg click menu item on selected text would be logical to me but right now I can only manually open the saved URL and copy paste the note; very inefficient.

Use phone as touch screen for android emulator

I want to play moba on emulator as my device is slow. But the controls are not efficient. I want to use my android as external touchscreen. I already used PC remote and other remote desktop. But they suppport mouse not touch. How can I achive this?

android studio – Volver a cargar los sonidos teniendo en cuenta los ciclos de vida en kotlin

Tengo una aplicación ya subida, pero he descubierto muchos errores con los sonidos que se tienen que reproducir :

private lateinit var mediaPlayer1: MediaPlayer
mediaPlayer1 = MediaPlayer.create(this, R.raw.lluvia1)

    play_pause1.setOnClickListener {



    }override fun onPause() {



override fun onBackPressed() {

así tengo el código, y cuando le doy al botón central del menú de navegación de android(circulo) y vuelvo a abrir la aplicación con el botón derecho del menú de navegación de android (cuadrado) solo se reanuda el sonido que se estaba reproduciendo pero los otros no se reproducen, tengo que cerrar la aplicación y abrirla de nuevo, alguna ayuda?


json – WP Rest API in Android studio does not show Images

I am developing WP API. I show you the screen of the problem:

I want to get the main image of wordpress’s articles for each article.

MainActivity class:

list.add( new Model( Model.IMAGE_TYPE, response.body().get(i).getTitle().getRendered(),
             response.body().get(i).getLinks().getWpFeaturedmedia().get(0).getHref()) );

Model class:

public static final int IMAGE_TYPE =1;
public String title, subtitle, Image;
public int type;

public Model (int mtype, String mtitle, String msubtitle, String image) {
    this.type = mtype;
    this.title = mtitle;
    this.subtitle = msubtitle;
    this.Image = image;


RetrofitAPI class:

Call<List<WPPost>> getPostInfo();

Recyclerview class:

public void onBindViewHolder(@NonNull final RecyclerView.ViewHolder holder, final int position) {
    final Model object = dataset.get(position);

    ( (ImageTypeViewHolder) holder).title.setText( object.title );
    ( (ImageTypeViewHolder) holder).subtitle.setText( object.subtitle );

    Log.e("Title_", object.title);
    Log.e("Subtitle_", object.subtitle);
    Log.e("Image_", object.Image);

    Glide.with(this.mContext).load(object.Image).into(( (ImageTypeViewHolder) holder).imageView);

    ( (ImageTypeViewHolder) holder).title.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
        public void onClick(View v) {
            Intent intent = new Intent(mContext, WPPostDetails.class);
            intent.putExtra("itemPosition", position);
    ( (ImageTypeViewHolder) holder).subtitle.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
        public void onClick(View v) {
            Intent intent = new Intent(mContext, WPPostDetails.class);
            intent.putExtra("itemPosition", position);
    ( (ImageTypeViewHolder) holder).imageView.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
        public void onClick(View v) {
            Intent intent = new Intent(mContext, WPPostDetails.class);
            intent.putExtra("itemPosition", position);

When I run the App, I get title and part of article but I can’t parse the main image of the articles.

Some suggestion?

Looking for android apps ads network

Im looking for Android apps ads network Allow me to monetize ads for an app out of google play store