boot – E: can’t mount/cache/recovery/log on Android Lenovo a1000

I have a problem on starting my lenovo a1000 , so i decided to install firmware on it. I tried too much, but every time the phone fishing flashing , and 100% passed with spd factory flashing tool , but phone cant started. I try already 5 flashable ROM, but same thing happens on every time. SO i decided to cheak its recovery, there i found
E: Can’t mount/cache/recovery/log
… seeing on image for all error., now what can i do ? help please, Thanks in Advance.enter image description here

twrp recovery installed but it boots to android instead

i wanted to add custom rom to my galaxy j7 max and hence tried installing twrp(3.1.1& 3.2 or what ever) in Odin the task passed but then when i try to boot to it by pressing vol up+ power + home , instead of opening twrp it boot normally to the android and cannot get twrp .. so plz help

How do I get old Android live wallpapers?

I like the live wallpapers from old Android versions and I want to get them back. Is there somewhere I can download them? I found their source code.

android – Time.timeScale=1 when you close the rewarded ad!

I will add ads and update it in my game and almost everything is ok, but when I turn off the rewarded ad, the game continues in the background by itself. I control stopping and starting the game with the Time.timeScale code, but when I close the rewarded ad, the game automatically sets Time.timeScale=1 and the game runs where it shouldn’t. Even though I wrote Time.timeScale=0 in the HandleRewardedAdClosed(){} part of the ad codes, the problem was not resolved. I would be very grateful if you could help, I want to publish my game as soon as possible. Thank you from now.

Pegasus (spyware) – What is the point of unroot android device?

There are a few things that I think make the unroot android phone meaningless:

  1. Every year a new version of Android comes to market that unroot android phones can not have.

  2. It has recently been revealed that a spyware called pegasus has infiltrated unroot android phone.

What is the point of unroot android device!?

Android chassis replacement

Have an older model Samsung galaxy s20+5g. Don’t want to replace the chassis with Samsung parts. Any recommended places to look for third party chassis?

data recovery – Recover deleted (by windows) Android photos

I’ve accidentally deleted an android folder containing some photos using my Windows laptop. I’ve already tried a bunch of recovery apps but none of them show the deleted photos (they do show photos deleted using the phone).

Is there any way to recover those photos?

android – No consigo activar el sign In con google y firebase en mi app

Hola estoy intentando configurar el login con google en firebase pero no me funciona. Este es el código de la autenticación con google:

class LoginActivity : AppCompatActivity() {

    private val GOOGLE_SIGN_IN = 100

    override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {


    private fun setup() {
        googleLoginButton.setOnClickListener {
            val googleConf = GoogleSignInOptions.Builder(GoogleSignInOptions.DEFAULT_SIGN_IN)

            val googleClient = GoogleSignIn.getClient(this, googleConf)

            startActivityForResult(googleClient.signInIntent, GOOGLE_SIGN_IN)
    override fun onActivityResult(requestCode: Int, resultCode: Int, data: Intent?) {
        super.onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data)

        if (requestCode == GOOGLE_SIGN_IN) {

            val task: Task<GoogleSignInAccount> = GoogleSignIn.getSignedInAccountFromIntent(data)

                val account: GoogleSignInAccount? = task.getResult(!!

                if (account != null) {

                    val credential: AuthCredential = GoogleAuthProvider.getCredential(account.idToken, null)

                        if (it.isSuccessful) {
                            showHome( ?: "", ProviderType.GOOGLE)
                        } else {
            } catch (e: ApiException) {


El problema debe estar en el try, ya que me muestra el texto que tengo configurado en la función authAlert2().

Hay mas funciones en el archivo pero no las añado porque no tienen que ver con la autenticación con google o porque lo que hacen es mostrar popups de error.

Espero que me puedan ayudar, soy muy nuevo en programación y esto lo hice siguiendo un tutorial por lo que hay algunas cosas que no entiendo bien.

Android x86 change Keyboard layout

How can I change the keyboard layout used by Android from the command line?

I installed the Android-x86 release from in a VirtualBox VM. Unfortunately, the VM only boots to command line and I cannot access the GUI. I want to follow the following solution to directly boot into the GUI:

I cannot type the commands as I want and I cannot use vi appropriately because I have a German keyboard.

security – Recovering Data from Android 10 (Forgotten PIN)

Long story short: I have forgotten the PIN to my Android device, as it wasn’t being used for a while.

Steps that I have tried/am trying/planning to try:

1. Brute forcing – I have been trying to brute force using another Android as a rubber ducky (via Nethunter) But for some reason, despite using the right kernel and everything, I couldn’t enable HID support, so it’s still under trials.

2. I tried force enabling “Use fingerprint to unlock at first boot”, and could unlock the screen, but of course, the data was still encrypted. But this did help me tweak helpful settings like: “Automatically unlock when correct PIN is entered” A question in mind here, is: Would enabling this feature, indirectly mean, bypassing the time limitations on entry of wrong PINs?

3. TWRP brute forcing – I have tried the tool by timvisee: apbf. But it has it’s limitations and also, again, (maybe I’m not doing it right) TWRP starts entering PINs via terminal BUT it does so even if the code is not running in PC. Refer:

4. Most complicated way – I have not tried this in a right way, but I believe, by extracting the hash and salt (somehow), I could recover the PIN. In short, there is a loophole in the FBE (File Based Encryption) implementation, but again, I don’t know the how-to’s. Refer: (Obsolete for Android 10)!

Edit: Since I now know about CVE-2016-2431, I guess the required info can’t be extracted by the old process. But again, I would like to know if there is a way to do it in Android 10

5. Making an image file – I have also thought of creating a raw image file of the /data partition in order to, either:
(i) Decrypt the partition later by
using tools like hashcat (don’t
know exactly how) or
(ii) Downgrade the Android to a
lower version in order to decrypt
it (again, don’t know if it would
(This won’t work)

Information about Android:
Device: RMX1921
ROM: CUSTOM – ResurrectionRemix
Android Version: Q/10
ROOT STATUS: Rooted (USB Debugging enabled)

That’s all the information I can give right now, and if you could throw any light, I would be very grateful.

Lastly, we have working methods for lower Android versions, so I believe there is a working way for higher Android versions

Thank you all, in advance!

P.S. – I am willing to try all the possible ways, in order to save my data ✌🏼