browser: QR code for Android messages is not loaded in Firefox

When I visit Google web messages ( in Firefox, the QR code does not load (see image below).

I have tried the following:

  • open Firefox in safe mode
  • disable AdBlocker and add-ons
  • adjust cookie settings, history, etc.
  • modifying the following about: configuration settings
    • privacy.resistFingerprinting = false
    • network.http.spdy.websockets = false

Interestingly, the QR code is loaded in Firefox for WhatsApp but not for Android messages.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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How can you change the Gmail time zone (Android application)?

How can you change the Gmail time zone (Android application)?

java: can Android Studio virtual devices recognize external biometric scanners?

I am currently writing code for biometric authentication on an Andriod device. Fingerprint and facial recognition. I wasn't sure if andriod studios virtual devices can use external USB scanners connected to the computer. Or if it is easier to load the code directly on an Android phone and try that way. Thanks for any advice in advance!

Currently I have not tried anything since I do not want to buy a scanner and a camera if they do not work with it

Applications – How do I open an offline website on Android?

I have a directory with some .html files, some .jpgs, a index.html file, and some other things. If I drag the index.html In Chrome (or other browsers) on my desktop PC, this static / offline website will be displayed in the browser and I can navigate the site without problems.

When I go to the same directory on Android Pie and open the same index.html File on Android-Chrome I get the error "Can't find the file". I have tried other Android browsers with the same result.

How can I open a simple static HTML website offline on Android? Is there a specific application or browser that I need to use?

Abrupt battery drain – Android enthusiast battery exchange

Here is the screenshot.
Is it normal or should I go to the service center? My previous phone had a much less neglected curve. When I bought the phone, I charged it up to 100% and then started using it, although at the store they told me to charge for 3 hours. Should I go to the service center? The problem is that the battery (2500mA) is fixed in this device, so I can't even remove it.

enter the description of the image here

shell – Android AOSP 5.1 Cannot register "logcat", "dmesg" in the file running from the INIT script as a service

I am trying to register "logcat", "dmesg" in a file from a custom shell script started as a service using init.project.rc. By using the following lines in the script (, I cannot log in to the file test.txt. You are not even creating the file. Any clues about this?

mkdir /data/local/tmp/test 2>/dev/null
echo "Issue Observed with IP at `date`" >> /data/local/tmp/test/test.txt
dmesg >> /data/local/tmp/test/test.txt
timeout -t 10 logcat -v time -f /data/local/tmp/test/logcat.txt


service ethmon /system/xbin/monitintf
    class main
    user root
    group root
on property:dev.bootcomplete=1
    start monitintf

cp -f $SOURCE_FOLDER/ $OUT/system/xbin/monitintf

I'm new to AOSP, I'm missing some permissions that will be added for this.

NOTE: Other lines of code (ifconfig eth0 down/up, netcfg) work well in the same script.

Applications – Android Studio – can the button be clicked every 24 hours?

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Android emulator: debug bridge cannot be created: adb server cannot be started: adb version cannot be detected

I currently have this problem when I open a project:

Click to see the image

The errors shown in the event log:

Cannot detect adb version, output value: 0xc0000409, adb output: adb.exe F 11-11 09:55:06 17768 944 fdevent_poll.cpp: 64] could not create fdevent interrupt socketpair: invalid argument

The errors shown in the event log:

Emulator: emulator: ERROR: AdbHostServer.cpp: 93: cannot connect to adb daemon on port: 5037

please help me set up the Android service

Can anyone tell me how to create a service that runs in the background on Android?
I have a problem, some of the instructions I read are for previous versions and are no longer usable

networks: activate the action on several Android devices at the same time

I am trying to activate an action within my Android application on several devices at the same time (or with the least delay / change possible).

The devices are strictly similar (brand, model, version), connected by USB to a Macbook Pro. I have 4 devices so far, but the final solution will include many more, so I need a solution that works with many devices.

I have tried using sockets ( and WS normal) via Wifi and USB, but the delay increases slightly for each device, so the action is not activated synchronously.

I also tried to send a UDP transmission packet via USB, this gives better results, but it seems very inconsistent: the maximum delay is 10 to 100 ms.

Syncing clocks was another option I was considering, but I wasn't sure how accurate it can be on many devices (and NTP seems complicated on Android)

Any ideas or patterns to address these types of requirements? Thank you!