movement – How far would a Boom gun propel a Glitter Boy if the jetpack and anchors were disabled?

The Palladium Rifts Glitter Boy Boom gun accelerates a flechette round of ammo at over Mach One. Normally, laser tipped anchors from the legs drill into the ground and a jetpack provides counter thrust to offset the recoil.

If both of these safety mechanisms were disabled, how far would the gun propel the Glitter Boy power armor in earth normal gravity at one atmosphere pressure?

A player wants to use a prepared action to “offensively dodge” an anticipated enemy action.

hyperlink – How to format the modern Sharepoint wiki like the actual wikipedia, specifically how do we add anchors onto the page?

For SharePoint Online modern pages, we have automatically-added anchor links in text web parts. The feature is for all first, second and third level headings in your page. Then simply hover over the headings and you’ll see a link symbol.
More information here.

For the table of contents, you may need to make it by hand.

Need help with anchors

I am new in gsa ser and i need help. GSA uses my keywords as an anchors, but i turned off this function. How can i use only my anchors words?

Can in-page anchors link to themselves for SEO?

My page has a lot of sections. Each section has a unique anchor tag like <h2 id="anchor-text">.

Is it a good practice to link anchors to themselves <h2 id="anchor-text"><a href="#anchor-text">Title</a></h2>? Will it hurt SEO somehow?

Anchors containing, or |

Is it possible to use anchor text containing comma or | sign?
As a Dentist CA, NY

Beginner level floating effect on the anchors

After some tests, I wrote this code where the edge of a link expands:

a {
  position: relative;
  text-decoration: none;

  content: "";
  position: absolute;
//relative to a
  transition: 0.3s width ease-out;  
a:hover::after {
  border: 1px solid black;

  1. Would you suggest any improvement at the beginner level of the code?
  2. Or any exercise or variant thereof?

How do I select the engines that ONLY make an anchor of my anchors, not domain?

I have noticed that some links created have the domain as an anchor, even when I do not have [] Domain as anchor text selected. I just unchecked engines that don't use keywords … by right clicking on the engine panel. Will that work?
Thinking that it should have been "engines that don't use anchors."

c # – How to configure the Azure Spatial Anchors with Unity project for Android?

I am creating an AR application where I want to use Microsoft's Azure and its Spatial Anchors web service. It seems that I can not get the sample sample, which I downloaded from, to work on the storage of spatial anchors on the external server.

Following his tutorial, I can create the Azure account, configure the resource group and the resource of individual spatial anchors. However, in the Unity project, there is a configuration file called & # 39; AzureSpatialAnchorsDemoConfig & # 39; which requires me to specify an account ID (I have this), a primary key (I also have this) and a shared URL base: what I'm struggling to find and what I guess is the cause of not being able to store my anchors in the cloud.

This is a fragment of the tutorial with which I have problems. If I complete the address in my web browser, I can not even find that IP.

In the Inspector panel, enter the URL of the Anchor Sharing Service (from your
Azure implementation of the ASP.NET web application) as a value for the database's shared URL,
replacing index.html with api / anchors. It should look like this:
https: // / api / anchors.

Gsa be publishing anchors with macros.

Gsa ser is making links with strange anchors.
% domain_as_name% wrote in a blog post
How to fix it?