Discrepancy between Google Ads clicks and Google Analytics sessions

After a month of ads with Google Ads Shopping campaigns and continually identify, day after day, a significant discrepancy in clicks on Google Ads and Sessions in Google Analytics (as well as another analytics tool that brings numbers closer to Analytics numbers ), I got in touch with Google Support. For more than 3 weeks, after numerous interactions and suggestions / explanations / different / contradictory solutions, it finally seems that my case has taken a direction towards the solution, but the result has been transmitted to me, despite having convinced me that this is the case . What could actually be the cause of the problem, was not satisfactory for me. I was very disappointed with the procedure provided by Google Support and I would like to receive more explanations and information from the community.

What I got last through Google support was this:

"There are two methods to close session in a session: a session can be
Open the same day or in several days, weeks or months. Expiration
per hour: after 30 minutes of inactivity at midnight Change of campaign:
If a user enters through a campaign, it goes away and then returns.
through another campaign. Why is there a discrepancy between clicks?
and sessions? I have separated this link from the help center that
Explain specifically what we said in connection If you have noticed one
of the following discrepancies between clicks and sessions, use the
Troubleshooter for click sessions to identify and solve problems.
In addition to reporting the discrepancy between clicks and sessions until
20% is considerable. "

Among the Google help links approved by the support, it was not clear to me whether a discrepancy of 20% less in the number of sessions in relation to clicks is normal or only when the session number is higher (the phrase "Single user can open several sessions "suggests that it is only normal when the number of sessions is greater).

But if it is really normal for the number of sessions to be 20% less than the number of clicks, they make me think about the possibilities:

1 – Analytics fails as a tool to count 100% of the number of sessions (accessed by the same person or by different people). Once a click occurs, the user is taken to the site and must count as a session. If it is normal for analytics to calculate 20% fewer sessions than clicks, analytics will soon not compute all sessions.

2: Google uses this explanation to charge up to 20% more clicks than the clicks that your users actually produced.

I do not like to believe in any of the hypotheses, first rely on Google Analytics as a tool to identify sessions and because their numbers are very similar to those of a third analysis tool used (created by my e-commerce platform), and also because not believe that a company like Google would lend deliberately 20% more clicks from their customers. So I address the community, so maybe someone brings me a third alternative that I have not been able to identify and / or an explanation totally different from the one I received from the support (as they have done so many times over the course of those weeks).

Website analytics | Proxies123.com – Webmaster Forum

My case study

I have created a website about the products of my affiliate program:

I created the website in my native language:

I have created a website about the benefits of the affiliate program:

I have made a shorter access:

I have done the SEO setup for these.

I've made Google Analytics adjustments.

Facebook and Twitter did not allow advertising activity.

I have announced here:

I have announced here:

I have announced here:

However, there is no billing for my products.
Few people watching.
If you have some good ideas, I will be happy to welcome you. πŸ™‚

Another question:

Can you help me?
I would like to share movie movies or links to adult movie content.
Can you recommend tried and trusted websites where you can share?
I'm in Hungary I use movie tabs here to generate traffic.
Small country, small traffic.
That's why I would look for normal movies or adult films that work well, with more traffic, Germans, Americans and more.
Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

Analytics – GDPR for game developers

I'm super confused about it and it's not very clear. Conflicting information clouds the water too. As far as I can see, GDPR requires:

  • Get permission allowing users to opt in before taking any information
  • Allow users to opt out at any time
  • Allow users to request a copy of their data.
  • Allow users to delete all their data

I have also seen in some places that GDPR only applies to personally identifiable information.

Some of the options I have are to show the player a disclaimer clause that informs them about the data collection, could use the EULA function of Steams, could have a privacy policy and conditions that the player has to accept, could Ask the user if they want to share data for diagnostic purposes, etc.

For example, these are some things that I collect when a user reports an error. Are these PII? If not, do I need to get permission first or can I just take it?

  • Game saved
  • Unique identifier of the device
  • System specifications

Also, does Unity Analytics collect PII? If so, what should I do to be compatible with GDPR? I do not see anything on the board that allows me to access the data of an individual user to send / delete them.

To be clear, I am a student and literally can not pay a lawyer, hence this question.

magento2 – Elasticsuite Analytics – The use of search is not filled with data

We have been using elasticsuite since our site was launched (more than 6 months ago) to handle all the search of the site (as well as virtual categories, filtering, etc.).

Now we want to start evaluating the search terms that our customers use to provide better coverage of products and the like. Our problem is that under the Elasticsuite> Analytics> Search for use no data shown

Image showing blank data

There are no defined searches on the site, so I assume the data should appear.

After some searches I could not find any information about what could be causing this, but I guess I have something wrong configured. If someone has faced a similar problem or knows what might be happening, the suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

How to fill in the Elasticsuite & # 39; Use Search & # 39; with search data?

Version Information

Magento: CE 2.3.1

Elasticsearch: 5.6.16

google – Conversions imported from Analytics are displayed as "No recent conversions"

I have imported some Analytics goals to Google Ads, but they are shown as "No recent conversions":

enter the description of the image here

The reason I get confused is because there are quite a few conversions in Analytics.

I think I've linked the account correctly:

enter the description of the image here

Sorry for the stupidity of the question, I'm finding out things here.

YouTube – Can Google Analytics track video with tracking parameters?

If you use the utm parameters in a link, it will be crawled as a source in your Google Analytics. You do not need to have the GA code in that source, in fact that just confuses things. You can add a GA ID to your YouTube account, and that will track your page visits on YouTube. Actually, it is not very useful, as the other comment says, the YouTube analysis gives you much more information about the performance of your YouTube videos.

Google Analytics: How can I change or cancel the UTM parameters for a page view?

We have implemented a chat support service on our site that links users to several pages of our website. The links in this bot are added with a UTM parameter to identify which user traveled through the bot to reach additional pages. The content of this bot is loaded in an iframe, so it can not be easily modified.

When a user arrives at this site, their UTM parameters are stored in a session variable to keep them during additional visits to the page. It is possible that a user who clicks on a link in the chat button already has some of these UTM parameters.

If a user clicks on a link on this bot, is it possible to verify if they have additional parameters stored in this session variable and potentially add or cancel them before sending the page viewed?

I found this documentation that allows you to configure and push campaign variables through analytics.js, but I am worried that I will end up registering multiple page visits each time this happens.

How to do "calculated dimension" (non-metric) in google analytics?

I am looking to create a custom dimension, or a variable that is "calculated" from other 2 dimensions. Specifically, I would like the formula to concatenate 2. For example: {{dimension1}} + "" + {{dimension2}}

Basically I want to mix 2 dimensions in one. I do not seek to add a "secondary" dimension, I already know how to do it. I am looking to create a single dimension from 2 existing ones.

I also know that I could simply make a custom dimension using data1 + data2 but I do not want to do that either.

Where do I find the add-ons to a news bulletin of the emerging toast in Google Analytics?

For users to send their email and name to obtain a report of www.reports.com/example-your-report

In the pop-up window where you enter your details, there is a check box to opt for a newsletter.


Where can I find this in Google Analytics?

It will be here

Conversions> Objectives (where the records are configured as an objective)> Inverse route of the objective

and the record in particular will be low / example-your-report ?

Or is there something totally different for the check boxes?

Thank you