Google analytics Cohort analysis CSV, TSV and Google Sheets Download

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Simple Google analytics question here – but I cant seem find an awnser without running into marketing material.
When I perform a simple cohort analysis using the built in tools I am able to generate a table that looks like this:
enter image description here

However – When I try to download the table using the download button in the top right hand side:

enter image description here

and try to download in TSV, CSV or Google sheets – I get a useless output that looks like this:

enter image description here

What am I doing wrong here?

Is it a bug with google analytics?
I cant seem to find a solution online?

I wish to get the table produced in CSV or Goole Sheets fomat.


Enable all profiles for Google Analytics API

I am wondering if what I am attempting is plausible. We have 7 Google accounts, each with their maximum of 100 domains (profiles) attached for Analytics. Now I can go into the Analytics console and enable the Analytics API user (email) on each and every one (profile). But that seems time intensive and feel there’s got to be a better way!

Is there a way to add an the API authorized user to EVERY profile on the account? IE
enter image description here

It’s going to be PAINFUL to add that authorized user to EVERY profile manually!

spam – How to prevent spoofed analytics info

I have an analytics platform similar to google analytics. A JS script collects user info then sends them to a server to be processed. The problem is that a bad actor could pretend to be a regular internet surfer and send gibberish to my server. For example, originally there were 76% Windows 10 users. Then, a bad actor sends 10000 requests and now, the 76% becomes 42% and now there is a “Hackintosh Vista” (made up by hacker) that takes up 30%. How can I prevent these bad actors and only allow legitimate analytical traffic through? I know that I could use reCaptcha v3, but Google tracks the hell out of everyone and so I don’t want to do such a thing. I can’t figure something out and I’ve come to a logical reason: Anything that a browser can do, a bad actor can to. So, is there a way to only allow legitimate traffic through? Thanks.

How to remove irrelevant traffic in google analytics ?

Hello Friends,
Can I remove irrelevant traffic from google analytics?
Please help me.

Google Analytics report showing visits per month for a set of urls

I need to create an analytics report which shows the number of visits per page across a selection of months.

For example:

Page   | Month    | Visits
Page A | January  | 10,000
Page A | February | 12,500
Page B | January  | 5,400
Page B | February | 5,200

Or even:

Page   | January | February | ...
Page A | 10,000  | 12,500   | ...
Page B |  5,400  |  5,200   | ...

I’ve tried a number of tables in the custom dashboard but can’t get anything close to this. Is it even possible to do?

google analytics – Best way to track link clicks for multiple URLs in one place?

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Google Analytics Custom Dimension for affiliate tracking is not being set

I’m trying to set up affiliate link tracking on my website but I’m clearly missing a step and don’t know how to get this working.

My intended flow is for someone to enter my site with an “affiliate_id” in the URL (ex: GTM then uses a custom HTML tag to create and store it in a 1st Party Cookie whenever it queries the URL and finds the “affiliate_id”. In my Google Analytics Settings variable, I have a Custom Dimension at index 1 set as my 1st Party Cookie(which is the affiliate_id value). In GA I created a Custom Dimension at index 1 to receive the affiliate_id that we set up in GTM.

– I see all of the variables properly set when using Tag Assistant.
– My website is created through Wix, which is a SPA (Single Page Application).
– I have an extension in Google Chrome to view cookies and my cookie is correctly set up.
– In GA i have “Enable Ecommerce” set to “On” and “Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting” set to “off”
– I see my test transactions being tracked in GA but they don’t have the Affiliate ID custom dimension set

I really hope someone can help me out. Thanks!



Show order with status complete in performance analytics woocommerce

Hi i need to display orders with status completed in performance section of analytics, any hook to do this. I want to have completed order in dispay stats and to show in performance analytics. screenshot is attached for clarification.

Where’s the Google Analytics 4.0 website traffic reports like Universal Analytics had?

I upgraded a website to the new Google Analytics 4, and it really is lacking the great reporting that the old Google Analytics (aka Universal Analytics) had. The old version had great reports for viewing website pageviews, top pages, etc. The new GA4 doesn’t seem to have all the same reports, and the pageview numbers don’t look to be reporting all the pageviews the website is recieving.

Does anyone know how to get the same reports the old Google Analytics had using the new Google Analytics 4?


Is it possible to disable Google Analytics cookies from server?

I need to know if it is possible to disable Google Analytics cookies from a web server, and if this can cause the web to malfunction

Is that a client has asked me to deactivate Google Analytics cookies on the server for a data privacy issue, and my question is if it can be done and how, and if it is done if it harms the functionalities of the web