dnd 5e: does the UA Ranger Companion Options class variant earn the Rangers domain bonus according to the PHB Ranger & # 39; s Companion?

I am not sure how to reconcile the enhanced UA class variant Ranger Companion option with the rules of the Beast Master Ranger & # 39; s Companion feature in the PHB.

Specifically, in the case of a 5th level ranger who chooses an Air Beast, would the Ranger add his competition bonus (3) to AC beasts, attack rolls, damage rolls, saves, abilities?

If so, then what would the resulting statistics block look like for a fellow Air Beast for a 5th level Beast Master Ranger.

Ubuntu does not display Thai language file names correctly with the command & # 39; ls & # 39;

Ubuntu does not display file names that contain Thai characters correctly when used ls I send.


magento2 – 2.3.3 Cannot reindex the search in the catalog: & # 39; index catalogsearch_fulltext_scope1: DELETE & # 39;

The site is a migration from 1.9 to 2.3.3

When executing the redindexer we get the following error:
index catalogsearch_fulltext_scope1: does not support DELETE (enabled=0) ( DELETE FROM catalogsearch_fulltext_scope1 WHERE id > 0), all other indexes work fine.

Error logs do not seem to throw any errors related to this problem.

language – & # 39; OK & # 39; u & # 39; Ok & # 39; in the user interface?

There is also the pedantic answer to consider.

All the dictionaries I know list OK as the correct spelling of the word, never Ok. (In fact, the StackExchange spellchecker even marked Ok as an error). So, Ok simply means you have a misspelling. One of the other comments mentioned the practice in Denmark. I guess we are speaking English, either EE. UU., United Kingdom or other important variant.

It is acceptable to use OK in written language, although Apple's documentation guidelines require the use of OK (look for "OK"). However, most human interface guidelines that bother to point out the obvious say specifically using OK on a button is not right. See, for example, the Microsoft guidelines.

Finally, as a matter of clarity, many sources now suggest not using an OK button, but replace it with something more descriptive. See for example this article. It is not a bed, although the author did not know how to correctly spell a keyword in the title. 🙂

How many operations to flip all the brackets in a substring of a chain of brackets are needed for the string to be & # 39; correct & # 39 ;?

I call a chain of square brackets & # 39; correct & # 39; if each opening bracket has a corresponding closing bracket somewhere after it and each closing bracket has a corresponding opening bracket somewhere before. For example

(()) () ((() ()))

it's a correct chain and

) () () (

it's an incorrect string

An operation consists of taking a contiguous subsequence of the input string and & # 39; flip & # 39; each parenthesis in that subsequence.

Given an arbitrary chain of square brackets (of even length), the task is to find the least number of such operations necessary to change it to a chain of square brackets & # 39; correct & # 39 ;.

Another way to see this problem is to have a string of + 1s and -1s, and try to find the smallest number of operations (of multiplying each number in an interval by -1) necessary so that each prefix of this chain is not negative and each non-positive suffix.

Unity & # 39; s Box Collider does not prevent the object from falling through the floor

I am working on a small AR game "Tower of Hanoi" in Unity using Vuforia, where the game is projected on an image target.
Now I wanted the rings to "fall" in place, so I added an invisible plane on the ground floor, with a box collider, and added a mesh collider and a rigid body to my ring.

Here are the settings:
enter the description of the image here
enter the description of the image here

Now there are quite a few questions about the objects that fall on the floor and I tried many of the different suggestions (thickness of the box collider, continuous collision detection instead of discrete, …) but none of them solved my problem.

Since this is my second little Unity project, I guess the problem is obvious (maybe my ring is too small (few centimeters) or something like that, but I'm not sure.

The problem is also that I really can't see what happens during the runtime, since the camera has to first find the objective of the image, after that the ring (currently only tests the lower one) disappears and I only see the value and of his change of position.

Any help is really appreciated!

Weapons – Is it possible to wield a & # 39; great sword & # 39 ;?

The sword shown, assuming that the character is 1.90 meters long, has an area of ​​150×30 cm². If we assume that it is only 0.5 cm thick (which is too thin to give it stability. It would wobble like a sheet of paper), we get a volume of about 2000 cm³ and, therefore, a weight of 15 kg.

This goes well beyond any type of useful weapon weight. The heaviest known Zweihänder in history weighed 6.6 kg, and that was a custom display piece for an abnormally large man. The great historical words rarely exceeded 4 kg in weight, and anything above 2 was not used as a sword, but rather as an antler weapon, as part of the pike formations.

I fight with HEMA, and my long sword weighs about 1.5 kg, and just balancing it during training for 1.5 hours makes me tired. A weapon that weighs ten times more is basically impossible to lift or balance for a prolonged period of time.

It is also completely useless. The killing power of a sword comes from its tip and its edge, not its weight. To be able to cut and push effectively, the sword must be as light as possible while it must be able to receive a blow from the opponent's weapon (which, it should be noted, depends more on the stiffness of the sword than on its weight: the arms of the bearer are those who really resist the blow). The metal that is not part of the edge is, to some extent, "dead": it has no function beyond being there because, otherwise, the swords become too fragile. That is why many swords have a more complete call: a groove in the middle of the blade to make it even lighter.

Even the types of weapons that used the momentum of the weapon to cause damage, such as axes and maces, did not exceed a weight of 3 kg maximum, and most were in the range of 0.5 – 1.5 kg, because that is basically the most object Heavy than normal humans can spin for longer without being a) tired too fast and b) losing complete control over the swing once it started. It should be noted that, in fact, an ax of the same weight as a sword will tire you much faster, because the center of mass of the ax is considerably higher on the handle: therefore, for weapon rotations (which are basically part of each attack, except the straight thrusts), you need to accelerate that center of mass more, which means you need more strength.

Even assuming it has a miraculous alloy that has only 5% of the weight of the steel and can prevent that metal block from wobbling, this sword shape and size would remain suboptimal compared to giving it an ordinary sword shape.

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I received an error No class method is known for the selector & # 39; systemBackgroundColor & # 39; y No class method is known for the & # 39; secondLabelColor & # 39 ;.

f (@available (iOS 13.0, *)) {_tableView.backgroundColor = (UIColor systemBackgroundColor); self.footerTextView.textColor = (UIColordaryLabelColor); }}

dnd 5e: Does the Hexblade Warlock & # 39; s Hex Warrior feature allow them to use Thirsting Blade on a weapon without a pact?

My question is, can I use Thirsting Blade with my gun without a pact?

Example, I have a +3 long magic bow with which I used the Sword Covenant ritual to transform it into my Covenant Weapon. (I can only get this out now when I invoke it and I can't get a sword)

I can use the Hex Warrior to channel my will through 1 weapon that I play to use my Charisma Modifier for attack and damage rolls. (once for a long break)

Would I still be able to attack twice when performing the attack action with the Sword even if it is not my Covenant Weapon?

You can attack with your pact weapon twice, instead of once, each time you perform the Attack action on your turn.