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Does this site come with any social media account?
At this time we do not have social media accounts on the site.

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The only challenge of running this site is to keep customers happy when they buy products, find new products and make sure that ads run smoothly through Google Shopping Ads.

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Is there a single D & D 3.5e data source?

I'm interested in making a couple of small tools to help me run a D & D3.5e game. To do this, I need the game's data in some kind of usable format, like a JSON object that identifies whether a skill is Supernatural or not. I know that you can download the d20srd in JSON format, but it does not contain any information other than Open Game Content.

Has anyone bothered to create something like this?

One of the uses is a meeting table generator that looks beyond the first Monster Manual and allows me to exclude monsters with certain abilities / traits.

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linux – Excluding the directory & # 39; # recycle & # 39; Load of s3cmd

I'm using s3cmd on a Synology NAS.

I built an exclusion file that includes #Recycle/* and the --exclude-from = / path / to / exc / file Option but it does not work.

I already tried this:

"/ volume1 / JOB / # recycle / *"
"* / JOB / # recycle / *"
"/ WORK / # recycle / *"
"/ volume1 / WORK / # recycle"

but s3cmd still tries to load the contents of the & # 39; # recycle & # 39; folder.

Any ideas?

Crypto & Commission

How can I manipulate the cryptocurrency that is collected from online payments for online products, so that the commission is withdrawn at the time the products are paid?

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