I would vote for a Democrat for Trump in 2020, but do any of them support border security and put American citizens first?

Trump says he wants stronger border security because Mexicans have been killing people who may be associated with their construction and casino business. Both areas can be very affected by money and drugs.

The average Democrat will not care about Trump or his opinions, since they want to send drugs along with illegal immigrants for their cheap labor.

It fits with the Democratic communist manifesto to spread democracy around the world.

I, as an American, do not want any of the above, but I do not produce money flow for the greedy and the greedy have a very difficult time using me in their plans.

So, for me, none of the Democrats beyond a possible Kennedy is worth the charge.

Or a Roosevelt.

But you do not see them running now, right? I just used a seller of cars and vacuum cleaners who want to import more trash and sell it to illegal aliens, sacrifice the few remaining cows and another type of cattle grabbing in Spanish and California gold. It is still there in its trillions.


Does the American flag flying in the wind really annoy the Democrats?

The desecration of the flag, very common among System activists and domestic terrorists, is another form of flag fetishism. Here the desecration or destruction of the flag symbolizes the destruction of the white race and Western civilization through genocide ordered by the state. Beans and other left-wing elites associate the flag with the whites and the historic American nation, both of which they hate.

For me, the American flag is a symbol of the regime, not of a country, that it represents. It does not retain any genuine connection with the historic American nation.

It represents the hatred and destruction of Western civilization, the disgusting sexual degeneration and the destruction of the family. It means anti-white racism, genocide, the blind and demented adoration of ultra-privileged Jews and, in a derivative and contingent manner, other non-white and anti-white races, intolerance, totalitarianism, vile acts of crime and aggression in the country. and abroad. and the communist imperialism with which it allied historically.


American network

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American Network vs Bayside Gamers

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American Network vs. Truck Driver Forum vs. Admin Loop

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American network

American Network: http://networkforum.forumotion.com/f67-american-network

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Why do they want to change the game as soon as black people start enjoying the American Dream?

It has always been that way, and that could be the reason why people do not notice it. We had discrimination, segregation and exclusion, a de facto class system, incorporated into our system forever. It seems that this long tradition will not last much longer because white people themselves are becoming a minority. So many white people are really hurt.

I always say it here: they insist that there is no "white privilege", but they will fight to the death to preserve and perpetuate it. They just see it as "the way things should be." But there is no way they can move forward when the majority of voters are not white. Whites think they are special and deserve special rights and privileges, and are surprised that others do not share that opinion.

But in the end they can not win. Even the most racist Republican and white supremacist leaders can not find a way to stop the change in demography. And the last thing about the Republican Party's madness is that they are really breaking their extremes to become The White Party at a time when whites are losing their power.


readability: scripts or scripts, which are more readable when used in number ranges (for North American Internet users)?

The correct use of em and in.

The em dash (- U + 2014) is used to indicate a sudden interruption in thought ("I was thinking of writing a – what time did you say the
Movie started? "), a statement in parentheses that deserves more
attention that the parentheses indicate, or instead of two points or
semicolon to link the clauses. It is also used to indicate an open range,
as of a given date with no end yet (as in "Peter Sheerin
[1969–] He was the author of this document. "), or vague dates (as a substitute for
the last two digits of a four-digit year).

Two adjacent em dashes (a 2-em hyphen) are used to indicate the missing letters in a word ("I just do not care").

Three adjacent em dashes (a 3-em script) are used to replace the author's name when a repeated series of works is presented in a bibliography, as well as to indicate a complete word missing in the text.

The dashboard (- U + 2013) is used to indicate a range of almost anything with numbers, including dates, numbers, game scores,
And pages in any type of document. It is also used instead of the word.
"a" or a dash to indicate a connection between things, including
geographic references (such as the Mason-Dixon line) and routes (such as
The commuter train New York-Boston).

It is used to divide compound compounds, where at least one pair is already divided into dashes. The Chicago Style Manual also states that "When one of the components of a compound adjective contains more than one word" should be used instead of a hyphen. Both rules are clear to indicate exactly what the compound is modifying.

Conclusion: use a script