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█ All the domains, databases and email addresses you can!

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While many hosts get involved in a race to the bottom and try to outdo each other, we are taking the opposite approach: we really take care of our customers. Whether you need us at 3 a.m. or at 3 p.m., we are ready to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And thanks to our reliable Level III data center and our business-class infrastructure, you probably don't need much help anyway! Just see what we include for free:

Server►▐ LiteSpeed ​​web server for maximum performance and stability!

▌►▐ Migration help to facilitate change!

Databases►▐ SSD databases for super caffeinated performance!

▌►▐ Level III data center in downtown Dallas TX!

▌►▐ 99.99% Uptime SLA – click here for more details

▌►▐ Daily backups offsite!

▌►▐ CloudLinux protects your site from abusers and super users!

▌►▐ Enterprise-class RAID storage to keep your data safe.

▌►▐ More than 250 automatic installation applications (Softaculous) ready to use!

SEO►▐ Integrated SEO Tools (Attracta)

▌►▐ CloudFlare Certified Partner means you get a free premium CDN!

▌►▐ Very improved antispam and antimalware system

Panel ►▐ cPanel control panel: makes managing your site very easy!

▌►▐ 14-day money back guarantee: love our service or you don't pay!

Do you have any questions? We love the questions! These are some of our favorites:

▌►▐ Do you provide legal documents?
We invite you to copy our legal terms and modify them for your own use. However, whether you copy our terms or use someone else's terms, you should ALWAYS hire a lawyer to review everything and make sure it is appropriate for your needs.

▌►▐ Do you offer 24-hour support?
Absolutely! Our friendly technical team is on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether you need us at 3 a.m. or at 3 p.m., we will be here and ready to help you!

▌►▐ Do you offer migration assistance?
Absolutely! If you are coming from another cPanel host, we will work closely with you to help make your transition as easy as possible. Even if you are not coming from a cPanel host, we will do our best to help you move. Be sure to ask us in advance if you have any questions!

▌►▐ Why is Litespeed better than traditional Apache?
It is up to six times faster than Apache.
It is three times faster than Apache in SSL.
With its LiteMage cache, LiteSpeed ​​makes Magneto pages run up to 75 times faster.
Increase PHP performance by 50%.

▌►▐ Why is "MySQL SSD" better than simply SSD?
Because you get the best of both worlds: the huge disk space provided by conventional drives, with the increase in SSD performance for applications with lots of databases such as WordPress and Magento! Not all hosts will support it, but some "SSD" hosts use programs such as CloudLinux to limit their disk I / O. In some cases, this may cause the I / O of your disk to be slower than normal drives. Since databases can be some of the most disk intensive operations on a server, our approach gives you a dramatic increase in speed without sacrificing disk space.

▌►▐ I still see people talking about you on WHT! Who are you?
We are Fresh Roasted Hosting, a small independent web hosting company launched in January 2012.

▌►▐ I have some other question not answered here!
Amazing! We love the questions! Post them in response or email me directly at We love putting together custom packages, and there are no questions we can't answer!

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They are happily unaware of the world around them. Most of them are fascists who blindly trust the government. We think Bush / Cheney was corrupt: this Republican party is Bush on steroids. Everyone is corrupt. They lie, hide evidence and feed the spoon with Trumpettes garbage, tell them it is steak and ask for more.

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Can a Canadian sponsor an American to study in Canada?

My American partner is looking to study in Canada, can I, as a Canadian, sponsor him to study financially?

Nearly a dozen American soldiers were injured in Iran's missile attack. Why was Donald Trump hiding this from the public? Trump Tweet: "Everything is fine"?

The information is available if you really wanted to know. No victims, not even wounds. There are some soldiers being examined for concussion symptoms that arose later.

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[ Politics ] Open question: Are white (Germanic) men marginalized in American society?

(Politics) Open question: Are white (Germanic) men marginalized in American society?

Loyalty programs: do miles progress towards the elite state and are restored in American Airlines?

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