How to generate snowball of sales (how to sell Amazon ebay products fast?)

I have seen this in many deal sites. When you offer good discount for any popular products and post the news on those platforms sales starts to roll. At some point you may notice your inventory has been empty within just hours.

Luckily I have experienced this to my excitement when I was doing this for some Amazon sellers.
It's called snowball effect of sales, you don't need to pay for facebook or google ads. Or you may not achieve that kind of sale using fb/google ads.
However, not everyone…

How to generate snowball of sales (how to sell Amazon ebay products fast?)

Affiliate link to homepage of Amazon

We can create affiliate link to any page of Amazon right? But what if we create affiliate links to will we get commissions if visitors search, add products to cart and buy?

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amazon – When using MTurk with AWS billing activated is there any way to place a cap on how much money can be spent within some specified timeframe (eg 1 day)?

This is currently no solution to place a cap on how much money can be spent within some specified timeframe (e.g., 1 day/week/month) when using MTurk with AWS billing activated.

Here’s what I found:

It doesn’t really say that you can place a spending cap on the account. The thing is, if you post a HIT, you have to be able to pay the workers, so it looks like it’s a matter of limiting the number of HITs you post or limit the amount you spend on a HIT.

If you don’t approve HITs and authorize payment within 30 days, they are automatically paid. If you put a spending cap on your AWS billing and there isn’t enough to pay for the HITs, that would cause problems with MTurk.

magento2.4.1 – amazon sales channel integration in magento 2.4.x for

I have read about the amazon channel for API selling in Magento 2.4.x
ubuntu 20.4
but it seems to me that it is not enabled for Indian market. do we have any idea to develop it for indian market ( ? Or what we need to tweak to make it work for indian market?
i have read about earlier post but they don’t have specific solution for indian marketplace eg. flikpkart, etc.

all good my bad
but what should I suppose to do?

integration – Create a Shopify web site using Shopify API + Connect it to Amazon

I got a requirement from our customer to achieve the below:-

  • Build core web application >> where users from our web application >> specify their domain name >> logo >> theme >> Amazon username/password >> click on “Create Shopify” >> then the system will integrate with Shopify through the API to create the Shopify site based on the specified domain, log and theme.

  • After that the System will automatically integrate Shopify with the Amazon account. so users can sell their products from Shopify and send them to amazon for delivery…

In other words the user register through our website >> then our web site will create the Shopify website and link it to the Amazon account… to allow B2B integration between Amazon & Shopify…

So are the above general requirements achievable through Shopify & Amazon API ? Thanks in advance for any help.

What is the algorithm of an Amazon Music station?

Search for a favorite band/artist in Amazon music (app or web). There would be a section in the results which says station. It will most likely list a station with the artist or band name. Stations have a special icon when they show the pic of artist/band.

How do they work? Do they play songs by artists/band contemporaries? Similar generes?…I don’t get it.

amazon web services – How to enable HTTPS for my marketplace

I’m building a marketplace platform that enables many merchants to sell to their customers. At the moment I serve stores on my own domain like so or (I’m able to use the subdomain to distinguish which store is to be served). However, I’d like to enable my merchants to use their own domains on my platform whilst being able to secure the site over HTTPS, how can I achieve this automatically? In the past, I’ve tried CNAME to CNAME but this doesn’t allow HTTPS.

amazon web services – How can you update the password for an AWS ECR repo in Kubernetes?

The easiest way to create and update a docker-registry secret in Rancher 2.x for an AWS ECR repo is to set up a CRON job that uses the AWS CLI and Kubectl.

  • Log into the host machine where the cluster is running Install AWS

  • CLI and configure it to use an IAM role that can read the ECR credentials.

  • Test the CLI config using this command:

    aws ecr –region <your_ecr’s_region> get-login-password

  • Install kubectl and configure it with the yaml for the cluster in which you want to
    define the secret

  • Create a shell script like this:

kubectl delete secret <name_of_the_docker_registry_secret>
kubectl create secret docker-registry <name_of_the_docker_registry_secret> 
  --docker-password=$(aws ecr --region <your_ecr's_region> get-login-password) 
  • Setup a cron job to run this shell script every 6 hours (AWS resets the password every 12, so just to be on the safe side).

The secret will show up in the default project for the cluster. If you know how to have kubectl create it in a specific project, let me know.

amazon web services – Docker compose file upgrade to version 2.4 – authorization with docker hub

I’m in the process of migrating my json compose file (v2) to yaml file (v2.4) to migrate everything to Amazon Linux 2. I managed to do everything apart from authorization to docker hub. In the old json file I had this section:

  "AWSEBDockerrunVersion": 2,
  "authentication": {
    "bucket": "${bucket}",
    "key": "${dockerkey}"

bucket was pointing to s3 bucket and key was a config file on the s3 with an auth to docker hub. Now, how I can do the same thing in yaml using version 2.4? I can’t find anythnig in the docker documentation…