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Amazon web services: are there CPU credits for the c5d.large instances? And if not, why not?

CPU credits only apply to T2 / T3 instances. Each T2 / T3 instance accumulates some CPU credits per second and also when in use (that is, not "idle") spends these CPU credits. When it runs out of credits, it slows down to the reference performance (default T2) or continues to run at full speed with the payment of the necessary additional credits (default T3 and T2 "unlimited mode").

See How to clarify the working conditions of t2 and t3? for a more detailed explanation

Note that this does not apply to any other type of instance: C3, C4, C5, M5, etc. None of these uses CPU credits and can always use the full assigned speed.

Also note that if you updated from t3.micro to c5d.large Now you are running a much more powerful instance. No wonder you see lower latency!

I hope that explains it 🙂

Amazon API 5.0 update | Fresh Store Builder Forum

Hi @Carey Baird: I'm sorry, I'm a little confused.

I have two stores that have been updated to Version 10.2.1.

Today, I received the following email from the Amazon Associate Program and I am confused about what I should do. .

Everything seems to be working fine and I don't know if I have to do the following:

This is a reminder that you must complete the upgrade to version 5.0 of the Amazon product advertising API (PA API 5.0) March 9, 2020. We have identified that in the last 30 days at least one of your applications was making calls to PA API 4.0.

PA API 5.0 is a simpler, granular and consistent API that allows you to link your content quickly and easily to Amazon.
Thanks for any advice

amazon rds – RDS Oracle 11G ORA-01031: insufficient privileges to create materialized view

Here is my situation.
I was sent an RDS Oracle 11g to the manager. This resource was created through a terraform script and the "sysadmin" credentials that were delivered to me

For me, everything is fine to work, but it is a strange scenario

I had permission to recreate views and drop a materialized view, but when I tried to recreate the materialized view I received this error

ORA-01031: insufficient privileges on create materialized view

Google search what I had to have create table Excuse me

but no

select * from user_sys_privs;


I tried to grant myself (as postgres) and the command works fine but without effects

grant create table to ADMIN;

By the way, I am a rookie in the world of Oracle, I have experience with the SQL server and Postgres. I think this is a silly question, but not for me, I appreciate any help

Amazon web services: VPCEndpoint s3 access through REST that gives access denied

I am trying to create reverse proxy to nginx to S3 with VPCEndpoint.
when I open EC2 for Nginx and use aws sdk or cli it works fine, but when I make a curl request to object s3 I get "Access denied".

I understand that any request from VPCendpoint / VPC would be answered. But the curls are failing.
Is this a limitation?

Amazon ec2 or Google cloud separate billing

I gave him software that is installed on multiple ubuntu / ec2 machines.

I need the same configuration for several clients. Each customer should only have the option of

  • pay the bill,
  • scale ec2 machines
  • turn on the ec2 machine
  • stop ec2 machine

The customer will pay each customer's bill and should not interfere. If it is not paid, your account must be automatically canceled and I cannot be held liable.

Can this be achieved in aws or google cloud?

magento 1.9 – where I've been using amazon s3 bucket to save and recover images

Here is the thing.

I have been using the Amazon s3 bucket to store my multimedia files loaded in Magento. and recently my access changed from public to private to download the multimedia file. When trying to download, I receive the following error.

Access Denied


Can someone help me download the multimedia files when the owner's access was even private? Help should be appreciated.

php: emails from amazon ec2 server are not sent stored in mailq

I host my website on the Amazon ec2 Ubuntu 18.08 instance,
I send the contact form details to my email id using the PHP mail feature
Emails are stored in mailq I cannot receive notifications from the contact form
What I need to install.

Amazon web services – Encrypt existing AWS EFS instances at rest – is it possible?

According to my understanding of the AWS documentation, it seems that the only way to encrypt existing EFS instances with some data at rest is to create new EFS instances with encryption enabled and copy the files from unencrypted EFS to encrypted EFS and alter mount points, Yes there are.

Can anyone confirm that this is the case?

Amazon web services – What is the way to access private S3 files using nginx as a proxy?

I have a website and an S3 bucket with numerous images, which cannot be accessed directly from any machine with a direct URL.

These images will be displayed on different pages of the website ONLY for registered users.

I tried to find a simple way to access the S3 cube files with a specific cookie or an additional header, but I can't find it. It's not possible?

Yes, it is impossible to set an additional header in the browser, but you could make a proxy in Nginx for this purpose (the proxy can configure those specific cookies or add headers when passing a request to S3). But it's still unclear how to enable URL access for S3 cube files from a specific IP address (my Nginx proxy address) or using a specific cookie or a specific header.

Could you please help me?