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Psychology: the design itself feels amazing, boring over time

I was working on the design of a mobile application, at first when I designed the application it looks amazing, but over time it got boring without changing anything significant (same colors, same fonts, same dimensions), but other designs look amazing. But after returning from a long break, it looks impressive again (same design). Why is that?

I have the same feeling if I use a well-designed application or website continuously, I think this can be also a reason why companies change their designs annually more or less, so that users do not get bored with the design and feel something new annually. Am I correct here?

I guess our brain adapts (creates memories) to the design when we work with the design continuously and the novelty fades away. Then, when we took a long break and returned, the previous memories of the design had vanished, so the design itself looks amazing.

Is there a technical name for this phenomenon in the field of design?

Is there any advice or trick you use to avoid feeling bored by your own design when you work continuously?

[ Politics ] Open question: Isn't it amazing no matter how Donald's enemies try to overthrow his reign that continues to win?

[Politics] Open question: Isn't it surprising no matter how Donald's enemies try to overthrow his reign that he continues to win?

Amazing physical feats

What was the most amazing physical feat that you have managed to do?

I will create amazing double-sided business cards for $ 5

I will create amazing double-sided business cards

I will create amazing double-sided business cards
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Amazing tips to buy the best water filters: everything else

How often do you renovate your home? Maybe it is the first time you are renovating your home from the moment it was built, right? If so, you must do more than paint and repair cracked walls. As we do not renovate our homes frequently, we do not change appliances either. But, from time to time, everything has to change, be it the colors of the wall or the water filter in your kitchen. Renovation is not just about making a place more beautiful, but also adding additional things to make it more comfortable. Y Brita filter It is one thing you should not ignore if you want your family to get clean and healthy drinking water.

If the water filter you have in your home is more than six years old, we recommend that you consider the following steps and buy a new water filter today. Buying the best water filter is not as easy as you think. If you want a filter that is worth your time and money, you should never go directly to the store and buy the first water filter shown by the seller. Read these steps to make sure you don't make a mistake.

· Go big or small: The first thing to decide is if you need a large or smaller water filter. Analyze the size of your home and your water needs and then decide the size of the filter you need.

· Filter type: Decide if you want a carbon filter, a reverse osmosis filter, a UV water filter or a water distiller. Each of these filters has its pros and cons, so choose wisely.

Not only advice, but it is also important to buy a good water filter from a reliable store. If you don't want sellers to leave you, you can buy PUR filters of the Swift Green filters. It is a trusted online store that is known for the variety of water filters they offer. This company works with certified professionals who have more than 25 years of experience and always work in innovative technology to bring something new to their customers. All water filters offered by Swift Green Filters are manufactured in the USA. UU. And this company offers free shipping to simplify things for its customers.

About Swift Green filters:

Swift Green Filters is a trusted store from where you can buy commercial water filters at the best prices

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Get an amazing React JS website or get your money back for $ 120

Get an awesome React JS website or get your money back

I am a professional frontend developer, currently employed in a web development company. I have worked for a renowned client in India and, therefore, I have gained enough experience in the field of front-end development. Here I intend to build a basic React JS website in a quick time span. Please feel free to ask questions.


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WJ Contact kiboboss and imgsupport
=====Update Jul 13, 2018=====

– httpS fully compatible
– Upload a file size of up to 10 MB
– Upload 400 images at once!
– The My Images page and the Manage Gallery page have been updated
– Other minor improvements and corrections

Previous Updates:

=====Update 31-Mar-2017=====

– New server installed
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Statistics Page updated, now you can see the total earnings of references, also link to reference page Y banners additional
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