Baggage – Aluminum cabin car with squeaks and squeaks.

I recently bought a cart 53 RIMOWA Lufthansa Cabin based on aluminum-magnesium.

After the first use, I notice a squeak / squeak / creak of the car as I move it, most notably when it is reasonably loaded. But also if I support the upper part of my body on it, like when you are on a train and use your grip as a headrest.

For me, it sounds like the connection between the body and the moving parts of the wheels and the grip that the sound produces. But also the body itself, for example, when it is pushed on one side of the box.

I suppose that with the materials based on polyester or polycarbonate, the problem would not be so noticeable.

So my question is, can it be a general problem with the aluminum car, which tend to do that based on that material?

If this is a common behavior of aluminum cars, I agree with that, otherwise, I will return it. That is the reason for my question and of course the curiosity.

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