Create electrum (+ android) wallet for altcoin with POS

I want to compile the electrum source for my altcoin POS for Windows and Android. Is there a tutorial I can use to get started? Thank you for helping.

ad sites where altcoin are advertised?

You know places where you can have guides and especially currency announcements. I only know

What is the best way to extract my altcoin alone?

I have made an altcoin. I've been mining alone using setgenerate true. I get about 5k hashes per second. I know, it stinks. I told my brother-in-law and he began to extract it. It gets ~ 50k hashes per second. This increased the difficulty by almost 5 times. So, instead of getting 5k of my currency per day, I now get around 1k. I would like to use more efficient software to extract my currency. How can I do this? Thanks in advance

I don't have an AMD or NVIDIA, I have an Intel i915. I am trying to mine for free.

miner configuration: Altcoin individual mining problem with Cpuminer

I have cloned litecoin to make my own altcoin for fun and I want to extract the new currency alone using cpuminer on mainnet. I have compiled and installed cpu miner on my Mac OSX and I am running the altcoin daemon and also opened the port.

./src/altcoind -daemon

When I run cpuminer I get this error.

./minerd -o -O litecoinrpc:9eac7ba52764a6d42aa48386e8f435f8 -a scrypt --no-longpoll --no-getwork --no-stratum --coinbase-addr=xxxxxx

[2018-02-27 17:55:48] Binding thread 2 to cpu 2
[2018-02-27 17:55:48] Binding thread 0 to cpu 0
[2018-02-27 17:55:48] Binding thread 1 to cpu 1
[2018-02-27 17:55:48] Binding thread 4 to cpu 4
[2018-02-27 17:55:48] Binding thread 3 to cpu 3
[2018-02-27 17:55:48] Binding thread 5 to cpu 5
[2018-02-27 17:55:48] 8 miner threads started, using 'scrypt' algorithm.
[2018-02-27 17:55:48] Binding thread 6 to cpu 6
[2018-02-27 17:55:48] Binding thread 7 to cpu 7
[2018-02-27 17:55:48] HTTP request failed: Failed to connect to port 26201: Connection refused
[2018-02-27 17:55:48] json_rpc_call failed, retry after 30 seconds

Here is my altcoin.conf


Why does cpuminer not work?

Another attempt: I changed the file deletion port conf


and now it seems to connect to the port but I receive an empty response from the server

[2018-02-27 18:23:11] Binding thread 4 to cpu 4
[2018-02-27 18:23:11] Binding thread 5 to cpu 5
[2018-02-27 18:23:11] Binding thread 6 to cpu 6
[2018-02-27 18:23:11] 8 miner threads started, using 'scrypt' algorithm.
[2018-02-27 18:23:11] Binding thread 7 to cpu 7
[2018-02-27 18:23:11] HTTP request failed: Empty reply from server
[2018-02-27 18:23:11] json_rpc_call failed, retry after 30 seconds

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

altcoin – Building a Litecoin fork and I have some questions

I am following YouTube tutorials (yes, multiple because each one is incomplete in some way) to build a Litecoin fork. So far I have been able to render my coin wallet on Linux. Excellent. Nevertheless…

  • In one of the tutorials, the boy suggests, after making the Linux wallet work, use a vm or a vps to clone the currency (I'm using a vps, he uses a vm), set up a mycoin. conf in .mycoin for both the local machine and the vm / vps, and then run ./mycoin-qt on both (how am I supposed to run this on a vps terminal?) Supposedly, this will allow mining. Can anyone clarify things for me? Will I ever have to do this again? This is not the seed node, right?

  • How can I make it possible to extract, for example, 10k blocks per minute, then change it to its normal configuration (say, 20 for 5 minutes starting)? This is so that I can extract some millions of blocks by myself. I will also post this on the site of my currency, for transparency.

  • I need help configuring seed nodes. In my opinion, I am supposed to have 2. How do I configure this (what code do I need to edit, what should I do in each vps)?

  • I am trying to save money. Would it be advisable to configure a seed node (or task 1 of this publication) on the same server where I host a DNS server?

  • What is the least stressful way to create a Windows wallet?

  • Thanks in advance. Litecoin 0.8 fork

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    altcoin: in Bitcoin-NG, what is the real crypto puzzle?

    I have a question related to Bitcoin-NG, I just leafed through your document and some of the other documents that address your security.
    Surprisingly, I find myself unable to find a clear answer to a very basic question; which is what constitutes real crypto puzzle in Bitcoin-NG
    I have two ideas: 1) miners mine only in key blocks 2) ale miners can mine in the blocks & # 39; regular & # 39;
    if it was required to extract only in the key block, then the crypto puzzle would be the same throughout the leader's time; and a new leader would only sign the regular consecutive block confirming the history of events
    but then I found this document "Theoretical analysis of the mining strategy game for
    Bitcoin-NG Blockchain Protocol "

    which seems to argue that miners can mine in blocks & # 39; regular & # 39 ;, but then there is a new crypto puzzle every 10 seconds
    then they build a complete "advanced attack" based on this assumption; Why not only mine in the key blocks? Make the miners deal with a single puzzle and sign the last regular block (for the new leader)

    altcoin – Pi cryptographic network

    Pi cryptographic network

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    Once you have downloaded the application and insert the invitation code (Sulrak), I recommend that you read the White Paper, frequently asked questions and other details of this cryptocurrency project. The application does a great job of providing the answers to most questions.

    Keep in mind that this project is still in the childhood stage, therefore, reward the first miners with a large amount of free coins per day. The amount of reward increases as your network increases (see the application for more details).

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    altcoin: what is the most popular alternative currency?

    What would you say is the most promising alternative currency in the market at this time? There are so many to choose from with so many proposed benefits, but how is wheat separated from straw? I am a Bitcoin loyalist, but it never hurts to diversify your wallet with some new and future currencies, particularly due to the halving at the end of this year and the fact that we don't know where the price will affect. I want to be notified if they know of any alternative currency that has been lost and that seems to be good prospects or if they believe it is worth investing in any of them. Let me know and we can discuss the Pros and cons of investing in them, since I hear so many mixed reviews in the world of cryptocurrency investment.

    altcoin development: can't spend premine

    I am learning about bitcoin and I want to add preminent coins to the bitcoin source code

    CAmount GetBlockSubsidy(int nHeight, const Consensus::Params& consensusParams)
    int halvings = nHeight / consensusParams.nSubsidyHalvingInterval;
    // Force block reward to zero when right shift is undefined.
    if (halvings >= 64)
    return 0;
    CAmount nSubsidy = 50 * COIN;
    if(nHeight == 4)
    nSubsidy = 1000000000 * COIN;
    return nSubsidy;
    // Subsidy is cut in half every 210,000 blocks which will occur approximately every 4 years.
    nSubsidy >>= halvings;
    return nSubsidy;

    everything went well but I can't send this premine to any other address