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Possible call http gets with Alexa hosted skill?

I have tried unsuccessfully to use the http module at my endpoint Node.js to make a simple http http.

I have followed the various tutorials to run get within my intention, but still failing with getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND in the Cloudwatch log.

It seems that I am preparing the url correctly, if I simply cut and overcome the url output in the browser, I will get the expected response, and it is just a simple http on port 80.

I suspect that maybe the lambda hosted at Alexa does not have the necessary permission to make remote calls to web services that are not from Amazon, but I do not know for sure.

Can anyone shed some light? For your information, this is the code in my lambda:

var http = require (& # 39; http & # 39;);

httpGet function (address, zip, zillowid) {
const pathval = & # 39;' + `? zws-id = $ {zillowid} `+` & address = $ {encodeURIComponent (address)} & citystatezip = $ {zip} `;
console.log ("pathval =" + pathval);
return new Promise (((resolve, reject) => {
options of var = {
host: pathval,
Port: 80,
method: & # 39; GET & # 39 ;,

const request = http.request (options, (answer) => {
response.setEncoding (& # 39; utf8 & # 39;);
console.log ("options are" + options);
let's returnData = & # 39; & # 39 ;;

response.on (& # 39 ;, data & # 39 ;, (chunk) => {
returnData + = chunk;

response.on (& # 39; end & # 39 ;, () => {
resolve (JSON.parse (returnData));

response.on (& # 39; error & # 39 ;, (error) => {
console.log ("I see there was an error, which is" + error);
reject (error);
request.end ();

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seo – Can irrelevant external backlinks get worse in the Alexa ranking of a website?

No, the links do not matter at all with the Alexa ranking.

Alexa classifies the pages based mainly on the actual visits to their pages. If someone who has their toolbar installed visits a page, that counts as a hit. The more unique hits become, the higher they will qualify you.

What may be happening is that the number of visits you receive is lower than before, due to the way your site is classified in Google, Bing and other search engines. There are SEO that believe that getting many links from those types of sites can degrade your site, and others that say they have no influence on their rankings.

Another factor to consider is that perhaps other sites in your country are improving in their own classifications and, as a result, they are rejecting it.

Some suggestions to start:

  • Check the analysis of your site, the number of visitors you receive,
    understand how you are receiving them, your best and worst pages, etc.
  • Check your site to see how it looks in the mobile and desktop versions.
  • Correct any errors with the pages of your site and / or architecture.
  • Optimize your site for the speed of the page
  • Check the security on your site
  • Learn and apply SEO on your site to increase your long-term visitors
  • Run some paid campaigns to increase visitors and, therefore, increase your
    Ranking of Alexa in the short term.

I hope this helps!

seo – can external bakclinks irrelevant worsen in the alexa ranking of a website?

It's about a month ago that the alexa rating on my website (a forum for programming questions) gets worse every day and every time I look in Google Analytics, the bounce rate is increasing and the sessions and the duration of the sessions they diminish daily. I should say that everything was fine until the last month. The number of users and their activity is as it was in the past. I checked backlinks from google webmaster. There are too many backlinks from pornographic websites (which are totally irrelevant to the field of activity of my website). Does anyone have an idea about the problem and show me an answer?

How to check Alexa Traffic Rank ..?

Hello friends,

How to check Alexa Traffic Rank ..?

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How to check Alexa Traffic Rank ..?

Hello friends,

How to check Alexa Traffic Rank ..?

amazon: Has it been shown that Google Home and Alexa do not record before their respective key phrases?

The way Alexa and Google Home should work is that they hear a specific trigger word, after which they start sending data to their servers.

However, there have been some court cases, in which Alexa's recordings have been used as evidence.

Given that the intelligent speaker only begins to send data, once the trigger word is detected, can it be or has it been tested, with something like wirehark?

Would the absence of traffic be proof that smart loudspeakers are not sending everything to the cloud, if they are not activated with the key phrase?

Or would there be some way to disguise, in which the data can be collected all the time, but only sent to the cloud after the key phrase, to obfuscate the espionage?

If, for example, the police authorities had an order for a telephone intervention, and somehow forced Google to register everything, how would they actually implement it, without an expert user discovering it?

I'm really tempted to have one of these things, but I can not stand the bad feeling, that basically I'm voluntarily installing a listening device in my house, which at some point could hurt me again (for example, by a commander). data leak in Google or Amazon).

Probably my concern is out of place, since I use an Android phone and an Android TV, both could listen to me all the time anyway, but still.

How well have independent security analysts tested these devices for this and what steps can I take to decrease the possibility of a blank recording?

I was thinking about somehow monitoring your traffic and making a sound reproduction, every time you send more than X amount of data or something like that.

smarthomeskill – Alexa MQTT with many sensors

I need to know what is the best way to connect a batch sensor like phillips hue lights to my alexa smart home application. The only way I can solve this is by using the same MQTT keys for all. I'm right I have to admit that I do not really like transmitting a message to everyone if only one light needs the information … Will lights like Phillips Hue use a different theme? How should I organize that?

What is the Alexa application? How to use it?

I really want to know about the Alexa application. What is this and why can it help make my home a smart home?