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2019 – SharePoint Document library alerts not working

I have migrated from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2019, here I am facing a strange issue, like list alerts are working fine but when I create any alert on any document library, no mails are triggering, neither the old alerts that were created in SharePoint 2013 are working in new environment. please suggest what to try

Passing arguments to YourPhone app to send message from PC to my cell from security app than can run on alerts

I’m wondering if it’s possible to pass arguments to YourPhone app to send message from my PC to my cell from my security app than can then run YourPhone on alerts.

For instance, on an alert from my security software ISpy it can run a batch file calling YourPhone app so if I can pass it my cell number I would get an alert on my cell. I know how to start the YourPhone app from the command line but I don’t know if it accepts arguments 🙁

I have searched everywhere and can’t find diddley!



System alerts / errors in B2B web design – How to design system alerts so that users pay attention to them

I need some support with one problem 🙂
System messages in B2B web applications, specifically about them being ignored by users.
Can you recommend any references or share your experience in designing them?
System messages – I mean messages related to the operation of the system, namely:

information about errors in the database
information about upcoming deadlines
warning about unsaved user actions
information about the timeliness of data and the possibility of their supplementation

That is, partly about situations not resulting from the user action but from the system.
The assumption is – message recognition, invasiveness in the scope acceptable by the user, creating the feeling of importance for safety and work in the system (but not to treat these messages as a buzzing disturbing fly)
Thanks in advance for your help

kubernetes – Handling alerts triggered by boolean condition; keep alertmanager from auto-resolving until manually cleared

Assume there’s a condition at 0000 HRS, which a promql expression evaluates to true and bubbles up that condition as desired to alertmanager. The range of time for the check is over a 5m period and the condition has to exist for a total period of 60 seconds before an alert triggers. Let’s assume for the purposes of this question that the condition is met and the alert is sent.

On the next check, the condition changes to false effectively auto-resolving the alert. This is the problem for us for this specific use-case. We desire to manually resolve the alert so that we can check into the root cause instead of alertmanager autoresolving the alert.

I understand that there will likely be answers asking why we want to do this, but this situation is slightly contrived so such answers are not helpful. Essentially, we have a single alert which we do NOT want to autoresolve when the underlying condition returns to false. We need to know when this happens so we can appropriately handle it but we also need to manually resolve the alert.

I haven’t found a way to do this and I’m not really certain there is a way to do it so some guidance would be appreciated.

Can security devices (e.g. Snort, Splunk, WAFs, etc.) generate alerts when they aren’t working?

APRA’s CPS 234 regulation states: "…detection techniques deployed which provide an alert if information security-specific technology solutions are not working as designed." Is this possible? If so, can I get a couple of examples?

prometheus – Handling alerts triggered by boolean condition; keep alertmanager from auto-resolving until manual clearance

Let’s say we have an event which is a point in time event, meaning that on the next check Prometheus may not show the event was triggered but the underlying condition is still active.

What we’re finding in our situations like this, prometheus will “clear” the event and alertmanager will auto-resolve. So we’ll get alerted/paged for the event, but on the next check the alert clears. What should really be done is we need to check on the event and manually resolve the alert when we have either fixed the problem or determined that the incident did indeed resolve.

I understand this is counterintuitive in most cases, but in some cases, it’s valid as is the case in some use-cases in our environment.

So, how does one achieve this trigger-on-event-and-don’t-auto-resolve-until-manually-resolved thing with prom/alertmanager? Is it possible? I haven’t found any documentation describing how to do this.

exchange rate – How to receive email alerts if a coin changes its price considerably

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notification – Handling long ‘important’ alerts on mobile

We’re challenged on how to handle multiple long alerts for mobile. In some instances they can be so long the rest of the actual content gets pushed down. the content of these alerts are related to various travel restrictions due to covid.

we’ve tried a few approaches to solutioning this, but either way the user will have to read all of these (since they are important) which isn’t a pleasant UX to be honest.

Is there any other way we could approach this solution?

enter image description here

mysql – send alerts based on attributes to users

there is users table.

users have one center, field. (centers & fields have many users)

users also can take courses.

so here is the relationships:

users 0..* ——– 1..1 centers

users 0..* ——– 1..1 fields

users 0..* ——– 0..* courses

the problem is I want send alerts to users based on their fields, centers and courses they took (or assign tasks to them. group or categorize dynamically by superusers input).

any idea will be appreciated! thanks.