eu – Train fare 4 Euros higher for travel to airport than to its two adjacent stations

Is it legal to have a higher train fare for travel to/from airport when adjacent stops are way cheaper?

I frequently travel to an airport that is connected to its serving city by rail service.
A one way train fare to/from the airport to/from the city is 5 Euros. It’s roughly a 15 minutes train ride.
However, travelling on the same identical train that stops at the airport and boarding/alighting from any of the adjacent stops costs 1.10-1.20 Euros.


  • 1 station before the airport’s station to the city: 1.20 Euros
  • Airport’s station to the city: 5 Euros
  • 1 station after the airport’s station to the city: 1.10 Euros

I find the 5 Euros fare quite good compared to some prices that can be found elsewhere. However, I don’t find this to be ethical and was wondering if there might be any justification for the 450% higher rate (e.g. arguing that the airport’s station infrastructure is what adds to train fare).
If this is indeed Price Discrimination, is it legal?

Where is the post box at Keflavík (Reykjavík International) airport?

The list on the postur website doesn’t include specific information.

Where do I complete my departure immigration step? Is it in interior airport or the airport of exiting the country?

The most common practice globally would be for you to go through immigration departure at the last airport before you leave the country. However, Air India has another option for you depending on your flight number. The full details are here:

Here are some excerpts relevant to your case. Your “gateway point” is New Delhi.

On a flight that has the number in the range of AI010 – AI399 or AI900 to AI999

At the origin station (Interior Point), you will be issued with two Boarding Passes one for origin to Gateway Point with “I” indicator printed on it and the second from Gateway Point to Final International Destination with “T” indicator printed on it.

Proceed to complete Immigration and Customs Check formalities at the station of origin (interior station) itself.

At the Gateway Point you will arrive at international terminal and you may proceed directly to International Departure gate through Transit area.

On a flight that has the number in the range of AI400 – AI899

At the origin station (Interior Point), you will be issued with two Boarding Passes one for origin to Gateway Point and the second from Gateway Point to Final International Destination.

At the Gateway Point you will arrive at domestic terminal and you may proceed to the international terminal/departure lounge to complete Immigration and Customs Check formalities.

Are smoking lounges open during Covid (Oct 2020) at new Istanbul airport?

Are the smoking lounges in the international departures airside of Istanbul airport operational during this time?

Are any restaurants selling alcoholic beverages as of right now in October 2020?

Stay at Frankfurt main Airport

I will be arriving in Frankfurt one day before my flight via train.Is there any way to stay at the airport one night? and one more question is there any internet cafe for taking documents print out. please remember that the day I am training is on Sunday so is there any internet cafe which opens on Sunday also ?

Where can I get a SIM card at the Hyderabad (Telangana, India) airport, or somewhere on the way to Banjara Hills?

Pre-activated SIM cards are not sold in India. This means you have to buy a SIM card and then wait for some time for the number to get activated (this can vary from 2 to 24 hours). To buy a SIM card, you can visit official outlets of Indian telecom operators – Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL or Reliance Jio. There are a number of such stores in Hyderabad. A simple Google search for “Vodafone store” or “Airtel store” in an area will show you your closest one.

To buy a SIM as a foreign national you need to submit some documents. This article has a nice overview of the process. From the article:

If you want a prepaid (pay-as-you-go) connection, visit the nearest Vodafone, Airtel, or Reliance Jio store in India with the following documents.

  • Passport, with a photocopy
  • Photocopy of the visa
  • Passport-sized photographs (usually just one needed, but carry four just in case since telecom operators require four photographs in some Indian states)

The executive at the stores will guide you about the exact documents but I feel you may need to submit proof of local address (like a hotel reservation) in addition to ones mentioned above.

Also remember that your existing device may not work for frequencies at which Indian operators work. You can find complete frequency bands here.

Is there wifi in Astana Airport (Kazakhstan)?

I have several hours stopover there tomorrow night. I’m debating sleeping in the airport or sleeping in a hotel – I can sleep anywhere, but if there’s wifi in the airport that would seal the deal for me 😀

However I can’t seem to find out definitively if there is wifi in the airport – free or not – the wiki article is rather sparse.

money – Where can I buy Guatemalan quetzales (GTQ) in Benito Juárez Airport (Mexico City)?

This is of course a question which is probably answerable best by experience, but since I think something is always better than nothing, here’s a list of all the currency exchanges (In Spanish) on Benito Juarez Airport.

There is also an interactive map on the airport website which shows a list of banks and currency exchanges. They are mostly nearby, so I believe with a little bit of hunting, you might be able to find some GTQ.

Several articles also mention that the airport is probably the best place to find currency exchange at decent prices all across the city. One such article which claims that you should be able to find GTQ at one of the exchanges I listed earlier.

Oslo Airport COVID Test Time

I’m potentially going to need to travel to Norway from the UK to undertake some work on a customer site.

I think I’d need to quarantine for either 10 days or until I get a test.

I’ve seen that there is now a test centre at Oslo airport but I’ve not been able to find out how long it takes to get a result from here.

Could someone please advise?

buses – Where to find the bus schedules for Charleroi airport to Charleroi train station?

The answer to about any “how do I get from here to there using public transport” question can be found on the Belgian Railway’s website.

The trip planner on that site can plan trips for you between any two points in the country. It understands addresses, station and bus stop names, and POI’s.

So you just enter “Charleroi Airport” in the “from” field, wherever you want to go to in Belgium (or Europe) in the “to” field. Add time and date, and presto, you’re set.

Such comprehensive public transport planners are actually rather common in Europe, but depending on where you come from you may indeed not be used to such planners being available, or indeed being comprehensive.

In the case of Belgium however the planner can be trusted. And it will reliably tell you how to get from Charleroir Airport to Liège.