If rebooking from a flight to a train, can I claim a refund of airport taxes?

I recently flew GOT-DUS-HAM (booked directly with the airline), so the DUS-HAM leg was canceled at the last minute and I got an open train voucher.

Can I refund the airport taxes for the second flight?

Air travel: How can I be notified when a flight between a certain airport and a certain country is available within the next n days?

Assuming you want to fly home (and should only try to fly home), your best bet is the consular staff in your country. For example, several Canadian government agencies are tweeting about flights to Canada from specific airports. Here's a snapshot of the feed from travel.gc.ca:

Twitter feed

In addition to following your country (and its subsets, such as the Canada Singapore account you see in the screenshot), you must have registered with your government so they can send you an email, call or text you, and You should probably have called your embassy or consulate for advice on how to get home.

If you are not trying to get home, but are trying to communicate with a relative or someone else who really needs it, these same sources are the ones that are likely to help you. If you think your trip is not urgent enough to involve an embassy, ​​stop trying to travel. People are desperately trying to get home, reunite families, get out while they can. If you have always wanted to see a particular place, now is not the time.

Bottom line: Make sure that at least one qualified human who is connected to your target country knows you're trying to get there, then start monitoring the airlines, airports, and those embassies and consulates on every social media you can think of. , and enter group chats and multiple emails and Facebook groups, so you will be notified when there is an opportunity to go. And prepare for when the opportunity comes.

19-hour layover at haneda airport without a japan visa

My flight from Detroit to Haneda Airport to Manila, do I need to obtain a transit visa, because my stopover at Haneda Airport is 19 hours.

Taiwan – Are stopovers currently allowed as of March 20, 2020 in Taipei and Manila Airport?

Yes for Manila. https://www.pna.gov.ph/articles/1096970:

The Department of Tourism (DOT) has praised the lifting of the travel ban on outgoing passengers, except Filipino tourists, in line with the improved community quarantine throughout Luzon.

FYI: What percentage of international flights departing from Manila are canceled due to the blockade of Duterte in Metro Manila from 2020-03-15 to 2020-04-14?

Stopovers at the TPE in Taipei were possible on 03-12-2020 but I don't know the current situation (due to How do I know in advance if the immigration and Taiwanese airline flying there will accept my passport?)

Update (2020-03-23): https://www.reddit.com/r/digitalnomad/comments/fnhs89/psa_for_americans_looking_to_extend_visa_in/flapex9/:

Singapore and Taiwan are blocking anyone's transit as of March 24.

Can I buy Australian dollars at the exchange offices at the Bucharest airport?

Yes, Australian dollars are likely to be available at any exchange counter. They will not have small denominations, so their change will be in local currency. Please visit the exchange counter before arriving at the duty free store (which will take your change as partial payment).

Currency exchanges at the airport always, always take you out, no matter if you are in "the poorest country". Exchanges in the city will give you better rates. For the future, it is best to use debit and credit cards when possible when traveling; assuming you don't have a garbage bank, the charges will be much lower than even a reasonable currency exchange counter in the city center.

Navigation – Interactive Airport Map Builder

I am working on a UX concept on the airport website and at the same time discovering the technologies that should be used. I am looking for ways to build interactive maps. A software or service that allows a user to build and manage the application.
The map should be intuitive to use on desktop / tablet / mobile devices.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thank you!

transit – New Istanbul airport and 1 hour for change of domestic to international flight

Then i will have exactly one hour between flights in IST airport.
Different reservations, without guarantee for lost flight.

Turkish Domestic Airlines Incoming 4:30 PM <->
LOT Polish Airlines international departure 17:30

The question is I will achieve it?

Does anyone know if it is easy and relatively quick to change after arrival or if it is necessary to leave and re-enter the entire facility?
What about passport checks?
From what I checked, there are no separate terminals between domestic and international flights, so I think I'll get to a common area, so in theory it should be easy to change the gate (+ go through passport control)

All tips and experiences shared here will be greatly appreciated!

Does the COVID-19 Metro Manila curfew from 03/15/2020 to 04/14/2020 prevent travelers from going to the airport during curfew hours?

Does the Metro Manila COVID-19 curfew from 03-15-2020 to 04/14/2014 (8pm to 5am) prevent commuters from going to the airport during curfew hours?

Indian citizens – 19-hour stopover in Frankfurt. Have a valid US visa. UU. And Canada. You can leave the airport without a transit visa

Do I need a transit visa during my 19-hour layover in Frankfurt? Traveling with the family to Toronto. Have a valid US visa too. We are an Indian family. Can we leave the airport for a long layover and if so, do I need a transit visa for it or not? Or simply the hotel reservation will help us obtain a land pass like the one given in Japan.

Second, if it doesn't come out, what are the options at the airport for a 19-hour layover?