networking – How to make my multiplayer Air Hockey better?

I’ve made simple multiplayer web game but don’t like how it works. Provided video is captured at 85 avg ping

What I used:

  • Super naive client prediction – called so because there is no reconciliation – most of the time players’ strikers can’t be moved by anything except players themselves

  • interpolation (it’s turned off on the attached video because at the current state of the game in combination with prediction it made things look worse. Without prediction input lag is unacceptably big)

I’ve read some valve wiki articles, Gambetta’s articles and some other not so popular sources, which helped to understand general ideas, but I still lack understanding on how to combine various techniques of minimizing delays for players and some implementation details. So here are the questions:

  • What is the best way to sync time on client and server and when to start clocks? I should measure average ping and then what? Server sends notifications to clients ‘start clocking in X ms’ based on ping? Should they even start clocking at the same time?

  • How to improve user experience for my game? I guess I should probably use extrapolation for puck

  • Is interpolation even needed with 60 tickrate for anything with 60 or lower hz screens? I’m not aiming at e-sports level experience and would rather make it feel nicer for 60 hz phone screens

air travel – What is the fastest option to fly from London to Sydney?

Answer to the current version of the question:

The shortest duration will can change regularly as the airlines adjust schedules. So this is only really answerable by knowing the exact travel dates and what the OP counts as duration, flight time/travel time/connection time, etc.

Answer to the previous version of the question:

If you are asking about the Kangaroo Route specifically, which means operated and trademarked by Qantas, the shortest route right now, and for the foreseeable future, will be QF1 LHR-DXB-SYD.

There are shorter routings available, such as LHR-HKG-SYD, which is only 1 Nautical Mile longer than a direct route.

Note, the upcoming LHR-PER-SYD may become a contender, at least for convenience, to most of Australia.

air travel – Wrong billing address when booking flights

Billing address is strictly for billing. If they issued the ticket, you are fine.

For most vendors, the credit-card company gives them progressively lower rates as they collect more information, so if the vendor supplies your name and address, the transaction only costs them (for example) 1.8% but with the credit-card number, it’s 1.9%.

Once you have the ticket, only your name (and, if they are feeling enthusiastic, your birthday) matters.

air travel – EU passenger rights for change in departure time announced on short notice

No, you don’t forfeit your rights.

They notify you, so you can now cancel your travel (if the delay makes it no more useful, full refund) or just now you are informed, so you can plan better the arrival (e.g. cancelling or notify the hotel, transport, etc.). I really like when airline notify me in advance.

If you accept, you are still entitled for compensation. Or you can phone them, and ask for an alternate arrangement (in this case you will not get compensation, but if you negotiate). By phone, you may negotiate also more compensation, maybe lounge access on transfer airport, if you have a long layover. But make clear that this is extra to the compensation. Be nice. On phone (and email) you have just employees which are not responsible to the delay, and they could just become “robots” on the answers, if you are aggressive. So by being nice, you may get more willingness from they part, to help you further (unfortunately, this depends also on previous calls (not by you)).

If you don’t confirm, there is risk that they think you will not travel, so you have more probability to be on the overbooked passengers, so eventually more delays (but after 8.5 delays, there are not additional compensation (just compensation for long delays), but for the care (hotel, food they need to provide you).

So I would phone, and tell them I’m not totally happy, and I will look for better way to make the travel better, but I’ll still ask for compensation (but if the extra perks they give me are more valuable).

❓ASK – Are air drops worth it? |

Iv been paid once by an airdrop which we were supposed to mine and active the mining button for almost every 2 hours so thst was logical and offcourse i got paid, after that i was never paid out, so my guess do not rest under thrir trick, they are fake the ones propose u a big benefit, not worth it

air travel – Passing airport visa check before visa start date

If your flight departs fifteen minutes after your visa’s validity period begins, your only problem is that your visa won’t be valid when you check in. This shouldn’t be a big problem. It’s certainly acceptable to the visa authorities, but you might encounter an airline employee who is overly cautious. If so, point out that your visa is valid on arrival.

If your flight arrives fifteen minutes after your visa’s validity period begins, you have the same problem, but it’s more likely that airline employees might be overly cautious.

The other problem with the second case, of course, is that flights routinely arrive more than 15 minutes early. In that case, you can just wait until midnight.

But if you can reschedule your trip a day later, you will probably have a less stressful time of it.

air travel – Changing return leg only on a return flight

For my specific itinerary with United Airlines, one-way flight from A->B is 900$, and a return flight A->B->A is 1350$. They are offering free changes right now

I am pretty sure I will need to change the return leg because I don’t have fixed plans for the return yet.

My question is – How is the price for new ticket calculated if changing only the return leg of a flight? Should I a return flight since it’s cheaper (for a 2-way flight) or book only 1-way because the difference in airfare when rescheduling the return leg could be substantial?

boot – 2013 Macbook Air can’t get past grey screen

We were camping, I was trying to pull up a movie and it froze. It was completely unresponsive, I didn’t see the kernel panic message but I forced a restart by holding down the power button.
On booting again, it went straight to the “prohibitory symbol.” I forced another restart, and since then, the screen has just been grey. No Apple logo, nothing.
After 30-45 minutes, I get the flashing question mark folder.

I have reset the SMC and PRAM. Resetting the PRAM seems to work, it does the startup chime, the screen flashes, and then shortly after it chimes again. It didn’t help.

I can’t boot into recovery (Command-R), internet recovery (Alt-Command-R), or diagnostics (D). Safe mode (Shift) and single-user mode (Command-S) don’t work either.

I have tried booting off of a Lubuntu flash drive (Alt) and a SliTaz live CD via a USB CD drive (C); neither of those did anything either. If I leave it for a while, the flash drive will start blinking and the CD spins up, but the computer is still grey and unresponsive. I have a Mac at work, so I might try creating a bootable flash drive from that once I go back.

I’ve ordered one of their cursed pentalobe screwdrivers, does anyone know if this machine has diagnostic LEDs like the older iMacs? I’m thinking it’s definitely a hardware issue at this point but I don’t know how to move forward, I figure I can at least recover the SSD.

Thanks in advance, let me know if you need any other details. I haven’t seen anything like this before.

I think it was running 10.8 or 10.9 but I don’t know for sure, I haven’t really used it in a couple years. Model is A1466, EMC 2632.

wifi – iPad Air 2 doesn’t auto-join wi-fi

I am trying to figure out why my iPad won’t automatically reconnect to my home wi-fi after coming back home. I will have to go into Settings and manually connect to wi-fi. My iPhone SE (2020) and MBP both reconnect without any problems. I check the settings on the iPad and they are the same as on my iPhone.
I keep my wireless network hidden but if I allow it to be seen the iPad still doesn’t auto-join. What could be causing this problem and how do I fix it?

iPad Air 2 running 13.5.1
iPhone SE running 13.51

air travel – Covid flight refunds from reseller very slow

I had books a set of flights that were due to occur in early April.
When everyone started locking down the borders etc we cancelled them.
Most were through an airline directly, and were converted to credit immediately (could have pushed for refund but credit is fine as we still wanted to make the trip at some point).

One leg however was through a travel agent/reseller.
I think (my partner has the details), but I want to keep the question general anyway.

They emailed us back when we asked for it to be cancelled saying that it would be refunded, but that they are very busy with the volume of refunds they are processing and it might be a while.
We contacted them again a month later, and they said similarly they are very busy but to expect to hear from them in 6-8 weeks.
It has now been much more than that and have heard nothing.

I can keep emailing them, but is there anything in particular I should be saying?
Do I have a certain right to a refund that i should be highlighting?
Should I attempt to solve this though my travel insurance? I have a year round travel-insurance policy taken out long before Covid.