air travel – Booking flight tickets for someone in another country? First time flying

The main catch for buying tickets for other people is credit card requirements: quite a few airlines require either that they present the physical card at check-in, or a specific authorization from the credit card holder (you). So if possible, it’s easier to let them pay (or book yourself using their credit card), then reimburse.

Other than that, it’s the same as booking any other ticket. You need to provide their details (passport etc), of course, and should provide their telephone/email as at least one contact point. For most airlines all you need these days is the booking reference (PNR) and matching ID, but carrying a print-out never hurts.

thunderbolt – Will the M1 MacBook Air (2020) ever support eGPUs?

There have been some rumors and discussions around M1 Macs and eGPU support. Some say M1 Macs won’t support eGPUs because Apple said so, others say they might because they noticed M1 Macs can detect and drive a display through a Thunderbolt eGPU.

These findings lead to believe the missing piece for external hardware acceleration is “just” a software driver made for ARM chips, which could ship as a macOS update.

Since I know very little about writing drivers, and since these discussions are several months old, I must ask: how likely are we to get eGPU support in M1 Macs (and specifically the MacBook Air)? How much work is required to port a GPU driver to a new CPU architecture? Would such an update also require new GPUs (maybe made in partnership with Apple)?

(Asking because I have a very nice Thunderbolt eGPU that I used with an Intel Mac mini and wondering whether I should sell it or hold onto it)

macos – How can I remove this type of virus from my MacBook Air? No solution in Google

I don’t know why a have this virus. Recently I was trying update mi MacBook Air to BigSur, but 3 hours later this MessageBox appear to me, I was trying to find solution on Google but I didn’t find it. I trying to install several Antivirus but literally I can’t, perhaps is the virus that don’t allow me do that. At this time I turn off the wifi. Someone knows where can I find that file? What can I do?
enter image description here

enter image description here

air travel – If I am going from Shenzhen to HK airport for an outbound flight, what are the covid specific rules and what airlines can I actually fly with

I am aware that sky pier and ferry service are open for SZ to HK at the moment, but not sure about the exact procedures and eligible airlines. The part of “upstream check in services” from the HK airport announcement confuses me a bit, since i have never used the pier before and I have no idea what is what there.

link to the announcement:

m325 mouse and the apple mac book air

I have bought a m325 logitech mouse and I have paired it to an apple macbook air and the buttons and wheel are backwards. I was wondering how to fix this problem. Please help

air travel – Is there any physician at SFO who issues fit-to-fly certificates?

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, to be authorized to board the plane, some countries require a COVID-19 RT-PCR test done than 48 or 72 hours prior to the departure of the flight, followed by a fit-to-fly certificate that must be signed by a physician. This makes it a bit tight to obtain a fit-to-fly certificate in time, especially if the COVID-19 RT-PCR test results take a while to be sent to the passenger. Is there any physician at SFO who issues fit-to-fly certificates?

power management – Disable Fans on MacBook Air 2019

Apple sure has listened to this market segment. I would trade that Air for a MacBook (one) or the new Air. Silent running is such a rare pleasure for many portable computers.

I also strongly endorse never disabling fans on gear that depends on them for cooling.

air travel – Can one cancel the return flight with Qatar Airways and if so, what is the fee? (mirror) states:

(Applicable for tickets issued up to 30 April 2021.) You also have the option to refund the unutilised value of your ticket to the original form of payment with no penalties or refund fees.

Assume a passenger purchase a round-trip ticket with Qatar Airways before 30 April 2021. Can the passenger cancel the return flight with Qatar Airways and if so, what is the fee if any?

I’m interested to know when the return flight is canceled before the passenger took the departure flight, as well as when the return flight is canceled after.

air travel – Can I use my TWIC card as my photo ID to fly from Philadelphia to Las Vegas?

I live in the United States and I’m traveling from Philadelphia International Airport to McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. My passport has expired and I have misplaced my driver’s license. I am trying to save money and time by using my Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC Card) as my photo ID to board the plane.

It was issued to work at the power plant, which is located in the port. Anybody working at any port in the US needs this card to be able to enter it. Applying for it is similar to applying for a passport. So it is not an easy credential to obtain. There is a little chip in it that is like a SIM card and has everything the government would want to know about me on it. It is a federally-issued card and has my photo on it.

Will I be able to use this to board the plane, or will I have to deal with the long lines at the DMV and get a new license made?

battery indicator on MacBook Air?

why doesn’t the MacBook Air has a battery indicator on the device like MacBook Pro? I am used to MacBook Pro having it turned off but knowing if the battery is full or not. what about Air?