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Zomex has been providing premium web hosting templates and related services since 2009! Our templates are available in many formats, including WHMCS, WordPress, HTML, Blesta and Clientexec. We also provide web hosting, design services that include logos, banners, pets and WHMCS / WordPress / Blesta / Clientexec services. Our affiliate program allows you to earn a commission for the sale of each product / service we offer, best of all, our affiliate program is completely FREE!

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– WHMCS Templates – $ 10.00 commission
– WordPress Themes – $ 15.00 commission
– HTML Templates – $ 7.00 commission
– Blesta Templates – $ 7.00 commission
– Clientexec Templates – $ 7.00 commission
– Email templates – $ 4.99 commission
– WHMCS modules – $ 1 – $ 3 commission


– WHMCS configuration – $ 4.00 commission
– WHMCS Integration – $ 4.00 commission
– WHMCS update – $ 4.00 commission
– WHMCS Security – $ 4.00 commission
– WHMCS installation – $ 1.00 commission
– Logo design – $ 5.00 commission
– Banner design – $ 3.00 commission

Affiliate Program Features

We offer one of the best affiliate programs for web hosting templates, join today and get access to the best resources:

Many affiliate tools

—- awesome banners
—- more than 40 links to several landing pages (includes demo, sales page and payment page of all templates)
—- Ready-to-use HTML integration code: Instantly display the templates on your website. The code generates a complete professional and responsive template grid with a preview of each template, learn more, watch the demo and order the buttons now!
—- Partner page – New! – Your own page on Zomex.com complete with your logo. All links on your page are affiliate links, so you will earn a commission for any purchase made from your page. This is a very fast and easy way to promote our templates and services to those of your customers.
—- Replace the Zomex logo with yours on our entire website when a reference visits Zomex.com through your affiliate link.
– Reports and statistics in real time
– Fast and reliable payments
– Free to join
– Free support for affiliates, including the implementation / integration of our tools

Provide reseller accommodation?

Do you offer reseller accommodation? Every reseller needs a high quality website to help you resell your web hosting successfully. That's where Zomex comes in, your customer can use our premium web hosting templates to improve your commercial website and grow a successful business. As an arbitrator, it will not only help your client find us, but also make up to $ 15 / sale.

We also provide services that are vital for any new web hosting reseller including WHMCS installation and configuration, reseller account automation, logo / banner design, WHMCS modules and much more. All this add extra value to your reseller hosting offers to ensure that your customers make the best use of their reseller account and continue renew month after month.

The key to the best affiliate programs is the best products and support. As of 2009, we offer some of the best web hosting templates available and we are known for providing excellent support that has no comparison in the industry. We have also spent a lot of time developing the free version. tools and options for our affiliate program.

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We look forward to hearing from you

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to answer this thread or create a sales ticket, you can also contact us by email:

sales department in sales (at) zomex com

or contact me personally at jack (at) zomex com

Thank you for showing interest in our services and have a great day!

a cordial greeting
Jack Curtis – CEO

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Hostslim Affiliate Program: Pay while you wait!

We have just launched our new affiliate program on HostSlim with many benefits!

What we offer?

– Flat rate of your affiliate sales (10%)
– Pay whenever you want (no minimum deposit)
– Marketing elements
– Powerful control panel
– Multi language

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We have just launched an affiliate program on our website!


We have a website related to design that has been active for almost four years. Only recently have we added a store, where we sell our design resources (fonts, models, graphics, etc.). So far we have only sold it on different sites (CreativeMarket, THJPEG, etc.).

To start promoting and increasing our sales, we have thought about adding an affiliate program, since we have always loved the concept and have been using it for years.

Commissions are up to 30% per sale, and you can get a little more in our affiliate program page.

This has just been launched and will continue to be updated with features, resources for better performance, tutorials and much more.

We would love to see you all as part of our affiliate program and if you have any questions, feel free to ask here in the public thread. This way, if someone else has the same question, you can find the answer.

Here is another link to our affiliate program, in case the first one has been lost.

These are the products that will be promoted!

Thank you all!

What file hosting with the affiliate program does not delete the files due to DMCA?

I was wondering if there is a proven file host that doesn't delete files and also has a PPS affiliate program.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you

Any good movie streaming affiliate available?

Hello everyone, we have few torrent sites that get an average daily page view of 40K-60K and I verified that the maximum number of visitors is downloading movies, so I'm thinking that if there are any affiliates of movie streaming available, such Once I can win something else! If you know anything, could you suggest me?

Quick and dirty test of an e-commerce store or Amazon affiliate idea

If you want to try an idea for an e-commerce store focused on mobile devices (or an Amazon affiliate store), it cannot be encoded, but you want to customize the positions of photos, designs and texts, what tool would you use to build an MVP site: Wix, Shopify (that is, using PageFly), WordPress (using a constructor) or something else?

How can I use affiliate marketing | Forum Promotion

Clickbank is the best way to go in affiliate marketing. However, if you are looking to promote and sell your product, you must diversify your choice, such as online promotions and offline promotions. You can social networks for this purpose.

I would like to join your affiliate program, but I have few conditions: | Proxies123.com

My porn forum https://shadow-ads1984.clan.su/forum
I would like to join your affiliate program, but I have few conditions:
1) Porn video must be allowed.
2) Add a payment system for Capitalist outgoing capital https://capitalist.net
3) I want to be able to always withdraw money to the payment system exactly the amount that I could get (suppose from the smallest rate plan), I don't want to save several sales in my account, I want to withdraw money immediately after receiving the first sale (I am even according to a small cash retention (withhold no more than seven days) if necessary).
4) Unlimited space (or at your discretion)
5) I need the remote file download, it should be in working condition.
6) I need the status of the premium for a period of six months per year.
7) My files must be stored forever until the end of the premium status (except Abuse and Dmca), if the premium status does not affect file retention, then I do not need the premium status.
8) Percentage of sales and invoices 50 out of 50.

If you can meet all these conditions, I agree to join your affiliate program.


Where can I make a publication about the affiliate program?

Hi, where can I make a publication about the affiliate program with all the details?