How to order the rows in numbers without affecting the formula?

I have a table with a basic formula:

enter the image description here

The seventh column (1038€94) is calculated with the formula 1133€34 - 94€40 + (empty cell). In other words, the seventh column is calculated by (value in the row above) - (value of the 4th cell of the row) + (value of the 5th cell of the row).

All rows have the same formula in the seventh column.

The first column is a date. If I choose to sort the rows by this date, the formula breaks because Numbers maintains a pointer to the cells before sorting the data:

enter the image description here

Is there a way to sort the rows without breaking the formula? Or make the formula use the cell above without specifying the line in the formula?

Thank you

Routing: NATing with iptables + OpenVPN without affecting the host

I am looking to take advantage of a Linux device as a default gateway, routing traffic outside the host through an OpenVPN connection without impacting hosts route the internet. I don't want traffic to leave the host through the VPN, just that traffic that comes from other devices.

I have correctly configured NATing, I have traffic from devices that use my host as a default gateway exit using any default route on the host (for example, if the VPN is open, it goes through the VPN, if not it is like this, it goes through the host a normal Internet connection, with the host as an additional jump in traceroute)

However, I cannot configure this correctly so that the OpenVPN connection do not impact the host network Y have the host route gateway traffic through the OpenVPN interface

Things I did:
– Configured and verified IP forwarding that works
– I was able to stop the OpenVPN update of the default route on the host with route-nopull Y pull-filter ignore redirect-gateway

I suppose there is a dynamic part of this (extract the route information from the open vpn configuration), or hopefully a "no, really, just apply these routes to the NAT traffic flag / configuration".

Network Configuration:

  • Internet access is through a boring router without sophisticated capabilities
  • Linux device (Raspberry Pi) connected to the network, running ufw, iptables, openvpn
  • Other connected devices, some of which I want to manually configure your default gateway for the Linux device
  • Subnet is

Reports of an extraordinarily serious security problem affecting Windows

Partial update, it seems that Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 are affected.

The | AMD Epyc | AMD Ryzen 3/5/7/9 | Intel i3 / i5 / i7 / i9 | Intel Xeon | ARM devices |
The | Custom Server Compilations The | Server repair The | Server updates The | System and network administrator The |

7 – How can I remove the Features modules from a site without affecting the functionality?

I inherited a site that makes intensive use of features, and this limits what I can do to permissions and creates dependencies that would not otherwise exist. Something as simple as turning off the overlay becomes a mystery.

Is there any way to eliminate these functions and return control to the database and to the dependencies declared in the non-function modules? I would certainly like to be able to adjust the permissions by visiting the usual permissions user interface and making the change as usual.

I see that there is a Feature Tools module that seems relevant, but it doesn't seem to address things like roles and permissions. And it is a bit daunting to think that an additional module might be necessary just to remove the features of a site.

php – How to count how many times a column is repeated in a SELECT query without affecting the resulting query in MYSQL?

I came across this case, I hope you can help me, I would like to know if it is possible to gather the data in a single MYSQL query but without affecting the resulting query, for example:

A table of students with the following fields:

Name, last name, kind

Juan, Arias, R1
Daniel, Garcia, R2
Pedro, Valencia, R4
Valeria, Muñóz, R2

The question is how many times the field 'kind' it is repeated, that is to say if I carry out the query:

select * from estudiantes

To bring

nombre, apellido, tipo, R2, R1, R3
Juan,  Arias,     R1    2,  1,  1
Daniel,  Garcia,  R2,   2,  1,  1
Pedro,  Valencia, R3,   2,  1,  1
Valeria,  Muñóz,  R2,   2,  1,  1

So in this way I would know that in the query that the type was made R1 repeats 1 time, the guy R2 is repeated 2 times and the type R3 It is repeated once.

I thought about doing the sums for items already having the query or from jquery already getting the data, but the problem is not known how many types of students will be in the bd, they could be from R1 until R9 Or until RN and that takes away that possibility.

From now I appreciate your contribution, I hope your help, thanks!

Dungeons and dragons: how can I curse the soul of a PC for killing his last character without affecting his game too much?

In the last session, a character died, another player did not like his character and after the first death he tried everything he could to commit suicide (but failed because the group cured and impaled him).
In order not to encourage this behavior, I want to put a curse on the soul of his new character, since committing suicide is & # 39; dishonorable & # 39 ;, but I don't know what the consequences of this should be.
His new character is a sorcerer who specializes in healing, and his patron is a good legal black sun that idealizes honor, justice and order. – Write LaTeX formulas with MathJax on the WordPress site: the simplest way (possibly without affecting header.php)?

I am trying to add some mathematical formula using LaTeX in the mathematical part of my site, I already installed MathJax, and I can see it from my configuration. However, when I try to edit the previous site with Elemenator, I have trouble displaying the math.

This is what I tried: then I edited it with Elementor, then I first selected the "Text Editor" widget and then "Custom HTML", and tried to write the following:


(math) sqrt(2) (/math)

… but none of them worked. I searched the Internet and see that from here:, we have to go to Appearances -> Editor (it doesn't exist anymore, I guess it's now called Theme Editor ) —> go to the "Theme files" drop-down list —> select "header.php". And then, just before the end of the label, we must insert

And doing so would "enable" MathJax with the input of TeX and MathML. But I'm too scared to change the header.php, in case I break my site. Is there a simulator solution? It is important to keep in mind here that, I am not making a publication with mathematical symbols, but I am writing at

I would really appreciate a step-by-step response with examples! Thanks in advance!!

seo – How can I determine if the speed of my site is affecting my conversions?

I need to convince my team that our loading times are too high. Load times for / cart are approximately 10 seconds and load times for individual pages are approximately 6 seconds. I have seen all the studies on why your website should load in less than 3 seconds. However, it seems that I cannot identify in Google Analytics the proof that slow loading times are affecting my conversions.

I have analyzed year-over-year speeds against bounce rates, bounce and departure rates month by month, pages per session during periods when loading times are high, etc.

There is so much data that seems to contradict each other. Sometimes, a significantly longer load time has no impact on the pages per session or the output rate. In addition, this is a high traffic retail website.

So, the question is: What metrics can I use to show that slow page load times are affecting our end result?

Permanently move a domain to the subdirectory without affecting SEO, Google Analytics

I have a WordPress website and it has almost 22,000 blog posts run with SEO google analytics over the past 6 years, all content is scattered across almost all social networks and linked to many websites.

The problem is that I am planning to start a new news aggregator site with the same previous web address. I want to move old blog content to the subdirectory, that is /blog and I want to run the same previous blogging without affecting SEO. I also want to run the new startup aggregator site in the base domain.

I tried redirects 301 updating the .htaccess file and I couldn't get the desired result.

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