After installing w3 Total Cache front end changes not affecting

I installed w3 total cache and when ever I tried to change anything on the styleshee nothing changes after a pretty long time the changes got effected i deleted the plugin uninstalled it but still it’s the same don’t know what to do can anyone help me out to sort it out with the issue I don’t know what is going wrong.

seo – Interactive links from AMP to non-AMP without affecting crawl budget

I am maintaining a website with several million pages of user generated content.

On each page, there is a calculator implemented allowing people to press a (+) or (-) button to increase or decrease a value. This calculator will show the result in real time using javascript.

Now we are reworking our AMP pages and try to keep them as close to the non-AMP versions as possible. However, we currently cannot implement this javascript calculator on AMP for several reasons.

Therefore, we are thinking about including the (+) and (-) buttons on the AMP page as links to the non-AMP version with a GET param in order to show the calculation result on the non-AMP page.

We are afraid though that this will affect our crawl budget since Googlebot will most likely follow these two buttons for each of the millions of AMP pages.

Is this fear justified and if so, how to handle this situation? Thank you very much!

We have considered the following options:

  • use a simple POST form with a submit button for each (+)/(-) button – but according to several sources, Googlebot will often follow simple POST forms as well, so this appears not to be a solution
  • use a hash tag instead of a GET param (and handle it with javascript) – but Googlebot seems to index links with hash tags as well – therefore no solution
  • use a GET param and tell google to ignore it in the search console – but it seems like this feature is not reliable and outdated anyway

starfinder – Can a Solarian’s ability to enter a Stellar Mode take into consideration conditions affecting her?

Here’s the full text:

When you’re not in combat, you can’t enter a stellar mode. This ability manifests only in high-stakes situations, when your training takes over and connects your mind to the universe. There needs to be some risk to you for your stellar mode to activate, so you must be facing a significant enemy. If there’s any doubt about whether you’re in combat or able to access your stellar mode, the GM decides. This also means that your stellar mode might end before what was previously a dangerous battle is over, once all that remains are dregs that don’t pose a real threat to you.


In general, a creature with a CR less than or equal to your character level – 4 is not a significant enemy.

Your quote contained most of that sentence but omitted the text “in general”.

If a character is paralyzed, then a CR1 ghoul is certainly a “significant enemy”. This is an exception to the general case described above.

You’ve described a situation where a character is paralyzed and then combat moved into the next room. In this case it’s murkier, because the character isn’t actually “facing” anyone at all. The combat isn’t over, and the character is certainly still in danger — but we shouldn’t allow characters to activate their abilities just on the basis that there are enemies nearby.

On the gripping hand, one of the main purposes of GM discretion is to make sure the game is fun!

In the situation you’ve described, your solarian player is definitely not having fun. They’ve been paralyzed, sidelined, and left out of the combat. The player turns to you and says: “well, that’s pretty awful. But at least I can keep building attunement, right?”

In this situation, the right thing to do is show mercy. Let them squeeze at least a little bit of silver lining out of the awful situation they’re in. It won’t cost you anything, and they’ll have more fun in your game.

wordpress – What is the correct way to use image in place of the H2 tag without affecting the SEO ranking in a bad way?

I’m designing a WordPress post template where I have more than one section on the page each section has a picture as it’s main heading.

my question here is what is the best practice to implement this without affecting SEO since I’m replacing the H2 tag with an image?

I’m considering doing one of these solutions

<h2><img src="" alt="the second section title"></h2>

or like this

<h2 style="display:none">the second section title</h2> 
<img src="" alt="the second section title"> 

which one is better? and is their any better solution to approach this?

How to delete a google sheets row without affecting formula references

My question if you can help is about google sheets getting values from a google forms.
i’m using the query function to get the populated rows once you submit your answer, the problem is that if I delete a row, the the reference used in the formula changes, actually it increment by 1 what gives a black cell, and if i decrease the refertence I get the data. can we delete a row without affecting the references?

here the form link:

here the spreadsheet:

if you use the form, the spreadsheets is populated and the result is in the result sheet, but if i delete all data in FormResponce1, and fill the form again, it works fine with the FormResponces but the result sheet is empty
Thank you,

Is it possible to uninstall the Google Play Store without affecting Google Play Services?

I have a rooted Samsung Galaxy a50 with a stock ROM installed. However after using an app (System App Remover) to uninstall Google Play Store (I removed the Google App also) – many apps simply crash on load and I am familiar with the App won't run without Google Play services, which are not supported by your device error. Perhaps I’ve forgotten something else that might come into play (I rooted this device a while ago) but reading around it seems these apps are somewhat tethered together and the way to separate them is not entirely clear.

I am confused because I still have GmsCore.apk, GoogleServicesFramework.apk (not Phonesky.apk) in /system/priv-app, so I’m unsure as to exactly what the problem might be.

I’m aware that to do this right will almost certainly require a re-flashing my phone, but at this stage I still feel I’m just firing into the dark so if anyone has some light to shed on the right path it would be very much appreciated.


I want to remove the Google Play Store without affecting apps that rely on Google Play Services. Is this possible/reasonable to achieve with a stock ROM on a rooted phone?

dnd 5e – Does casting the Polymorph spell on a creature break an active Warding Bond spell affecting that creature?

We had a recent event in our campaign where our Warlock cast the Polymorph spell (PHB, p. 266) to change another player into a Giant Ape.

I had the Warding Bond spell (PHB p. 287) cast on the player that was polymorphed. My question is about the mechanic of Warding Bond interacting with Polymorph.

Since the protection provided by Warding Bond is dependent on both the caster and creature wearing a platinum ring, does casting Polymorph on a creature break an active Warding Bond affecting that creature?

magento 1.9 – Emojis in the email subject line without affecting the database

I am using emojis in unicode format in my transactional emails, this as # 128588 (🙌)

Everything looks good in the Magento backoffice, but the emojis don't show up the right way in the subject line in Gmail (and most platforms).

The most popular solutions require applying modifications to the database encoding.

How can I solve this without doing anything to my database?

Safely uninstall SQL 2014 without affecting SQL 2017 installation

As the title says, we have two instances of SQL installed on one server: SQL 2014 and SQL 2017 with Server 2019 as OS. I tried to perform an update from 2014 to 2017 several months ago, but we ran into a lot of issues that forced us to install 2017 as a separate instance.

While we are no longer using 2014, it is causing problems for monitoring, throwing false positives on SQL. Not running. Therefore, it is time to uninstall it to avoid unnecessary actions due to false positives.

One concern that arose from a colleague was dependencies that SQL 2017 may have reused from the 2014 installation that could be inadvertently removed during uninstallation. You are not immediately sure what might be affected, and online searches are not clear enough.

Can anyone give me some recommendations or ideas on how to safely uninstall without affecting the instance of SQL 2017 in use?

COVID-19 affecting the online community

The COVID-19 virus has economically paralyzed many industries, dropshipping and e-commerce are not immune. My website, like many others, is experiencing the same problems, what are some alternatives to do? In the meantime, any suggestion will be highly appreciated.