dnd 3.5e – Do potions affect the walking dead?

Do potions affect the walking dead?

Specifically, I am seeing if an ettin zombie can benefit from Amaranth Elixir (from the Shackled City adventure road), which provides additional strength enhancement and damages wisdom. However, I plan to treat Amaranth Elixir as a potion, so I think this question is generalized.

I cannot quickly find anything that suggests that the walking dead are not subject to potions, but I have an unwavering intuition that this should not work …

dnd 5e: if PC statistics increase due to an element that does not specify other effects, does it affect other statistics?

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Does backlinking to an IP address affect all domains hosted on it?

If I make a link that points to a shared hosting IP address, does it have any effect on all domains hosted on it?

Does the link to an IP address affect all domains hosted on it?

If I make a link that points to a shared hosting IP address, does it have any effect on all domains hosted on it? Thank you :]

equipment damage: does a large scratch on an ND filter affect image quality?

I noticed a 10-stop ND filter used for sale, exactly the size I want, at a price of 15% of a new filter, except with shipping, is 21% of the price of a new filter with shipping.

The capture? It has a scratch that begins approximately from the center of the filter and ends near the edge. The length of the scratch is 1/3 of the diameter of the filter. The thickness of the scratches is very thin, so the area it covers is infinitesimal (so I really don't think it affects the 10-stop classification of the ND filter at all). However, it is immediately visible every time you see the filter, so it is a big scratch.

Does such a scratch affect the image quality in any way? I understand that it can cause great damage by scratches on the front element of the lens and still the image quality is acceptable in most cases. Is the same true for ND filters?

I will not use the filter in cases where the sun is included in the image. In addition, I will use a lens hood with the filter. But, I could be using the filter with f / 22, and with such a small aperture, I understand that invisible scratches around f / 5 could become visible.

At the cheap price, the inner voice in my head says "GET IT !!!" But is there something I don't understand about the state of the filter?

How the additional budget amounts will affect metrics

I am looking to provide an analysis on what an additional expense of 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 will have on my account and I am perplexed on how to calculate everything together. I extracted the last 4 months of data, set it up in an Excel sheet and added additional columns for Available Impressions, Incremental Impressions, Incremental Clicks, Incremental Cost and Incremental Conversions.

For example, the current account budget I am working with each month is $ 22,780. I want to know what the metrics / performance would look like if we spent $ 22,780, $ 26,780 and then $ 31,780 (increments of 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000) based on the historical data I have from the last 4 months. I am currently using the following formulas:

Incremental impressions = Available impressions * IS lost (budget)
Incremental clicks = Incremental impressions * Stable CTR
Incremental cost = Incremental clicks * Stable CPC
Incremental conversions = Incremental clicks * Stable conversion rate

Can anyone help me and explain how I would determine incremental conversions, impressions, clicks, IS, etc.? I'm not even sure if we can calculate any of this. I know these would be total estimates, but any idea about this would be extremely useful! Thank you!

Lens: does the maximum aperture affect the quality of the photo even when shooting with a smaller one?

Any broken bottle of f / 4 or higher will stop at f8.

Certainly, there is a difference when it comes to phenomena such as flare, coma, spherical aberration, spherochromatism, low contrast, etc., which pursue, especially non-primary, cousins ​​when they are completely open. They will often be better corrected in, for example, a 50 mm f / 1.4 in f / 2 than a "native" 50 mm f / 2. Of course, it always depends to some extent on what you are comparing.

In addition, you can focus with the lens open, which will improve the AF performance for many systems and facilitate MF (or provide you with a searchable image of the searcher in ALL situations with very low light!).

Note that some effects that depend on an opening stop in the form of an opening stop (for example, solar stars, many bokeh factors) will also be different …

Indian citizens – Help, my Canadian student visa was rejected. How do I address the visa officer's concern? Will my application affect if I apply to another country?

Thank you for your interest in studying in Canada. After a careful review of your study permit application and supporting documentation, I have determined that your application does not meet the requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations ( IRPR). I refuse your request for the following reasons:

• I am not satisfied that you leave Canada at the end of your stay, as stipulated in subsection 216 (1) of the IRPR, depending on the purpose of your visit. You can resubmit an application if you can address the concern. new requests accompanied by a new processing fee

Linguistic skills: I presented my IELTS test report and obtained a total of 7 bands with 8 in reading, 7.5 in listening, 6.5 in speech and 6.5 in writing. The requirement for the SDS visa is 6 bands.

Previous education: I finished my high school recently and had Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as my main subject on days 10 and 12. I was admitted to the degree in computer science and met the requirement to enter the course.

Travel history: I recently turned 18 and I really did not have the opportunity to travel in childhood, so I have no history of travel to any country.

personal establishment, financial capacity and links with the country of origin: I showed the amount needed to complete my study and the cost of living. I also showed the proof of income.


About the course
I have been accepted into the Bachelor of Science program at Memorial University, NL,
Canada. It is a four-year course and has a wide range of major and minor subjects.
choose and pursue according to one's interest. The B.Sc program also gives me a
Option to take Computer Science as a specialty that has always fascinated me. If I speak
About the world of computers and their applications, it has taken our world by surprise.
Especially, in a growing economy like India, it is playing a fundamental role in the provision of
Innovative and efficient solutions to our problems. The specialization in Computer Science has a
Powerful in India. There is a wide range of software and applications that are
There are in the market and they have made our lives much easier. I can give an example of
platforms like Flipkart, Uber, Ola, Amazon, Zomato, etc., that have provided jobs for many
while providing efficient services to consumers. For example, the food delivery application as
Zomato has given work to many people and has given business to many restaurants. That
He has also put on the map those restaurants that nobody until recently knew.
Similarly, Uber and Ola have made transportation much easier, requirements decreased.
of public transport.

Future plans
Regarding my goals for the future, I plan to take what I learn in Canada and apply it to
The industry in my native country. The industry is growing rapidly and shows excellent results.
potential, but compared to other more advanced countries, it is still in its relative
childhood. As I study and get a degree in Canada, I hope to have the experience, the
perspective and experience necessary to take our industry to a new era. I want
Use Canada's knowledge and experience to get a job in India.

Why is Canada my final destination?
It is a fact that Canada is a final destination for studies, since it has a higher level.
Educational system with high standards. The education provided in Canada is global
Recognized. The education system is based on new ideas, practical knowledge and
Career-oriented training that is really useful for locating in reputable companies.
Especially, the title of a Canadian university has great value in India and in India
Companies Canada also offers a safe environment for students and welcomes
International students with warm hands.

About Memorial University
The national ranking of commemorative universities is ARWU National (21–24), QS National (22–25),
Times National (19–21). This university has a holistic approach to learning and
The importance for the educational, cultural and social aspects shows its dedication to
His students; A dedication that would honor me to receive. They are very involved
in student success and participation in the city community and society in general. TO
Memorial University meets more than 18,000 students from more than 100 countries
to discover. As one of the top 20 research universities in Canada, Memorial has more
from 30 research centers and received more than $ 100 million in research funds in
2016-17. Provides advanced practice practice on practical implementation and status
cutting-edge facilities I think I will have a great overall growth while studying in this

Financial support

My parents are the government. employees who still serve as teachers. They will support my education and other financial needs. I have attached your financial statements that include bank statements, ITR, fixed deposits, PPF for your kind reference. I already paid my fees to the university and also received my GIC certificate. I also had the medical exam. I also made the appropriate financial arrangements for my stay in Canada. To summarize, I am very hopeful that my application for the Study Visa will be kindly considered in order to pursue my dreams and achieve my goals. As I am the only child and I will take over my family's responsibilities, I also see this as a great opportunity to learn and support my family. I look forward to studying at Memorial University and continuing my career in India after four years.enter the description of the image here

dnd 5e – How would Hydra give a breath weapon to affect the balance of the game and the RC?

I wanted to bring to life a fight I am planning for my party by giving Hydra a Breath Weapon. I am flexible in detail, but the change would effectively be described as such:

Multi attack The hydra makes as many bite attacks or frost breaths as heads, but only one per head.

Frost breath (recharge 5–6 each head). The hydra exhales an icy explosion in a 30-foot cone. Each creature in that area must make a Constitution 12 DC save shot, receiving 12 (4d6) of cold damage in a failed save, or half damage in a successful one.

I took the breath of the Young White Dragon's weapon statistics, but significantly lowered the DC and the damage dice so that the Hydra can use it several times during a turn.

I am open to suggestions to make this more balanced, but how is it, how would this modification affect the Hydra CR?

How does range affect modifiers of difficulty of ranged attack?

The standard difficulty for a ranged attack on Star Trek Adventures is 2. Does this change as the scope of the target increases?