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Discussion in ‘Growing and Managing a Business’ started by Josh Olson, Apr 17, 2021 at 5:37 AM.

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    So I started a dairy farm and had to take a loan out for $250,000 to get started. I’ve been farming for 4 years now and am starting to pay off the debt. But my younger brother wants to farm for a living with me. I want him to be 50/50 owner will me but I can’t really just let him be partners with no contribution towards the start-up. He does work in his free-time full time in the summer and occasionally after school. I don’t pay him anything for working for me and he’s worth $15 an hour. Any ideas how I can let him be partners that’s fair to both of us? Keep in mind he is family.



    Josh Olson,
    Apr 17, 2021 at 5:37 AM

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Advice and suggestions for going walking?

I'm going for a walk tomorrow.
Any advice? I'll be walking between 20-50 metres, which is pretty much the same as 20-50 yards in US measurements.

I created Telegram channel about cricket betting and need advice

I created Telegram channel about cricket betting. The main focus – cricket betting, and little be side posts about casino games and slot machines (betting and casino is cross-products).

I know that in DigitalPoint must be are lot of people, who understand cricket. And may be you give me some advice about cricket betting and igaming content on channel.

Here is the channel

Thank you

Newbie need advice on modeling decision

I wanted to know how to decide between using 2d vs 3d models for games and what do major studios like halfbrick and king use in their 2d games also what are the advantages/disadvantages of using 3d/2d models in 2d games any feedback would be appreciated thanks!

parsing – Advice on writing S-Expression to JSON compiler that allow to extend the parser

I’m search for solution for the problem I have dumb simple Scheme to JSON compiler (in my Scheme in JavaScript interpreter). It just written my list structures (S-Expression) into JSON, the file is little bit bigger but using JavaScript built-in parser, it’s way much faster to load standard library that is written in Scheme.

My simple JSON compiler works fine, the problem is that in my interpreter I’m allowing to extend the parser, example is this simple code:

(set-special! "<>" 'x)

(define (x arg)
  `(vector ,arg))

(print <>10)

The evaluation work together with the parser each S-Expression is parsed then evaluated then next expression is parsed.

when evaluating it, it prints #(10) which is Scheme vector and in JavaScript it’s just Array.

The problem is that this happen while evaluating the code, set-special! change the parser and add new token <> that add hook to the parser that return vector.

When I’m compiling the code to JSON, I’m just parsing the code and not evaluating it, so function x is not known and new syntax is also not known, I would need to execute the code to know them since they are runtime.

And when I’m evaluating compiled JSON I’ve got exactly same code not (print #(10)), so it’s just normal symbol in the middle of the print. Also because this syntax is invoked by the parser, that is not invoked when evaluating the code, so I got error that symbol <> is not defined, in Scheme <> is normal identifier that can be variable, function or macro.

My question is how would you handle this case? What advice can you give me?

One note is that I don’t have proper expansion time for macros yet and all macros are executed at runtime, they are like functions that return code that is evaluated. When the code was only interpreted this didn’t matter much.

Will making this work require to write proper expansion time. I’m not sure how Common Lisp do this, since it have similar concept of compiler and reader macros that work like my syntax extensions.

website design – Advice on Displaying 24 Hour Opening

There’s a similar question but it doesn’t address the same issue so I have opened another.

I need to display opening hours to website visitors in a clear, easy to understand way. The business opening hours vary throughout the year and templates are used to populate times. The templates allow for adding open/close times (e.g. 8am – 5pm) or custom text (‘e.g. appointment only’).

some examples are below;

Template 1 (standard hours)
Mon 8am - 5pm
Tue 8am - 5pm
Wed 8am - 5pm
Thu 8am - 5pm
Fri 8am - 5pm
Sat 8am - 5pm
Sun 8am - 5pm

Template 2 (extended hours - open from 8am until 2am the following day, 18hours)
Mon 8am - 2am
Tue 8am - 2am
Wed 8am - 2am
Thu 8am - 2am
Fri 8am - 2am
Sat 8am - 2am
Sun 8am - 2am

Template 3 (24 hour opening - partial)
Mon 24 hours
Tue 24 hours
Wed 24 hours
Thu 24 hours
Fri 24 hours - closes 2am
Sat 8am - 2am
Sun 8am - 2am

I think Template 1 & 2 above are fine, users seem to understand these. The issue is with Template 3 – as they close for 6 hours between 2am and 8am during fri/sat and sat/sun.

Is there any better way to display this information to the user? I feel like fri/sat/sun could be improved somehow.

I’m not able to display a graphical representation to users, only times / text – however do have the ability to use 12 or 24 hour format.

customs and immigration – Damaged U.S Passport.. Need Help & Advice Please! (photos included)

I’ve been traveling for over 20 years. This is the first time my passport has accidentally taken a trip through the washing machine. I was so sad and even a bit upset at myself earlier today when I realized what I had done. What’s done is done.

I spent half the day reading information. I also called the toll-free passport customer support number. I looked thoroughly at the process for getting a new passport during COVID times. I’ll share what I found out today. I also want to get community feedback on the state of my passport and advice on what I should do.

Long story short.. I’m hoping to go overseas next month. I need my passport for going overseas. I’m not near any “passport center.” I’m at least a few thousand miles away. When I called passport customer support today, I was told that all in-person appointments are taken anyways for the foreseeable future. It’s unlikely that any would become available due to very limited appointments due to the COVID. OK.

The other option is to schedule at a USPS to submit my application. OK. I could do this. However, even if I spent an extra $60 (expeditated fee) + $18 (expedited shipping fee).. the wait times are still currently “8 – 10 weeks…” OK in my case that’s too long.. but this seems to be the only plausible option available to me. The total cost will be $110 passport + $35 handler fee + $60 expedited fee + $15 passport photo fee + $18 expedited shipping fee. That would be so I could get the new passport in about 2 months. This is very stressful. I need it faster but there isn’t any real option, and there aren’t any appointments in person.. and I also don’t live anywhere near a passport center. What should I do?

I’m disappointed a U.S passport can’t survive 1 light washing. It didn’t go through the dryer.. just 1 “delicate” cycle on the washing machine. It’s very disappointing to see threads coming off of it and the back cover torn in half just from this. The passports should be made more durable, especially when citizens have to spend over $200 getting one. There really should be more processing centers in this country.{/rant}

I want to share photos of the state of my passport right now after going through the washer. It seems the “bio page” (the most important page) is generally unscathed.. although I can’t tell (maybe because it’s still wet) but the colors look slightly faded (but not much). Most of the pages are slightly warped (it’s still not fully dry though). There are blue threads clearly coming off of the passport.. and this looks a bit bad. However, what looks the most bad is the back cover (the last photo).. which literally split in half. I don’t want to “alter” the passport.. so I guess I shouldn’t make any attempt to glue it back together? Rather just leave it how it is now. It seems as though the back cover wouldn’t be too important.. even though it does look bad that it’s split in half. The visas (some of them) are all old visas and stamps.. there is smudging and blurriness as you can see in the photo.

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Please take a look at the photos.. if you people can spare a few moments.. I really want to get honest feedback on whether this passport in it’s current state looks like something I could travel on. I want to get a replacement and brand new one.. but there aren’t any appointments.. and the shipping time for the new one even with the expedited fees would take too long. I forgot to mention that I don’t have any permanent housing.. and another problem is being concerned about shipping the new passport and receiving it.. so that’s another concern as well.

Ideally, I’d love to hear that this passport is still OK. But I also want to get honest feedback on what I should do.

Any advice is needed, thanks!

I have a bad memory of my colleagues’ birthdays and I often forget to congratulate them, especially now that we work remotely. This offends them and my relations in the work collective have deteriorated. How can I fix this? Any advice is needed, thanks!


Token advice needed!

Hello there! I have been actively studying cryptocurrency forums for two weeks and thinking about which currency to invest in. Many people advise to invest in start-up growing companies, I was interested in the Neurogress company. Maybe you can give me a few tips?