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QUOTE is a long-term, high-yield private loan program, backed by the Forex market and investment in various funds and activities.

Investment Plans:

2% daily for 60 days (+ main)

Our deposit:

16.08.19 09:48 Transfer Payment sent: USD 60.00 to account U19247128 from U1294xxx. Lot: 276195859. Note: Payment of the shopping cart. Deposit to User allhyips.


Minimum deposit: $ 10
Maximum deposit: $ 5000
Reference commission: 5%
Payments: Manual
Features: SSL, DDOS


Registrar NAMECHEAP INC NameCheap, Inc.

Dates 2 days old
Created on 08/14/2019
It expires on August 14, 2020
Updated on 12-31

Name servers
NS1.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 2,482 domains)
NS1.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 2,482 domains)
NS2.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 2,482 domains)
NS2.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 2,482 domains)
NS3.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 2,482 domains)
NS3.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 2,482 domains)
NS4.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 2,482 domains)
NS4.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 2,482 domains)
NS5.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 2,482 domains)
NS5.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 2,482 domains)
NS6.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 2,482 domains)
NS6.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 2,482 domains)


Seeking Placement and Advice from Los Angeles

Hello, I am looking for placement in Los Angeles and some general advice.

I run a business running a game server and selling microtransactions. I am currently renting a server for ~ 150 / month with an i7 6700k, 48 gb of ram and two 1TB ssds. I think it comes with 10TB B / W. The problem is that the host or DC are causing problems that result in downtime due to DDoS attacks. I have also been told that we have "always active" protection, however, every time we receive a DDoS attack and when one ends there are a few seconds in which everyone will lose the connection. I completed this so that it is not always on and it is the activation and deactivation of the mitigation. I decided that I wanted to build my own server and place it somewhere near where I live in Los Angeles. I am aware that I can send the server somewhere, however, for some reason, I feel more secure being close to where I can access. This would be my first time placing a server and not renting. I went ahead and spent ~ 6 hours contacting data centers and obtaining pricing information. I also searched here for a few hours and didn't find exactly what I was looking for.

What I think I need:
More than 10 TB in B / W (we currently use ~ 20 TB / m)
Gigabit connection
/ 28 IPv4
* somewhere * in Los Angeles / 2 hours drive from downtown Los Angeles
DDoS protection always active constant of at least 10 gbit / s

Here are the specifications of my server:

The discs are placeholders for WD Ultrastar 4TB, the NIC is a placeholder for Aquantia Aqtion Pro, the refrigerator is a placeholder for one of the Dynatron coolers and the chassis is SUPERMICRO CSE-813MTQ-600CB
My host said they would move to a new location that should solve my problems in about a week. Should I wait and trust them? They are a small business. I am not sure if it is a good idea to keep all my data with a company that might not be present next month.

The biggest problem I am having is with power. Why do all 1U spaces only come with ~ 200 watts of power? There are also expensive updates that make no sense. I am trying to do all this for ~ 150 / m. The main thing is why can't I find something that matches the price of what I have when I'm not even renting hardware, just a space to put the server? Do you have any recommendations? At this time, Quadranet looks good, except for the price at extra power. I understand that Los Angeles costs more than other places.

General advice and direction <3 would be appreciated

Do you need advice for domain redirection (htaccess, DNS, registrar)?


have 2 domains and

I need to redirect to

The developer's previous configuration redirects at the domain level to, but unfortunately in that case returns 404, since b / c there is no SSL configuration.

My question is how is it possible to configure the htaccess here so that you can redirect http to https without renewing the SSL in the previous domain (

P.S. What about redirection at the DNS level?

Brokers Advice

In order to lead a safe and profitable business life, without a doubt we operators have to choose in a regulated commercial corridor that guarantees their clients' funds. Only the regulated trading corridor guarantees the security of the funds in any deposit with a wide range of trading technologies.

You need advice on SystemX phone listeners and / or possible GSM listeners

I have a problem with what appears to be someone listening to my telephone conversations and I need some advice on the activity to try to identify what I am dealing with and where it is happening.

Without entering specific times and dates at this point, the configuration consists of a landline (my side of the call) and a mobile phone (the caller), with all calls made in the United Kingdom and without the use of Applications or VOIP.

The callers in question are located more than 100 miles away, and I don't remember the problem that occurs in landline calls to landlines (e.g: to service providers), but that does not mean that the problem is not present there either.

I can also confirm that the line-to-post connection is inaccessible without a ladder and that the post itself is adjacent to a busy main road, the same goes for line boxes.

I can say that an attempt is being made to intercept the call due to a strong double click and associated static noise as the interception is connected or disconnected (audible on both sides of the call, but not at the same time: I could hear the noises and then the caller can hear the same thing a minute later); So some of the questions I need to answer are:

  • Is this happening on the landline or GSM (if it is GSM, is this
    happening at the last mast closest to my local fixed line substation,
    placing the interception in my local neighborhood)?
  • Could a listening device attached to the main line of the pole produce this
    effect? – I've never tried this and I'm not sure if this even
    Be an option outside the expensive professional team.
  • Could this be happening at the local substation, the exchange or
    linebox? – I know that the lineboxes are easily accessible and that
    it is possible to connect devices to connection points in the box in
    order to monitor lines; but how about adding a remote switch in a
    substation or cash line?
  • Would GSM signal interceptions create double-touch noise? – That,
    For me, this is what I would expect when manually connecting the device to a
    line or in the case of remote switching equipment, not simply intercepting a signal (e.g: through an IMSI device or similar).

As a final note, I apologize for the bad keyword selections. Incredibly, there are almost no keywords (that I can find) that cover something of this nature.

You need some advice to start the OpenVPN sales system

I'm not sure if I'm really posting this in the right forum.
I just started the OpenVPN sales website. Technically, I have done almost everything: OpenVPN servers in 3 locations as a starting point, radio authentication system, accounting and billing with WHMCS.

My question is about the market and also the price plan.

1. Is the market still available and is it large? I think of 200 ~ 300 users for the starting point. Is it really available? What is the best way to advertise my website?

2. The second problem is the price. What is the most affordable price for users? For example the best price for the monthly plan?

Thanks in advance

I need advice

I know how difficult it is to find a good teacher and call him as quickly as possible. If you are interested in repairing sliding doors, I advise you to look for a teacher in your city, for example, on this site you can easily select the area you need. It is very convenient. You can also read comments about them on the Internet. So I always choose a teacher, if I need repairs in the house. I think this is really convenient. Usually, the teacher arrives the next day.

I need advice

What is the best way to clean the tiles in the kitchen?

United Kingdom family visitor visa rejected, need advice if you must reapply

We have recently applied for a family visit visa in the United Kingdom for our uncle who is 65 years old. Visa applied in New Delhi and refused.
We are baffled by the statement that ECA / ECO has received the bank statement and could read the account number but could not find the balance in it. I could understand if they said the scan quality was poor, therefore, they could not read the statement. In point 2, we also briefly explain in my uncle's letter of introduction that he uses the contractor for work and machinery for daily work. He is only responsible for the sale of the crop, taxes, the purchase of seeds and fertilizers and that will not happen until the end of October after his return to India, since the current crop is already planted.

I know that this is not a legal advice forum, but according to your experience, does it make any sense to reapply for the same updated bank statement with a letter from the branch manager indicating the balance and further clarification on the administration of your farm in his absence and letter of support from the contractor or not worth it since they made assumptions to Annex V a] and c] of the rules.

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Advice on the implementation of the website using Netlify and the command line

I am trying to implement a static website. Written mainly in html / css with a small javscript.

Originally, I was just going to upload it via FTP, Filezilla or something similar, but this seems like an outdated technology. I also wanted more control over the process.

I looked at Heroku and Digital Ocean in search of a cloud solution, but for a beginner like me, it's quite intimidating.

I found Netlify that looks good. Publish the code on Github and then implement the site through Netlfiy.

In the Netlify documentation there are all these references to the command line. I avoided Heroku, although I wanted to learn, because the command line was too confusing. I will learn the command line eventually, but now I want to keep it basic.

My question is this: is it necessary to use the command line to load a website or is it enough to do it through the Netlify online application?

In addition, in the Netlify application, they request basic compilation settings (see attached image). I have no idea what to put here. Is it acceptable to leave this blank? There is no Node.js or any background technology involved in my site.

Generally speaking, am I using the correct technique to implement my site here? How to upload my original code to Github and then implement it through Netlify? Is this a legitimate method? Or am I making a rookie mistake?

Everything seems to be working fine, I think I am right after a confirmation from more experienced developers that I am doing the "right" thing.

Thank you!!

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