Need advice please – large site hosting issue

Hello. We are a start up and we are selling one-off products. So we’re constantly adding and removing products. At present we have about 500 products and each one has multiple photos. As WordPress creates a ridiculous number of multiple sizes, we now have thousands images on our site. Checking the ftp folder, I can see up to 250 pictures per product even though we upload up 3 to 4 images per product.

We were hosting the site on Ionos unlimited web hosting but we filled up the space. Turns out that unlimited does not refer to the number of files. They told us to upgrade to their VPS XL package but didnt tell us that we would need to self manage it. This package allows 160GB and we were assured it would be ample. Well its only been a few days and its full. When this happens we can’t login to the backoffice or Plesk. Ionos think their Plesk backups are partly to blame. We angry that Ionos never mentioned we would need the skills to self manage to the VPS despite multiple discussions with various support staff. We will be cancelling this contract asap.

So we are looking around for better hosting. One problem is that my colleague who uploads the products doesn’t have time or the skills to edit every single image down to 72dpi. We use the Smush plugin to reduce the sizes but we are still left with thousands of big file images. We will be adding thousands of new products soon from a supplier so we really want ample space. We have also been unable to run any backup plugins because they all save a copy to the webspace and we don’t have the room. We want to be able to run regular backsup too.

Please can anyone recommend a cost-effective solution?

Advice wanted on finder a web hoster


Advice wanted on finder a web hoster | Web Hosting Talk
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  1. Advice wanted on finder a web hoster

    I was refered to this forum by another member

    Basicaly I took out a web name but now I need to upload .html and .jpg file and need a method of doing it. So any advice on finding a hoster to do it please?


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Need Advice


pricing – I’ll be doing a gallery show, any advice on how to price my photos?

You’ll need to price your photos at some multiple of their manufacturing costs. It might feel odd to charge $200 if something costs $50 to make but it isn’t. When you treat your photography like a business you soon realize that you have many other legitimate business expenses. Not even counting expenses like a new camera and lens (which you may have bought for personal, not business, reasons) but real honest, expenses of the gallery.

Let’s say you are selling your prints for $200 and they cost $50 to print, mat, and frame. You have $150 in profit on each print. Right? No! You need to look at the bigger picture.

What do you do about unsold inventory? In this example you have 9 photos in the show, that cost about $500 to produce. (Why not $450? Because you need to buy extra materials in case you ruin some doing the matting and framing. (I have ruined frame pieces, mats, glass and prints in my studio right now…)

So you sell 2 prints at $200 each. That’s $400 in income from the show and $500 in expenses. The show was a $100 loss for you. Even if you took the risky route and only bought materials for the 9 photos you still are at a $50 loss.

This might seem like a contrived example but it is real. I’m a gallery represented artist. My gallery owner promotes me heavily and my pieces sell well. However after 3 years I’m still showing a loss. The items I need to get under control are ruined framing materials but more importantly unsold inventory! I have a lot of “sure things” in my unsold print box.

Don’t let me dissuade you, I’ll keep doing this. But don’t think that even a bare print should sell for $20, please…

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all the www’s.url page title/forum/topic.php?id=15676
all the www’s.url page title/forum/topic.php?id=15677 … ad infinitum!

Would it be good practice to put a canonical back to the main page on each of the articles, or even a 301 redirect, even though the articles aren’t on the main page? I’m looking to target one page for promotion.


Need advice on

I booked a last minute non-refundable stay on but I had accidentally booked it in the wrong state. I immediately let know ad I tried to get a hold of the hotel but no answer. I had gotten a message from saying that they would work on getting my refund because they could see the it was in completely different state. I waited over a week and they tell me that the hotel themselves wouldn’t release the refund so they can’t refund me the money. Is this Fair? Is there any way for me to like get a credit towards another stay possibly? I just don’t want to feel like I wasted my money.

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