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Adding advertising to a website is important to generate money. However, there’s a correct way and a wrong way to add advertising to a website. You can actually do your site harm if you choose the wrong type of advertising for your site. There have been plenty of studies conducted that have asked people what type of advertising they prefer and what they hate and don’t want to see. There are a few advertising techniques that turn a person off and will make them leave your site immediately and never go back to visit again. If you want to avoid losing your visitors it is important to know what type of advertising you should place on your site and what type you should avoid

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What Type Of Advertising Should You Avoid?

  • Pop-up ads in front of the window
  • Ads that load slowly
  • Ads that deceive you to make you click on them
  • Ads that don’t have a way to close them
  • Ads that move the content on the page around
  • Ads that take up most of the pages
  • Ads that blink on and off
  • Ads that float around the screen.
  • Ads that play sound

Pop-up ads and ads that automatically play audio were the top complaints from people. Nobody hates more an ad that starts to play music when they are trying to read the content on the page. Furthermore, an ad that pops up on the page when they have been on the page and started to read the content. These ads are distracting and normally will block out the page so the ad is all the person can see.

Worst Pop-Up Ads:

  • Pop up ads that advertise singles websites.
  • Pop up ads that advertise how a person can grow their penis.
  • Pop up ads to find single women or men online.
  • Pop up ads that have unsavory content.

People are sick of pop-up ads and now have installed ad blockers on their computers. They feel that these types of ads should be banned and not allowed on websites. The use of ad blockers is growing at an astonishing rate. Not only do people hate pop-up ads and what is displayed on their screen, but they are also starting to dislike the website that allows these types of ads on their site. There are many online users who now boycott websites who use pop-up ads. They will go out of their way to tell everyone online what a horrible site this person has and to not visit the site. This is bad for a website owner and will destroy their rankings and credibility online.

What Kinds Of Ads Should You Use?

There is a lot of ads online that people can’t tolerate. However, people did indicate that there are a few ads and the way they are presented that are fine. If you want to add different ads on your site, you should add these types of ads that a user will accept and not reject.

  • Ads that will tell a person what to expect when they click on the ad.
  • Ads that relate to what a person does online.
  • An ad that clearly states and identifies themselves as an advertisement.
  • Different ads that give information about what is being advertised so the person doesn’t have to leave the page to see what is being advertised.

It is important to choose wisely the ads that are displayed on your website. This follows the guideline of usability. You need to make the user’s options as clear as possible, use plain language, and provide all the information that is necessary to inform your user.

Before accepting ads on your website it is necessary to avoid any ad that people hate and will boycott your site if they see these types of ads on your pages. Make sure you know what ads will be displayed on your site before signing up with the company. Avoid at all cost these 11 different ads that will cause you to lose your visitors and ranking.


advertising – Why some website are not availables in Google Ads Display Network?

I’d like to have my dynamic ads running on some website where i see these are displaying Google Ads, but when i go to edit the targeting preferences (display ads) to add them, i cannot find these websites, while digiting their domain, or URL or name.
Is there something i’m missing?

advertising – On Adsense reports, where can I see the pages of my website on which Ads where clicked?

A simple thing that I can’t, for the life of me understand.

On Adsense reports, where can I see the pages of my website on which Ads where clicked? I’d like to compare CTR, CPM, on a page-by-page basis or at least depending on the type of page (review, blog post, etc.)

How could I please find that? Thanks!

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This Service is designed for the following:

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Cryptocurrency/restricted by google Advertising


y u no do it?

Advertise virtually anything here, with CPM banner ads, CPM email ads and CPC contextual links. You can target relevant areas of the site and show ads based on geographical location of the user if you wish.

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advertising – How much Analytics/GTM tracking knowledge is reasonable to expect from a marketing specialist?

These days, there’s no shortage of folks willing to take your money to make create ads on Facebook (and others).
There does seem to be a shortage of people who are capable of measuring the results of those efforts.

This got me wondering: Who has the onus of setting up (and testing/maintaining) the appropriate tracking to measure success of ads? And is it reasonable to expect that the advertiser is capable of this, when in many cases it requires programming (javascript) and/or intimate knowledge of tools like Google Tag Manager.

On the one extreme, you have platforms like Shopify, where setting up a Facebook Pixel is literally point-and-click. All the heavy lifting of sending measurements back to Facebook is already done and it “just works”. That scenario is not the subject of this question.

On the other extreme (and this is the subject of my question), you have more obscure platforms like hotel booking engines, legacy webstores, or completely custom built platforms. On a site like that, you may not even have a DataLayer to work with. Even if you get lucky, you’d still need to know enough javascript to extract the relevant DataLayer values, then possibly more javascript to communicate them back to Facebook/Google/etc in a usable way.
I often see: some marketer comes in and creates a “tag” in GTM, pastes in a code snippet they got from Facebook, and thinks they’re “done”. But no attention is paid to piping through key details like order revenue amount, names/prices of items purchased, etc.. This leads to scenarios where it’s impossible to measure the success of ads because there’s no data. Or worse, it corrupts the good data already coming from a working implementation on another site! It’s as if they don’t even realize this is “a thing”.

It’s hard to fault them for this: they’re marketers, not programmers. On the other hand, any “professional” who isn’t able to measure/test/verify the result of their work is … well, not very professional I would say. Imagine a lawyer who writes a contract without proofreading it!

So my question is: Is it even reasonable to expect the person creating the ads to also be measuring the ads’ performance? Or should we just make it part of our workflow to always have a developer come in behind them and check their work?

advertising – Trouble diagnosing an AdSense Viewability / Active View issue

I’m having a viewability issue with a vertical Adsense placement (300×600 and under).

It’s a pretty standard above-the-fold, right column placement. The top of the placement starts around 200 px from the top of the browser window, so it’s a very visible placement. Easily the most visible on the site for desktop users.

The placement is hidden in mobile (by hiding the parent per current AdSense regulations) and doesn’t serve to mobile devices. (This is tested and confirmed, btw… so that’s not the issue).

The placement is currently scoring a meager 30% Active View in AdSense reports, which means it’s serving and not being seen — a lot.

Where else should I be looking to diagnose this problem? I’m pretty sure the viewability issue is negatively impacting RPM.

The site has excellent traction, with over 6 ppv and an average pageview time of nearly 1 minute. The bounce rate is a very healthy 33%. The CWV on the page are all healthy (Rather, as healthy as can be expected with a site running AdSense).

Anyone familiar with viewability / active view issues? Any thoughts on where else the issue could lie?


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