What is effective advertising way?

Can you suggest me that What is Social Media Advertising effective way should i choice for my business?


advertising – Is it legal for U.S. based websites to serve online gambling ads?

It seems like it is okay to do for now but is still a grey area. Here’s a good article that goes into detail about this:

Advertising Online Casinos – An Analysis of the Legal Rights and Risks


While the legality of online gaming
itself is still an open question as a
result of conflicting court decisions
and stalled legislation, the legal
issues relating to advertising online
gambling services are even more
obscure. One of the reasons is that
the power of the government to
regulate advertising of a particular
product or service is not coextensive
with its ability to regulate or ban
the same product or service.


The concept of Internet gaming
advertising raises a host of legal
issues that are dependant on a number
of factors, including the medium
chosen for the promotion and the
potential applicability of various
state and/or federal laws. The courts
will employ the same legal analysis
used to evaluate traditional gambling
advertising regulations, but under a
relatively new paradigm that is based
on the underlying premise that the
government’s power to prohibit or
regulate particular conduct does not
necessarily include the power to
prohibit or regulate speech about that
conduct.57 The traditional
justifications for imposing
restrictions on gambling advertising
may well be lacking in the context of
online gambling promotion. Virtual
casinos do not generate increased
prostitution or drug activity, and
have not been historically infiltrated
by organized crime. The inability to
effectively geographically limit the
target audience for online gambling
advertising may also impair the
government’s ability to
constitutionally restrict advertising
about online gaming services to areas
where it is considered a legal
activity. Thus far, the United States
government has not specifically
legislated in the area of Internet
gambling, let alone the advertising of
such services. While the various
states have touched on this subject,
or have enacted legislation which
appears to regulate or prohibit such
promotions, the validity of any such
laws as applied to virtual casinos is

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Selling – Advertising on UK Competition/Freebie Listing Website | Forum Promotion

Hi there,

I have recently redesigned and relaunched my website, Like Wow (https://www.likewow.co.uk), and currently have some advertising options available.

The website is a UK competition and freebie listing website with daily updated content. The website is growing steadily on a daily basis. I also run exclusive competitions which pulls in a lot of users each day. As well as daily listings, I also send out a daily newsletter with the top 10 competitions and top 5 freebies that day, so I also have some space in the newsletters if anyone is interested.

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advertising – Facebook ads costs if user visits from another source

I’m running a facebook ads campaign to advertise my funnel. The conversion is set to confirm page like this:

facebook ad -> mypage.com/funnel -> user sends form -> confirm page

In the last step I have to pay facebook for the conversion.

Now my question: what happens if the user comes to my funnel from another source like my google campaign or a direct visit? Will facebook charge me because their pixel gets activated on the confirm page?

advertising – Seriously: How am I supposed to get traffic/customers, regardless of what kind of website I create?

I don’t care one bit if this sounds “weird” or “stupid”. I really need to know the answer once and for all: how do you get traffic/customers?

I’ve been attempting to create something online for over 20 years now, beginning as a teenager in the late 1990s, but then pretty much trying nonstop ever since, in almost every category you could imagine, yet the result has always been the exact same:

There is no traffic and there are no customers.

Yes, I’m a SEO “master” (that means literally nothing). Yes, I’ve tried every form of advertising there is (I virtually have no money, so it’s meaningless). No bank is going to give me a loan, nor would I take one even if they allowed me (out of principle). I’m not a charismatic guy and thus investors of any kind are out of the question.

Social media is also out because the exact same problem exists inside of those places: how do I get traffic and customers?

I’ve read a zillion different “articles” and books on this topic and they never tell you anything useful besides the obvious: “do something that people like”, “be lucky”, “be first”, etc. Such advice doesn’t help. I’ve also read more general books on how to get along with people, but it doesn’t help. If it had helped, I would not be asking this question in desperation.

I no longer have the energy to spend years working on something that just sits there. I’m getting old, yet haven’t even crossed the goal mark. It’s beyond infuriating — it’s downright scary.

I’ve recently been trying to look for open APIs to see what is available and perhaps get a great idea from that, but virtually all the open/public/free APIs are of the useless kind. In the cases when they aren’t useless, they are so basic as to be basically “taken for granted”.

I’ve “solved problems for myself” many times, only to find that very few other people had that same problem that needed solving. And either way, those interested never found my websites anyway because they had no idea it existed.

I was hoping that something positive would come of this Corona thing, but not even that. It seems to have not changed anything whatsoever in terms of me having a better chance of making money. Only a bunch of mega corporations seem to benefit from it.

What the hell do you do when you truly need to come up with something, but just can’t? Is this it, then? I’m gonna get homeless once this current, fragile “life situation” comes to an end?

They say that crisis is the mother of invention, but I haven’t noticed this at all. I truly need to come up with something, yet never can. All my work in the past has just exhausted and burned me out to the point where I’m now one step from not even getting up from the bed in the morning, but I know that I would get a massive energy boost from finding some kind of new opportunity of the magnitude that seemed to be the case every month in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Let me just stress once more that I’m not interested in “trying some cool idea to see what happens” at this point. There are (seemingly) millions upon millions of people with a website that nobody visits. Neither the world nor I will be happy with yet another such digital ghost town.

Since I consider advertising and reliance on search engines to be a dead concept (at least for me), this has to be something which directly makes money… with Bitcoin, since both PayPal and Stripe banned me without stating a reason. (I’m serious. They really didn’t, but I’m not going to spend another second talking about those scams.)

advertising – How can there exist so many cryptic, nonsensical (to me) companies that do ultra-abstract, vague stuff?

jOOQ generates Java code from your database and lets you build type safe SQL queries through its fluent API.

Source: https://www.jooq.org/

I know what “Java” is, what SQL is and what an API is. I don’t know what a “fluent” API is or how any of the words in that sentence fit together.

How can such a company exist? How does it make money? Who could possibly be the customer? How can they be in business?

I truly don’t get how these very strange and seemingly ultra-niche companies can somehow (apparently) get by… unless they are set up as “fake fronts” to just give a perception of a company existing for some purpose.

Note: I don’t have anything in particular against this specific company/site. I just took it as an example because I found it (by a link) today.



Header Banner Advertising
InLobos.com offers you advertising on our forum header example above the shoutbox. Your advertisement will be displayed to every user except members in the usergroups “VIP”, “DIAMOND”.
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advertising – Is there currently an ad network that allows you to choose ads from a specific industry?

I have several clients that are book writers. A couple are in the food industry. There is an ad network on one of the food-related sites, but it would be more appropriate to have ads that are related to food topics, as opposed to mostly ads for women’s clothing.

Is there such a thing? My Google search results are overrun with related topics (ad networks in general), but not this precise topic.

Selling – Sell advertising space (Adult) Banner, VAST Video, Mobile Banner | Proxies123.com

Available spaces:

– Right BannerAppears on the right side of your videos template (300×250)
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