dnd 5e – Does the Wild Magic wizard's Tides of Chaos feature give an advantage in all attacks, or only the first?

I have a question about the D & D 5e Wild Magic Sorcerer & # 39; s. Tides of chaos feature, specifically with respect to attacking multiple targets with or without advantage.

The characteristic Tides of the chaos of the sorcerer of the wild magic (PHB, page 103) says:

From the 1st level, you can manipulate the forces of chance and
chaos to gain advantage in an attack roll, control of skill or salvation
throw. Once you do, you should finish a long break before you can use
this feature again.

At any time before you recover the use of this function, the DM may have
you roll on the table Surge of wild magic immediately after throwing a
Sorcerer sorcerer of 1st level or higher. Then you recover the use of this

In the last session, I proclaimed that I would like to launch Scorching Ray (I'm only Level 3) with Tides of Chaos to get an advantage boost in my attack roll (s?).

Before my GM could react, I declared that only the first shot (1/3) would be affected by the effect of Tides of Chaos. (In an attempt to increase the speed of combat and with full knowledge of my disability and my GM, we both know the answer to that question).

Now, this was answered by me before my DM could react. Nobody questions the result and everything was good. Cool.

Now, however, 48 hours later, I question my answer:
Tides of Chaos gives advantage to everyone Attack rolls, even if those attack rolls (can) point to multiple targets? Or just the first roll?

What is the advantage and disadvantage of the Magento platform?

What is the advantage and disadvantage of the Magento platform?

+ Answer the thread

  1. What is the advantage and disadvantage of the Magento platform?

    Magento is the first solution mentioned in "The solution for the printing website". Because of Magento considered a king of e-commerce shopping cart. According to the research conducted by BuiltWith. The number of websites using Magento from 2016 to 2017 increased by more than 48,000. And the fact showed that the Magento platform is the most used in electronic commerce. Of course, in the field of printing, too. So many masters of website design that choose this platform for the construction of websites. Although it is so powerful and intelligent there are still some small limitations. There are some minor limitations.

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dnd 5e – If a Pledge Champion uses Sacred Weapon in the spell of the Shadow Blade, do they lose their advantage by attacking a low-light target?

The sacred weapon would create a bright light for a radius of 20 feet:

As an action, you can imbue a weapon that you hold with positive energy, using your Channel Divinity. For 1 minute, […] the weapon also emits bright light within 20 feet and dim light 20 feet beyond that.

Player's manual, P. 86

Which means that any creature within 20 feet (and not covered / blocked) would be in bright light. Dark sword gives advantage in attacks against targets in dim light or darkness:

Knit shadow threads to create a sword of solidified darkness in your hand. […] Count as a simple melee weapon with which you are competent. Inflicts 2d8 of psychic damage in one hit and has the properties of finesse, light and throw (range 20/60). Also, when you use the sword to attack a target that is in dim light or darkness, you make the attack roll with advantage.

The Xanathar guide for everything, P. 164

But since they are in bright light, there is no advantage. However, assuming there are no other sources of light, creatures that are more than 20 feet away are in dim or dark conditions, so they are eligible to gain advantage. Then you can have an absurd reach.one, or make use of the property released (20/60) of the Dark sword. Unfortunately, the advantage of the shadow and the disadvantage of the long range are canceled and a normal attack is made, but now the shadow advantage is still doing something.

1 See this question for some ideas

Advantages of advertising and marketing.

Advantages of advertising and marketing.


dnd 5e – Does the magic resistance of Yuan-Ti provide an advantage for concentration-saving pitches, where spell damage was the cause?

The racial trait of Yuan-ti Pureblood Magic Resistance provides:

Advantage when saving shots against spells and other magical effects.

I'm clear on that.

If I am concentrating on a spell and I receive damage, I need to make a constitution save roll to see if the damage breaks the concentration.

Does the Yuan-ti racial ability allow me to make this saving throw with an advantage if the damage was magical / magical?

dnd 5e – Magic Resistance Yuan-Ti, would it also provide an advantage for the concentration-saving release where spell damage was the cause?

The racial feature Yuan-ti Magic Resistance provides "advantage in saving shots against spells and other magical effects". I'm clear on that.

If I am concentrating on a spell and I receive damage, I need to make a constitution save roll to see if the damage breaks the concentration.

Does the Yuan-ti racial ability allow me to make this saving throw with an advantage if the damage was magical / magical?

How could an attacker take advantage of this process to make an attack while sending a CSR to CA?

Discuss security issues with the process of sending the CSR to CA and receiving the certificate using the communication methods used in the evaluation. How could an attacker take advantage of this process to make an attack?

Liquidity as an advantage

I want us to discuss liquidity as an advantage in currency trading over other online companies and similar companies, such as stocks.


dnd 5e – Does a druid in a wild form with the War Caster feat have an advantage in concentration controls?

While planning the new Druid that I am shooting, I found many discussions on the Internet that say that the War Caster feat is useful to take, since it helps to maintain concentration while using Wild Shape (including at least one appearance on this site).

The dowry of the war launcher (PHB 170) says:

Prerequisite: the ability to cast at least one spell

  • You have an advantage in the Constitution releases you have.
    Perform to keep your concentration on a spell when you take damage.

(Other benefits omitted.)

However, the Endowments section (PHB 165) says:

You must meet any prerequisite specified in a feat to obtain that feat.
If you ever lose the prerequisite of a feat, you can not use that feat until
you recover the prerequisite.
For example, the Grappler feat
Requires that you have a Strength of 13 or more. If your strength is
reduced to less than 13 in some way, perhaps by a fulminating curse, you
you can not benefit from the Grappler dowry until your Force is restored.

When you use Wild Shape, a couple of the many rules (PHB 67) say:

You can not cast spells, and his ability to speak or take any
The action that requires hands is limited to the capabilities of their
beast shape Transform does not break your concentration in a spell
you have already thrown
However, they prevent you from taking actions.
that are part of a spell, such as called lightning, what have you
already cast.

You retain the benefit of any other characteristic. of your class, race or
another source and you can use them if the new form is physically capable of
doing it. …

(Other rules omitted.)

So, it seems that the logic is the following:

  1. Release any spell that requires concentration.
  2. Use the wild form and continue concentrating on the spell.
  3. Druid no longer has the ability to cast spells (unless they are level 18+), but retains the benefit of all the dowries that the new form is able to use (as a feat is a feature of the class or race: ASI or human variant)
  4. The war launcher feat can no longer be used since the prerequisite is no longer met, since the Druid no longer has the ability to cast at least one spell.
  5. Any Constitution saving throw performed to maintain concentration on a spell while taking damage will NOT be an advantage (assuming there is no other source of present advantage)

Is my logic correct for a druid from 2 to 17 level? Or is there some other rule or ruling that maintains the advantage for the Wild Druid Druid of War in making these Constitution saving releases?

(Druids get Wild Form on the second level, at level 18, the druids get the characteristic Beast Spells, which allows them to cast spells that have no material components while they are in Wild Form, so the question is only relevant in levels 2-17).

Given the Internet's love of pointing out when people are wrong, and finding at least 3 cases in which someone explicitly mentions War Caster as useful while using Wild Shape, I tend to think I've missed something. However, I can not find what I have overlooked in the rules. (Although, according to past experience, about 7 seconds after publication, I'm sure I'll solve it).

What is the advantage of carrying a tripod and ND filters when you could use image stacking instead?

I would like to comment that a tripod also it makes image stacking better. By fixing the position of the camera, the tripod eliminates Perspective changes. Through the additional use of correct tripod technique, the tripod can also eliminate the movement, which allows long-term shutter exposures. The two concepts are not necessarily 100% one for the other.

All right, but the "silly" image stack can not account for changes in perspective, which in the most precise terms is the precise location of the camera's entrance pupil. So hold the camera with your hand and take, for example, 50 or 100 images, while moving slightly due to body movement, may as a result, more images are discarded from the stack. Worse still, those images could do not to be expelled, and they are averaged in the result, which contributes slightly to a less sharpness.

Now, some of the latest smart phones, with 3D depth mapping capabilities, along with really good computational photography algorithms, can theoretically deal with small changes in perspective (or if not now, they can do it soon, at cheaper prices and more economical) ). But that's no reason to rely on technology to compensate for a simple problem in the technique, IMO.

Personally, I am a fan of the slow tripod and ND filter process. I enjoy taking the slow process, setting up the tripod and the filters, calculating the exposure. And I like the challenge of trying to balance the exposure in the most correct way possible in the camera.

When it comes to scenes that also have to balance the dynamic range in different areas by using graduated ND filters, the stacking of images may or may not produce the same results. I'm serious can get the desired results, but I would have to take a stack of exposed images for the lightest parts of the scene, and then take a stack of exposed images for the darkest parts of the scene, and mix those two stacks in the post. It can absolutely be done (and it has done), but it is not the route I prefer, when I can use graduated ND filters to mix the dynamic range in the camera.

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