role play: what is a good resource to learn about advanced character development and storytelling?

I've seen the "50 questions to ask about your character" lists. Those are very useful from the beginning and I still use them after 10 years of role play.

I think I would like to move to more advanced techniques. Things I can do as a player to surprise other players. How to handle complicated situations like "I am playing a character of God who is extremely powerful, and I don't know how to attract them since they already have everything."

What would be a good resource for this?

data tables – advanced search with limited time range

I am designing a data table page from a CRM system with complicated advanced search (up to 10 fields?).

The table shows information from a large amount of data, to avoid losing any of them, users can only choose data from a limited time range (30 days).

The scenario is that we also allow the user to search for data with a unique ID (exact match). And when they do, any other search configuration, including the time limit, is unnecessary, so now our solution is to invalidate other search settings in the backstage when the user writes something in the ID field and press search. But I am pretty sure that this solution violates several usability rules.

How can I do it?

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Advanced configuration of the gui mouse for ubuntu 18.04

I am looking for software that allows me to program some custom functions for my new mouse anker A7851. In addition to the standard left and right center scroll wheel, it also has a forward, reverse and extra button.

The forward and backward keys appear to be correctly assigned automatically, but the last button does not seem to have any function. It would be great some way to map this easily and get in with the speed of scrolling without touching up on the command line. Any suggestions?

advanced segments – Google Analytics – viewing sessions that visited a directory

If I create a segment in Google Analytics to filter sessions that include a page that starts with a directory name, will that segment show me all the sessions where users visited at least one URL in that directory?

enter the description of the image here

I think it should, and the numbers seem correct, although sometimes I find GA a bit intuitive.

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Advanced SEO techniques for success in 2020

In recent years, SEO has changed a lot. In its infancy, SEO was limited to filling in keywords, spam links and adjusting the background code. Fortunately, Google has eradicated many practices that were only designed to manipulate search results.

To improve the quality of search engine results, Google continues to modernize its algorithms. As a result, the SEO techniques that were used in the first decade of the 21st century are no longer effective today.

For that reason, online companies must keep up with the latest search engine algorithms and update their SEO techniques over time.

In the next section, we will talk about some SEO techniques that will help you generate leads in 2020 and the coming years. Then, without further delay, let's start.


Is the command palette a UX tool only for advanced users? Or can they be used effectively by non-technical users?

Command palette

VS Code is also accessible from the keyboard. The most important key combination to know is Ctrl + Shift + P, which shows the Command palette . From here, you have access to all VS Code functionality, including keyboard shortcuts for the most common operations.

Command palette

the Command palette Provides access to many commands. You can execute editor commands, open files, search for symbols and see a quick summary of a file, all using the same interactive window. Here are some tips:

another example of fman

The fastest way to explore fman's shortcuts is through Command palette :

Just press Ctrl + Shift + P (or Cmd + Shift + P for Mac) in fman to open it.

Now that the Command Palette (see above) has become a normal user interface function for advanced users and developers in some applications (vscode, sublimetext, pythonide, jupyterlab … etc.), I think in any complex program With many hidden tools / features, a command palette would be very useful.

A modern command palette has 3 different purposes as far as I can see

  • Command / feature discovery based on what you want to do (i.e. duplicate a file, export a tree view, create a timestamp zip? … etc.)
  • Shortcut Discovery
  • Execute commands that do not have an obvious visual interface or are deeply nested somewhere and would require a few clicks. Or for lazy people who type faster, then move the mouse and click and don't remember the shortcuts.

The way I see that human memory works is to associate what is the basic object of the dictionary (key, value). And our intention is also directly related to the action we want to take. Generally, in any software, a user has to learn to map their intention with the behavior learned from the steps to be executed in the software to achieve their goal. (let me know if I can explain all this better). It seems to me that the command palette addresses this approach and allows a faster learning / practice experience.

Personally, I find it easier to remember words and actions than I want to get the steps I have to take to make this happen, so I often have to Google the exact recipe and run it manually. However, a command palette helps you greatly and reduces the effort required to do things. Google has also greatly influenced people to move away from structured information to information that can be consulted (?) I have also always thought that the command line was excellent to execute when you know what you want, and the user interface It is ideal for discovery.

In regards to the future, we are moving from learning behaviors to simply dictating what we want and letting the software discover it, this is what all this assistant is for me, I think.

So, my question is, is this only useful for people of certain types (i.e. developers) or is it widely applicable to the general population?

MacOS has the help search function, which is similar or is an action item that is quite good.

If someone wanted to implement such a feature in software, what would be the guidelines for them from a UX perspective?

Advanced custom fields: RSS feed modification is not consistent

I am using the following code in the functions.php file of my secondary theme to replace the value of the_author () (dc: creator node) with the value of an Advanced Custom Fields text field called custom_byline. It seemed to be working like a charm, but there are some publications that are inexplicably not updated … Do you see problems with the code that I did not understand?

    if(is_feed()) {  
        $post_id = get_the_ID();
        if (get_field('custom_byline') != '') {
          $creator = get_post_meta($post_id, 'custom_byline', true);
    return $creator;  

Is there an Android email application with advanced search capability?

I have millions of emails. I was suggested the Bluemail application for Android, but it stinks in the search. I need to have something like Thunderbird for desktop computers (unfortunately, no application) that allows me to do a conditional search like: enumerate all the emails that contain the word "Minnie" only in the subject AND have sent CC to "Mario" And have Attached file.