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Get Rank with advanced SEO keyword research and competitor analysis

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woocommerce offtopic – Adding Tracking Details for Advanced Shipment Tracking Plugin without order details in complete order email

I am using Advanced Shipment Tracking plugin from Zorem and I want to include only tracking information in complete order email without order details but I can not separate them while editing “astra/woocommerce/emails/customer-completed-order.php.” but they both are under the action ” do_action( ‘woocommerce_email_order_details’, $order, $sent_to_admin, $plain_text, $email );”
I wanted to know how can I just keep the tracking info without order details.

Advanced Reporting 404 error

I’m actually work on a Magento 2.3.4 website.
I try to access to Advanced Reporting, but when I click on the button on the BackOffice’s homepage. It’s redirect me on 404 error page…

enter image description here

Someone have already have this problem ?

Thanks in advance !

magento2 – Advanced Search: Only show products from the same store

I have two stores on my WebSite. What I’m trying to achieve is only show products in each store advanced search that belong to a category that is associated with that store. Is this possible? If so, how can I achieve it?

I’m using Elastic Search 7 and Magento version is 4.2.1.

Thanks in advance :]

8 – How to add the advanced settings on the Gutenberg custom block?

I’m using the “example_block” to create a Gutenberg custom block. Nothing fancy, I just try to add the font size option on the advanced setting on the right panel. Where can I find a sample or tutorial to do this?

data recovery – Exporting call records with phone call recordings from Mega Call Recorder Advanced app

This is a long-shot, but I really hope someone can help.

I was using the Mega Call Recorder Advanced Android app to record phone calls for quite some time. Its official package name was com.callrecorder.procallrecorder and the developer’s name was MEGA Clip.

Although I still have the app installed, it disappeared from the Play Store a while back. I’m not sure why, as it worked quite well. I did notice that its UI is very similar to many other call recording apps, and so I wonder if perhaps it was based on another project.

At this point, I have many GB of recorded calls stored by this now-defunct app. The calls are stored in standard MP3 format, and the filename of each is the timestamp of the call. So far so good. The big issue is that the filenames do not indicate the phone number (or contact name) of the caller / call recipient. That data is visible in the app’s UI, but I don’t see any export function.

I want to backup all of this app’s data and have the backups in a usable format. To do that, I need to somehow have a record of which contact (or at least phone number) each recording is associated with. Ideally, I would like the MP3 filenames themselves to include that essential information.

I’m hoping someone will have a good idea of how to proceed, or perhaps recognize the UI and know of another app that can perhaps export the data.

advanced pricing – How to enter the “Cost Price” of a product in Magento 2.3.5?

How can I enter the “Cost Price” of a product at the backend in Magento 2.3.5. I have checked the advanced pricing option, however i dont get “cost” field in the popup. Is there any other way?

My requirement is to be able to calculate the profit while in cart (Selling price – Cost price) so that my mageplaza rewards program rule can work properly and award points based on the profit earned on the sale.

Any help is highly appreciated


WooCommerce REST API: Filter orders by advanced custom field

I am using WooCommerce and Advanced Custom Fields for the orders.
Is there a way to filters orders using the WooCommerce REST API by a custom field?

I’m guessing if there is no built in solution, perhaps some custom function can allow this.

Thank you.

javascript – Simplifying Known Vanilla JS to Advanced ES

All The below codding snippets works perfectly. Need to make sure that the below snippets of code can be simplified using any of an advanced ECMA standards

let pauseAllcount = 0, resumeAllcount = 0;
this.xUserDetails.forEach((el, indx) => {
    if (this.xUserDetails(indx).userProctorSignal === 1) {
    } else if (this.xUserDetails(indx).userProctorSignal === 0) {

The above snippets could be written as

let pauseAllcount = 0, resumeAllcount = 0;
pauseAllcount = this.xUserDetails.filter(x => x.userProctorSignal === 1).length;
resumeAllcount = this.xUserDetails.filter(x => x.userProctorSignal === 0).length;

Results will be one and same. But I’m afraid that iterating over the same array twice, I might risk the performance overhead cost by O(n ^ 2). Will this same block of code couldn’t be written to reduce no of lines and replaced by advanced ECMA approach giving optimistic solutions?…

Likewise showing all the below 5 coding snippets could be simplified with advanced ECMA

I Code:

if (this.pageReqDetails.RowTot === this.xUserDetails.length) {
    if (this.userdetails.every(x => x.extensionTime === this.userdetails(0).extensionTime)) {
        this.timeForallUser = this.userdetails(0).extensionTime;
    if (pauseAllcount === this.xUserDetails.length) {
        this.toggleButtonDisplayType = 1;
    } else if (resumeAllcount === this.xUserDetails.length) {
        this.toggleButtonDisplayType = 0;
        this.timeForallUser = 0;
    } else {
        this.toggleButtonDisplayType = -1;
        this.timeForallUser = 0;
} else {
    this.timeForallUser = 0;

II Code:

let flagPauseAll = false, flagResumeAll = false;
if (this.pageReqDetails.RowTot === this.xUserDetails.length) {
    this.xUserDetails.forEach((el, indx) => {
        if (type === 0) {
            if (el.extensionTime === time) {
                this.timeForallUser = 0;
                this.toggleButtonDisplayType = 0;
            } else {
                flagResumeAll = true;
        } else if (type === 1) {
            if (el.extensionTime === time) {
                this.timeForallUser = time;
                this.toggleButtonDisplayType = 1;
            } else {
                flagPauseAll = true;
if (flagPauseAll || flagResumeAll) {
    this.timeForallUser = 0;
    this.toggleButtonDisplayType = -1;

III Code:

let countAllResume = 0, countAllPause = 0;
this.userdetails.forEach(x => {
    if (type === 1) {
        x.userProctorSignal = 1;
        x.extensionTime = time;
    } else if (type === 0) {
        x.userProctorSignal = 0;
        x.extensionTime = 0;
        x.xextensionTime = 0;
this.xUserDetails.forEach((el, indx) => {
    if (type === 1 && el.userProctorSignal === 1) {
        el.userProctorSignal = type;
        el.extensionTime = time;
        el.xextensionTime = time;
    if (type === 0 && el.userProctorSignal === 0) {
        el.userProctorSignal = 0;
        el.extensionTime = 0;
        el.xextensionTime = 0;
if (this.xUserDetails.length === countAllPause) {
    this.timeForallUser = time;
    this.toggleButtonDisplayType = 1;
} else if (this.xUserDetails.length === countAllResume) {
    this.timeForallUser = 0;
    this.toggleButtonDisplayType = 0;

IV Code:

this.userdetails.forEach((el, indx) => {
    if (el.examUserId === examUserDetail.examUserId) {
        this.userdetails(indx) = examUserDetail;
        el.xextensionTime = time;
        el.extensionTime = time;

V Code:

if (this.userdetails(i).extensionTime !== null && this.userdetails(i).extensionTime > 0) {
    this.userdetails(i).extensionTime /= 60;
    this.userdetails(i)('xextensionTime') = this.userdetails(i).extensionTime;
} else if (this.userdetails(i).extensionTime === null || this.userdetails(i).extensionTime === 0) {
    this.userdetails(i).extensionTime = 0;
    this.userdetails(i)('xextensionTime') = 0;

The above 5 coding snippets were written in a old school manner with vanilla JS. As I require further assistance of converting this into advanced & much smaller lines of code that would suffice a lot.
Any help with single or partial snippets which could be simplified would be great and are always welcome to post..