film – the Nikon FM2 lever can not advance

I have a Nikon FM2 with film inside. However, I can not raise the feed lever.

It gets stuck in box 28. Is the problem in the camera, or how do I charge the film at the beginning or the problem with the film roll?

What is the best way to deal with that?

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dnd 5e – How do I plan sessions that are still fun, even if they do not advance the plot?

I'm fairly new to DMing, but I really enjoy it. My campaign is still quite advanced and the plot is progressing quite well; The last session actually revealed a lot of relevant current events. The last session was also a nightmare; the whole party became suddenly hectic and chaotic (borderline murder-goblins). The next session will be fairly calm in comparison; it's not really any new information, nor any new targets (yet), and really, your characters are probably in trouble for causing various problems in the city.

I'm not sure how to rectify this. How can I keep players entertained while not going anywhere or doing something that progresses in the plot? How do I make sure they are having fun while the plot is paralyzed?

Problem in the advance forum of Drupal 7.

I found a problem in the Drupal 7 preview forum.
The number of publications that I published now is 1780 pages, but it is shown less in the page.

Podgorica-Budva by bus: do I have to buy a ticket in advance?

At the end of July I will go (with three other people) by bus from Podgorica to Budva. Do I have to buy a ticket in advance or can I go to the bus station a few minutes before the bus leaves and I hope there are free places on the bus?

Pathfinder – How does the bonus advance of ki point work for monk vows?

Neither the player nor the GM need to determine a fractional advance for monk votes because the monks already detail how they advance.

For example, when the benefit of the vow of the monk Vow of fasting says: "A monk with this vow increases his ki pool for 1 ki point for every 6 monk levels (minimum +1), "means that when the creature possesses 1 to 11 monk levels, the creature gains 1 ki Point from the fasting vow, from 12 to 17 levels of monk 2 ki Points, and 18 or more monk levels 3. ki points.

For example, when the benefit of the vow of monk Vow of celibacy says: "A monk with this vow increases his ki pool for 1 ki point for every 5 monk levels (minimum +1), "means that when the creature possesses 1 to 9 monk levels, the creature gains 1 ki Point from the Vote of Celibacy, from 10 to 14 monk levels 2 ki Points, from 15 to 19 levels of monk 3. ki Points, and 20 or more monk levels 4. ki points.

In short, extra ki The points of the monks' votes are obtained according to the individual program of each vote and then added up. For example, a monk of level 1 with the previous two votes wins +2. ki points, while a monk of level 15 with the previous two votes wins +5 ki points (that is, +2 fasting and +3 celibacy).

With all due respect to that Reddit comment, the monks' votes do not work like the favored class bonuses that do, in fact, they see their bonuses increase in a partial way due to the special rules on how they accumulate. (See also this question). Instead, the monks' votes work exactly as they say they work, fractions are not necessary.

: nx

BlackHatKings: General discussion of PPC
Posted by: MervinROX
Time of publication: June 9, 2019 at 05:12 PM.

China: Does a sponsor in a Chinese visa application have to do something in advance?

We are currently trying to obtain a Chinese visa (about the sixth I have had in recent years, but the first one I request when using the online form of the China Visa Services Center).

In this online form, article 6.5 requests a "national / foreign sponsor". (The previous visa application forms I used did not contain that article yet). We paid the trip ourselves, and the online form had the option to mark article 6.5 as "not applicable". We check that box, since neither our Chinese inviter (who is probably less able to pay for a trip of that kind than us), nor the applicant's spouse (as suggested in this guide) made sense to us. Also, I found this recent forum thread (albeit from a different country than mine) which implies that it is not necessary to specify a sponsor in the current Chinese visa application.

Now, the visa service center is contacting us and telling us that the form is incomplete because we have not provided any information about our sponsor. If we put our Chinese inviter there, do they have to do something, such as declaring their local authorities willing to cover our expenses, should this be necessary? (And do they have to demonstrate in some way their financial capacity to sponsor our trips?)

Code request: search for the symbolic expression for the loss function of a basic feed advance network

Is there some basic code available to obtain the symbolic expression of the cross entropy loss function (and / or mean square error) for the forward neural network with one or more hidden layers in Mathematica? The symbolic expression can not be extracted from the Mathematica deep learning toolbox (Can I extract the symbolic expression from the loss function of the neural network?), So one must create it from scratch if we want to analyze the function of symbolically loss

It would be useful if there is already some code available to get this in Mathematica.

How can I advance a warrior beyond level 20?

So, my warrior has reached level 20, and my DM tells me that it is the highest I can go, so I must start with another class or find a prestige class, any suggestions?