unity – How can the camera advance or change the position of the camera?

I am working on a 3D game, I took home 4 in level 1 and I took 4 home in level 2, in level 1 when home1 is completed. What can I do when I finish filling the empty house 1 then the camera should be at home 2? What can I do for this …? Or how to change the position of the camera? please help


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He forgot to advance the film for four frames.

I forgot to advance the film for four frames. Is there any chance that my film is not blank? By the way I am using the Lomography Konstruktor F camera.

dnd 5e – Can a Level 2 Warlock take a level in rogue, and then continue to advance like a wizard?

The rules of multiclassification are explained in the Player's Manual on page 163:

Multiclassing allows you to combine classes together […]. Your DM
decide if these options are available in a campaign.

So check with your DM if you agree with this.

Multiclassing allows you to gain levels in multiple classes. Doing it
It allows you to mix the skills of those classes to make a character.
Concept that could not be reflected in one of the standard classes.
options With this rule, you have the option to earn a level in a
new class every time you advance at the level, instead of gaining a level in
your current class Your levels in all your classes add up
to determine your character level. For example, if you have three
levels in the wizard and two in wrestler, you are a fifth level character.

So you can take 2 levels of Warlock, then 1 level of rogue (as long as you meet the prerequisite of 13 DEX to be multi-layered in Rogue and the 13 CHA needed to be multiclocked in warlock) (thanks @Someone_Evil).

If it does, it will give you the following competences:

Light armor, a skill from the list of skills of the class, tools of thieves

In addition to the experience in two skills, Thieves & Cant and Sneak Attack (thanks to @Davo)

Transit visas: Indian citizens traveling on advance parole to the US UU

I am an Indian citizen who lives in the USA. UU., I travel from the USA. UU To India through ROMA FIUMICINO airport, ITALY and return from India to USA. UU Through the same airport in Italy. I am traveling with an advance parole document and I do not have a visa stamped in my passport. My scale is around 3 hours. Please advise if I need a transit visa for Italy or I can travel to the United States (on return) based on the approved early release.

dnd 5e – In the Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign, is it a problem for PCs to advance above level 5?

Because the combat is designed around the characters that finish the campaign in level 5, you should face 2 options:

  • Allow parties from level 5 onwards to be easier than anticipated.
  • Adjust the encounter to make it more difficult.

Personally I would do a little of both. As GM it can be easy to think that Fierce combat = more exciting for the players., but this is not always the case. Sometimes, having some easy matches will give players a sense of accomplishment.

For example, when the players cleared Cragmaw's hideout, they probably found it difficult. If you throw them a similar combat at level 4 or 5, they will simply fly through it. It is possible that some players do not find it interesting, but others will look back and say "wow, look how strong we are".

When fighting is difficult, it can be difficult for the party to see that they have progressed.

I've done it in the past, not with LMoP, but with other adventures. The main objective here is to compensate for the additional power that has been granted to them. Try to analyze how difficult the meeting should have been. If you are new, you can try to execute the combat alone (using the PC character sheets) at the desired level. Then, adjust the combat, place the characters at their current level and try again.

This may seem like a lot of work, but when I started working as a DM I found it very useful. CR is a guide at best. The best way to know if a match is too strong or too weak (like a DM beginner) is to play it.

In conclusion, if you do nothing with the meetings as they are written, the party will only find the counters easier than the designer intended. I would recommend adjusting the meetings if you plan for the party to go beyond level 5.

Air travel – Should I buy plane tickets from Sydney to Melbourne well in advance?

According to Google Flights, there are reasonably priced tickets (~ 100 USD) from Sydney to Melbourne (round trip) for all dates, including a couple of days from now. Is it typical? If I plan on flying in August, should I book tickets now, or is there no need to do so in advance?

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Car rental: will renting an ad hoc car in New York City be much more expensive than reserving it in advance?

The prices and availability of rental cars will vary dramatically according to demand. If demand is high for a specific period, then as you get closer to that time, prices will go up (sometimes significantly!), And individual locations may run out. If demand is low, prices may fall as the date approaches.

In general, the best option for someone in your situation is to make a reservation that allows you to cancel without paying a fee, and then monitor the prices as the time approaches. If the prices go down, you can cancel your existing reservation and make a new one. If it turns out you do not need the car, you can cancel the reservation without charge.

Since you are not from the USA UU., If you end up making a reservation while physically in the US. UU., You must make sure that your residence is correctly selected in the site from which you make the reservation. If you do not, then the necessary insurance will not be included in your reservation, and you must pay them at the time of collection, which will significantly increase the price.

3 simple tips to use ZyGenX to advance your competition

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the lever does not advance in minolta x-700

First time using this! My camera's camera lever will not advance, and I wonder if there's anything I can do to fix it or if I have to take it somewhere.