Adsterra is a Scam |

I’ve been working with adsterra for about 4 years, made thousands and thousands with them, i always knew they counted wrong impressions, opened multiple pops and counted one, but right now it turned absurd!
I build a script to count how many pops they open, this are my results
During a period of 30 minutes, 1 click per minute, opened 5 pops, counted 0.4 impressions per 5 pops
I tested the 728x90px banners, they inject virus and pops, which dont just open a pop, but redirect my full site to virus pages

Aftermath: Google blocked my site, 3 main anti-virus blocked my site, lost 200-400$ a day
I’ll never use adsterra again! Do not trust them! They always deny what they do, but they are complete scammers.

adsterra replacement that pay with bitcoin?

i am looking for a adsterra replacement that pay with bitcoin, any ads network

Has anyone tried the adsterra network?


Recently, I added ads from adsterra to my website, I get around $ 20 per day from your ad. But I read a lot of negative reviews about them, about malware ads.

It is true? Or was this in the past, perhaps? Has anyone been with them for a while?

Thank you

Adsterra is manipulative and scam

I have 2 accounts in your network. Actually one is a media buy account, another is a regular publisher account. My accounts are managed by different departments (Media Buying Department and normal AM). The most important thing here is that you NEVER notified me about fake traffic. Agree? Your media purchasing department and AM notified me that my traffic is of poor quality, their advertisers did not like my traffic and accepted that. And please, DO NOT tell me that my traffic is false. I use it on 3-4 networks for months, years without a problem and making over $ 200 a day. Some of them are very large networks.

Also, your AM gave me a direct link to anti-adblock because advertisers pay a higher CPM. So if there was a problem with my traffic, it was your fault (Adsterra's fault), not mine.

popads + popcash + adsterra

I use 3 network for my porn site.
popads popcash adsterra

Adsterra doesn't pay me

Adsterra doesn't pay me

I do not know what is the problem
I skipped the minimum period
And modify payment data without problems

But he didn't pay me
Also when requesting payment
Then remove the ticket and postpone payment to 1/1
Is this fraud
Or something like that happened to you

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Advantages of Adsterra Publisher:
– There are no minimum traffic requirements
– More than 190 countries covered
– 80% revenue share
– 100% fill rate and 100% count
– Wide range of ad formats: banners, popunders, pushups, interstials, etc.
– Up to $ 5 CPM for popunders and up to $ 1.5 CPM for banners
– Adsterra API for static
– 5% reference program
– Net15 payments – always on time
– Payments to Paypal, Payoneer, Webmoney, Wire, Paxum, Payza, BITCOIN
– 24/7 support

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Adsterra Network:

Adsterra Network offers one of the largest collections of ad display formats (popunders, banners, push-ups, interstitials, etc.). The Adsterra smart advertising platform reaches the right users with its advanced orientation benchmarks: Geo, operating system and browser, device targeting, provider targeting, mobile phone operator guidance, daytime parties, etc. Adsterra Network works with several advertisers and industries.

For publishers:
– Highest eCPM rates
– Wide variety of campaigns.
– Real time statistics display
– Live results tracking through the statistics tool
– Dedicated multilingual personal account managers
– Fast payments made through a wide selection of methods
– Biweekly payments

For advertisers:
– Monitoring and optimization of campaigns in real time
– Solid anti-fraud tracking system
– Instant access to premium traffic acquisition channels
– Advanced geographical and linguistic orientation to reach your audience
– Advanced orientations, such as during the day, IP range, browsers, os, e.t.c.
– Exceptional customer service

Payment methods:
– PayPal
– Webmoney
– Wire transfer
– eCoin
– Payza
– Payoneer
– electronic payments
– Paxum

Minimum payment amount:
Payments made with a minimum balance of $ 5
Account financing for advertisers minimum of $ 100

Payment process:
Commissions for each Period are paid 15 days after the end of the Period. Editors' payments are processed twice a month on days 1 and 16. Payments are generally processed from 8 am to 5 pm GMT.


Editors: Skype – pub.adsterra
Advertisers: Skype – adv.adsterra

Share your experience if you have tried this ad network! Try it now if you have not done so and tell us what you think!

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