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Develop an Android pro revenue application with ads

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google – Why do I watch YouTube ads from channels that I have blocked?

I don't pay for the youtube service that blocks the ads, so I don't expect to see ads. That said, I hope to stop watching ads for channels that I have blocked.

Since I don't like Apple, I blocked your channel. Despite this, I see Apple ads when I scroll through my feed. I have tried to reject these ads and inform them. I have even tried the "send comments" option on YouTube. Clearly, all responses are automated and my comments have not been read, this has been going on for months.

How can I stop watching channel ads that I have blocked?

Does anyone else find it funny that liberal Democrats think that the only reason Trump won is because the Facebook ads planted by Russians? πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…?

I doubt that many liberals read Facebook advertising. Extra payment to not see advertising on social networks. Political advertising is twice as boring.

I doubt Trump could have won an election to become a dog hunter if Putin had not manipulated the elections for him. Putin does not deny it either. Basically he admitted it when he said he would have done anything to prevent Hillary from winning the elections. If Hillary had one, they would probably have expelled him. Now, Putin is president for life because those who challenge him fall from skyscrapers or get poisoned. A dozen Russian hackers have been charged here in the United States and are still working in the Kremlin. In fact, Putin has promoted them all. That is the kind of evidence that liberals look for. Why would the Russians give Mitch and Trump billions of dollars? So much money, that Republican senators are known as the Moscow mules.

GO Unlimited – Vids HD – Clean ads – Up to $ 30 for 10K – Faster payment – Since 2016 |


GO Unlimited is the first and only ignored DMCA and video hosting on the high seas on the web, which means that your videos will be stored securely with 100% privacy.
GO Unlimited is founded and managed by a team that has more than 10 years of experience in this industry.

————————————————– ————

Our goal and history

Offering a very stable long-term video hosting. We are a small team of multiple webmasters of entertainment websites that decided to offer a 100% stable solution for our friends around the world, we carefully understand how unreliable are most of the other providers and hosting solutions (especially the one that closes their services after a while and disappear with your videos), we used to use the things of the Google Drive API if you remember in 2015 and it was the biggest disaster for us when Google solved that legal vacuum, so we decided to offer a 100% legitimate solution under Our total control GO Unlimited is a solution for those looking for a stable, profitable and reliable option to share their videos. As we are a webmaster like everyone here, we customize the service to perfectly fit our needs and yours, offering true unlimited service without restrictions. We hope to improve our service every day to be the best video hosting.

Why us + features?

  • We stand very long term. We have already turned 4 since 2016.
  • DMCA ignored, no file deletion due to copyright.
  • 100% free, no paid bills.
  • Truly unlimited, bandwidth, storage and everything.
  • No restrictions on time, quality or speed.
  • HD video encoding: very high quality encoding settings.
  • Video subtitle: works even with iOS devices.
  • Ultrafast transmission
  • Maximum file size of 50 GB per upload via FTP. 12 GB with browser.
  • System without problems, without errors or technical problems are common. 100% stable
  • We offer the fastest payment process in this industry, ever.

Charge Modes:

  • Upload browser mode
  • Upload in FTP mode
  • Upload in URL mode
  • API mode load
  • ZOOM charger

Payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Weboney
  • Skrill
  • Paxum
  • perfect money
  • electronic payments
  • AdvCash
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple (Min. $ 50)

  • We are the fastest video hosting when it comes to paying, we usually pay in less than an hour when our billing team is online, and when they are not, they will do so within 6 hours at worst and We will pay immediately.

Frequent questions:

  • Do you allow porn? Yes, we allow porn.
  • Do they show ads for adults? No we will not.
  • How long do you host my videos? Forever, as long as they are active. Videos that do not have views for 60 days connected will be marked as inactive and deleted when there is a lack of storage.

If you need help, have any questions or just have a comment, we will be happy to hear it. You can post here, or send us a private message, or contact our support through the website.

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thanks to the payment, this was the fastest i saw :)

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Payment received.

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I will build a simple Android application that can be used daily with admob ads for $ 5

I will build a simple Android application that can be used daily with admob ads

I will make an application for you in just $ 5
Example: this application can be used daily by users

Battery application, flash light application, health advice application, food recipe application, smart tool application, translation application, camera application, calculator application, music application, memes application, income application
Any other

Application example: Flash Light application Bettery status application Poetry application Game application

3 days of delivery

  • 1 operating system
  • Application icon
  • Welcome screen
  • Advertising Network Integration

We also provide full time support
Ad integration,
Welcome screen and more,
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What are the ads?

What are the ads?

Network ads / for buyers


What are the best networks to buy quality traffic?

I tried froggyads, pushground … but only visitors, 0 results …

What is your experience

url: AdSense doesn't show ads because Facebook links add a query parameter

Query parameters make different URLs. When Facebook adds parameters, it creates new URLs. AdSense has no way of knowing if the content will be different or not without crawling the URL.

To solve this problem, you can redirect to remove unwanted query parameters. See this question in StackOverflow: .htaccess: remove a query parameter from the URL.

When you redirect visitors to your canonical URL without the query parameter, the ads will be served from that canonical URL and AdSense can display the ads without additional tracking.

Post 30 classified ads from High Authority Australia to generate traffic and sales for $ 5

Post 30 classified ads from High Authority Australia to generate traffic and sales

You want to include your website at the top and Australian high-ranking classified sites? Then hire this service and I will do it for you. Classified ad serving It is the best and most effective SEOP process to generate high quality traffic and sales for your online business.
Classified ads can expand online presence instantly compared to other services. I am a Google Certified Classified Ads Posterand I will post your ads in many Australian classifieds of high authority and best qualified
Ad sites to increase your sales and online inquiries. I will deliver all the links live on an Excel sheet, so I can verify all the work. I
publish all ads manually and according to Google’s guidelines. The best classified ad delivery service at the lowest cost.

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How to really disable call ads on iPhone XR?

I have an iPhone XR and Bose 700 headset. Every time someone calls while I have the headset on, it sounds "Joe Schmoe is calling." I have already been in the iPhone configuration and set "announce calls" to "never". What else can I do?