I will give you 2200 PSD Flyer Templates for adobe photoshop for $10

I will give you 2200 PSD Flyer Templates for adobe photoshop

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  • 300 DPI, CMYK color mode
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cryptography – Why a custom CSP dll isn’t accepted by aplication like Adobe Reader or Word if it has dependencies to another custom dll?

I have developed a custom Cryptographic Service Provider that has two parties:

  • an c++ dll that implements the CryptoSPI functions (CPAquireContext, …);
  • an c# dll that makes get and post http requests, because the signature is performed in cloud by a signature web service.

To use the c# dll from c++ dll i have made a c++/cli wrapper. From a custom c++ console testing program all goes fine but if i want to use it from Adobe Reader it crashes with fallowing error message “Provider dll failed to initialize correctly”. The problem is that my CSP isn’t called (I have checked with log messages).I have tried also implicit linking (from visual studio) and explicit linking but it doesn’t work.

The problem is linkage because if i remove the linkage to c++/cli wrapper, my CSP is called and Adobe Reader rrecognize it.

So, why Adobe Reader crashes if my custom CSP has dependencies to another custom dll?

pdf – How to harden Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader

I found this recommendation by the CISA to disable Javascript in Acrobat Reader. Also, this article recommends to disable Flash and Multimedia, and the opening of non-PDF attachments. Both recommendations are from 2010.

What more steps would you add to harden Acrobat/Acrobat Reader in 2021?

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software – Does Gimp have a Match Color function similar to that in Adobe Photoshop?

I don’t know an automatic way to adjust colors in Gimp, buy you can do it manually with curves. Open the good image, use color picker to see the colors you want to match (activate its info window).

For example, I noticed that in the good image:

  • chair purple is approximately R=140, G=110, B=140
  • leaves are approximately R=110, G=150, B=110

And in the bad image:

  • chair is R=55, G=90, B=190
  • leaves are R=20, G=155, B=180

So there is too much blue, almost correct amount of green, and way to little red.

As a simple correction, I open the curves tool, select Red, channel, and let the curve pass through points (20,110) and (55,140) (because Red=20 should become R=110, and Red=55 should become Red=140). The image already looks much better now…

The next step, I select Blue channel, and let its curve pass through point (180,110) (Blue=180 is reduced to Blue=110) and through the second correction point (190,140):

curve transform in Blue channel

Finally, the green curve can pass through (90,110) and (155, 150), but I don’t like the result, and didn’t apply the green curve. Look at what you are doing, also don’t hesitate to move curve points a little and look at preview (I’d move red curve down a little, in fact, try it yourself).

Corrected image (blind two-point curve adjustments in Red and Blue channels):

corrected image

It is not exactly the same as the target image, but much closer than initially. Target image was:

target image

Consider also taking more color samples and more shades of the same color into considerations (in this example: the wall, dish, ceramics, shadows in the leaves). They may help to construct better curves

Update: being curious, how far this method can go, I wrote a small Python script, which takes colors from the first image, calculates best curves by averaging target values and adjusts the second image.

Corrected image:

corrected image

Target image:

target image

How to open urllink.acsm file with Adobe Digital Editions when it’s running with PlayOnLinux?

So to download ebooks from ebooks.com it requires Adobe Digital Editions, im using Ubuntu 20.04.2 and have successfully installed ADE. But because it’s running with PlayOnLinux/WIne I can’t directly open this file with ADE.

I’m new and just trying to learn. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

iphone – mini dv digitize with adobe premier

I´m new in adobe premier. QUESTION I´m trying to capture my old mini DV. what are the best setting for capturing good quality? and once I have the .mov files on my computer (raw- not edited in premier pro cc) I can watch them in quick time player 7, but why can´t I airdrop them to my iphone? it tells me that they can be store in my icloud of files. Are the .mov file too heavy? Should I change my settings? What is the best setting to capture good quality-.mov)

How can I open a PDF using SharePoint which opens outside of the browser? (I’m using Nitro not Adobe)

SharePoint Online has not supported opening PDF files directly in client application, neither when opening directly from document library nor using a promoted link.

If you are using IE, you can check as following:

  1. Click Open > Open in browser when you open the PDF file in the new tab. Per my test, this will open the PDF in Adobe PDF Reader in web version which provide better quality of the PDF file.

  2. If you disable Adobe PDF Reader via IE > Settings > Manage Add-ons and then click Open > Open in browser, the browser will promote if you want to open or save the PDF file from SharePoint Online. Select “Open” and IE will open the PDF file with client application.
    enter image description here

I cannot test with Nitro for you but you can give it a try.


SharePoint UserVoice: Open Adobe PDF in client application

macos – “Look up & data detectors” not working in Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Google Chrome PDF

I’m learning English as a foreign language, so I often need to look up words by force-clicking. Most of the time, this brings up a window that shows the dictionary definition of that word. However, this feature does not work in Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Google Chrome (when a PDF is opened and is the active tab). When I force-click, nothing happens. There is also no “Look up” option in the menu when right-clicking on the word.

Does this feature require special effort from the application developers? Is there anything I can do to fix this issue, or is it something that only the application developers can do?

macOS High Sierra 10.13.6, Google Chrome 88.0.4324.96, newest version of Office and Adobe Acrobat.

adobe photoshop – How to turn off Powershell notification

Start up Popup for Powershell

When trying to install Photoshop from torrents, I had to disable Windows real time defender, and the msvcr100.dll file was missing.

I got both .dll files from dll-files.com.

I incorrectly replaced the msvcp110.dll file, but figured out my mistake soon enough and put back the original file. When installing Photoshop it didn’t work, so I have replaced both the new .dlls to the original files. Now my computer is asking me to do click yes every time I start my computer up.

I would appreciate any answers or just a way to stop me from clicking “yes” to the Powershell popup all the time. Thank you so much!

Also please let me know if this is the wrong place to ask these sort of questions and where I should post this. Thank you again!