terminology: Implement a "network of ad-hoc payment channels" on top of the Bitcoin network?

If we define a ad hoc network as follows:

"An ad hoc network is a network that consists of individual devices
communicate with each other directly. " [1]

ad hoc Networks do not depend on routers or access points (as a point of failure) to avoid moving towards centralization. In case of using routers or access points, some kind of centralization it is inherent

With this definition of decentralizationCan we implement a as ad-hoc network between users connected by payment channels in such a way that Similary to the ad-hoc network, they do do not use any router to find and communicate with each other?

keep in mind that I used term as ad-hoc network (instead of saying ad hoc network) just to say that the goal is stirring any pre-existing infrastructure, such as routers Of the communications between the users. Similary to an ad-hoc network.

[1] https://www.techopedia.com/definition/5868/ad-hoc-network