Printer that sends ARP requests to an external IP address

I connected a printer and a computer to a Wi-Fi network that has no internet, and I used the computer to see the traffic transmitted by the printer. I noticed that the printer is trying to intermittently make ARP requests to (not one, but two) external IP addresses. The network ID part of the IP addresses is the same, while the host ID part of the IP addresses are separated by a number, which seems to be a kind of redundancy or failover structure. The situation with this printer is that, a couple of years ago, I moved and have not used the printer since then. In my old location, I suspect there was some kind of domain controller in the network that installed some type of spyware on any device that connects to the network. The printer model is an Epson XP-410. This printer was also registered with Epson Connect, is there any possibility that the printer that makes ARP requests to an external IP address when registering with Epson Connect is normal? Any other ideas on what's going on?

Google Search: SEO impact (on rankings) for a global website with a physical address

Suppose I have a website that shows a physical London address in the footer, about us and on the contact pages. However, the website contains neutral content for the country that I would like to rank well in all countries, from the United States in the west to Russia in the east. In that case, can the physical address damage the classification in other countries besides the United Kingdom?

[ Politics ] Open question: What is Trump's plan of action to address the corona virus?

[Politics] Open question: What is Trump's plan of action to address the corona virus?

Green Address – Problem with the recovery of Greenaddress 2of2

I encounter an unforeseen problem with the 2o2 recovery procedure.
I followed all the instructions at, successfully installed Ubuntu for Windows, correctly executed all the steps until:

$ garecovery-cli 2of2 –nlocktime-file /path/to/downloaded/ -o garecovery.csv

I passed the correct, entered the right mnemonic, but the result I see is the following:

Tracking (latest recent calls):
File "/home/rene/.local/bin/garecovery-cli", line 7, in
sys.exit (recoverycli.main (sys.argv))
File "/home/rene/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/garecovery/", line 86, in main
recovery = get_recovery (clargs.args, mnemonic, seed)
File "/home/rene/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/garecovery/", line 61, in get_recovery
return TwoOfTwo (mnemonic, seed, options.nlocktime_file)
File "/home/rene/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/garecovery/", line 25, in in that
zipdata = gacommon._unzip (self.compressed_zip, chaincode)
File "/home/rene/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gaservices/utils/", line 35, in _unzip
all_data.extend (_unzip (_fernet_decrypt (key, encrypted), key))
File "/home/rene/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gaservices/utils/", line 11, in _fernet_decrypt
affirm wally.hmac_sha256 (key (: 16), data (: – 32)) == data (-32 🙂

Can anybody help me?
Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions.

blockchain: how to verify if a bitcoin address received a new transaction programmatically?

You can configure a bitcoin core node to observe new transactions and notify you about them.

This is a preferable solution, since you will not have to trust anyone to provide you with the correct information (what if they lie or are incorrect?), And you will retain your privacy (why bother with the addresses that you are interested in, to the API provider and to anyone else who listens to your connection?).

You can configure the command -walletnotify= in your bitcoin.conf file and write a bash script to alert you of the transaction in question, however you prefer (write to a log file, send an email alert, a light flashes, etc.).

For a slightly deeper tutorial on how to configure this, see this question: How do I use walletnotify?

gmail: block email based on a recipient / recipient address

I use Gmail and I have found my name added to a work mailing list without my consent. Now, I still receive emails from several colleagues who simply send an email to the mailing list address. There is no way to unsubscribe because nobody knows who created this group email and emails do not mention the option to unsubscribe.

I can't block incoming emails based on the sender because it would block several colleagues. Is there a way to block emails based on the "To" field? In this way, I can continue to receive other emails from all colleagues, except the one they send to this mailing list from which I want to unsubscribe.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


bitcoin core: configure esplora to point to the IP address of the bitcoind servers – Part 2

Continuing with this publication: configure esplora to point to the IP address of the bitcoind servers

Trying to run cargo run --release --bin electrs -- -vvv --daemon-dir ~/.bitcoinbut kept saying that the .cookie The file is missing. I created the .cookie file with user:pass and now I receive the following error message:

enter the description of the image here

Any idea how to correct this?

Magento2- How to develop the SaveBilling Address CUSTOM API?

How to develop SaveBilling CUSTOM API In address Magento2?

Address – How to generate these bitcoin addresses?

For the private key KwaZRh42fdQD4iUN6sy2GtEC5gfSAYXrQgp16KPV4Pxsspi5ChRb, I have the following addresses:

  • 1N7jKvQ1fHezb61eNsGEaF4gcj5sQXhb2m (P2PKH)
  • 14MNoFYWheu7sLkj8urvXCpYEdCuL4m2PH (P2PKH)
  • 3G4BoJsFB6N3Eejtovr8PUnvz4LRDhWmxk (P2SH)
  • bc1qu7s8s2ga69a9068s85e9vpxh7uvneet292wa5n (P2WPKH)
  • bc1qxr7lhfgnynvw7dk3e0asw2hsxhdvp4cgp7u0z09stm26gaxqn6zqd9muau (P2WSH)

I'm looking for a utility (like the ku utility of that can generate all these addresses given the private key (the ku does not generate the P2WSH address). The utility I am looking for may be in C, C ++, Go or Python.

SSL certificate – Apache2 does not start: (98) Address already in use: AH00072: make_sock: could not link to address

I've been trying to use Apache2 to put an SSL certificate on my Ubuntu Server 18.04.4 LTS for Nextcloud, and I can't even get to start Apache. I keep getting this error:

Error image

I looked for solutions for this and found around a hundred of them, each of them does not work, or I just don't know how to solve it properly.

Help would be greatly appreciated, I have been stinking this for a few days. 🙁