Import bitcoin address only with public key

I want to import a none spendable paper wallet. This was possible in the past. But now I am only allowed to import an adress with the private key. So this address won´t be none spendable. Was there an update which changed this? Customizable NL & UK Servers ? Upto 256 IP address ? Unmetered 1Gbps ? Upto 220 TB Storage |


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wallet – The digital trail is a “warrant” to recover transactions sent to BTC that were sent to wrong address

This is similar to a question already asked, but I disagree with the answers. There is a big digital trail of the transaction. To me, that is like mail delivered to the wrong house, but opened anyway. It is a crime as is, I have suggested to the Bitcoin site I use, to have the sender and receiver have a “password” to open the wallet. This way the unintended wallet has to return the BTC not intended for that wallet. What is the point to have a long list of transactions and confirmations if Bitcoins promotes crime?
On my transaction, I entered the correct wallet, but on the “sending” part, a different un-“intended Wallet ID” replaced the wallet I have.
I cannot find that other wallet anywhere on my PC, my cellphone, nor in any e-mail search I performed???. There is an “order ID, a “destination wallet address, a Transaction hash,” and other ID’s on the receipt, so I think if I presented this to anybody, crime would halt because crime is unacceptable.
Besides, how does a TYPO turn into a “real wallet?”

fraud – How can I get a private key for this address

Please note, you should never pay for a Blockchain Wallet private key. To receive a bitcoin, you only need to provide the sender with a bitcoin address from your wallet.

I’m sorry to hear about the experience you’ve had. Very unfortunately, scammers as of late have been taking advantage of users new to the cryptocurrency space and their potential lack of knowledge about private keys, as well as some of our wallet’s features. Our wallet can NOT be used for mining, and should NEVER be purchased, created or accessed by a third party. Any person or party claiming otherwise should be considered malicious and avoided. If another party has EVER had access to the wallet, then it should be considered unsafe and never used to store funds. This is because any funds added to or stored within such a wallet could still be compromised using its Backup Phrase, despite any changes made to the password or two factor authentications enabled.

Please be aware, within our wallet a public bitcoin address can be imported into the wallet as ‘Watch Only or Non-spendable funds’. This can be done with absolutely any address on the entire bitcoin network. This feature is often used by those who may have paper wallets, or addresses stored within other wallets as a way to still see and track funds without actually importing the bitcoin address’s Private Key into our wallet. The balance of addresses imported as ‘Watch Only or Non-spendable funds’, will NOT show up as part of the wallet’s main balance, since without the private key to this address these funds are non-spendable.

  • A private key is a string of data that shows you have access to bitcoins in a specific address. Think of a private key like a password specific to each address. Private keys are generated, and stored within the wallet which was used to create the bitcoin address. Private keys must never be shared, as they allow the owner to spend the bitcoins from the associated bitcoin address through its cryptographic signature.

Without a private key, you do not have ownership of an address or access to any funds it may contain. Scammers have been using this feature in a malicious manner to trick those unaware of how private keys work, and their requirement for sending funds.

networking – Discover IPMI IP address by scanning all possible direct LAN addresses

I have a Supermicro server board that powers on but wont post.

I have connected a LAN cable to the dedicated IPMI LAN port on the board and am trying to discover what the IPMI IP address of the board is.

I have tried scanning the local network via:

nmap -n -sP

However I as the server is not connected to anything other than a laptop via IPMI it does not know it’s on the local network, and I have seen SuperMicro IPMI addresses around 172.17.x.x.

I have not been able to find a list of all possible IPMI addresses to narrow down. How can I scan the entire 172.x.x.x address range using nmap? or any other ideas for finding this server via direct connection to an IPMI port.

Catching shipping/billing address field values from admin create order

I need to catch billing/shipping(either will do) address values when its saved “not from database” but from its direct values sent from view. I realized that magento has little support for backend coding maneuverability but at this point I don’t care if its directly in the vendor or anything.
What do you want those values for? – I need to send those values to my “backup” kinda server.
Why do you not take them from DB after its saved? – Some personal problems which I will fix later

forms – Is a confirm email address field still considered a best practice?

Here’s a hypothetical to consider.
Let’s say your signup page gets 500,000 visitors and a 20% conversion for 100,000 signups a year.

Without an email confirmation field, reasonable estimates say 0.4% (or 400) of these users enter the wrong email address. With email confirmation, a generous estimate says that drops to 0.1%. So the net loss from removing the confirmation field is 0.3% (300 users).

You only have to improve your conversion rate to 20.06% to break even on that loss.

Now if we say email confirmation constitutes one of five required fields on the average signup form, removing that field means reducing the user’s work by 20%, and it’s hard to imagine that would improve conversions by less than 0.06%.

There is also the opportunity that users who enter the wrong email address will realize it later and correct it, or simply create a new account.

With these things in mind, I would favor forms without email confirmation.

convert private key to bitcoin address using python or php

I don’t do a lot of work in python but I thought I’d take a stab at this question to discover how easy it is for a new developer entering the space to compute a simple thing like an address.

The first thing I noticed is that, although there are a lot of search results for Bitcoin Python packages, it’s very difficult to evaluate if any of them are legit or written by well-known developers. The most popular Bitcoin package it seems is one written by Vitalik and deprecated many years ago.

I decided to go another route: Electrum.

Electrum is an extremely popular wallet with excellent support and I have personally met the developers. The codebase is on github, is well maintained, and well reviewed. I happen to know it’s written in python.

After cloning and installing the repo:

The answer to your question takes two lines:

$ cd electrum
$ python3

Python 3.7.6 (default, Dec 30 2019, 19:38:28) 
(Clang 11.0.0 (clang-1100.0.33.16)) on darwin
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.

>>> from electrum import bitcoin
>>> bitcoin.address_from_private_key('5JYJWrRd7sbqEzL9KR9dYTGrxyLqZEhPtnCtcvhC5t8ZvWgS9iC')

As a sanity check, I re-ran the computation using bcoin (A Javascript Bitcoin library) which I’m more familiar with:

$ node

Welcome to Node.js v12.13.0.
Type ".help" for more information.

> const bcoin=require('bcoin')

> bcoin.KeyRing.fromSecret('5JYJWrRd7sbqEzL9KR9dYTGrxyLqZEhPtnCtcvhC5t8ZvWgS9iC')
  witness: false,
  nested: false,
  publicKey: '04fb95541bf75e809625f860758a1bc38ac3c1cf120d899096194b94a5e700e891c7b6277d32c52266ab94af215556316e31a9acde79a8b39643c6887544fdf58c',
  script: null,
  program: null,
  type: 'pubkeyhash',
  address: '1AsSgrcaWWTdmJBufJiGWB87dmwUf2PLMZ'

security – Someone made a small, apparently fraudulent, transaction to my public address. What is the purpose behind it?

I have a small e-commerce site and someone made three cryptocurrency purchases just seemingly to know my public addresses as she never paid the cost of goods. The three addresses she viewed are public derived from the master public key so there shouldn’t be any security problems there afaik.

She seemingly wanted to know my BTC, ETH and LTC addresses but only made a small transaction of $1.89 in BTC. I got 0.2¢ and other address got the rest. Here’s the blockchain transaction data.

By the multiple transactions from this address and others related to it, it looks like if someone is trying to move a large quantity of BTC through multiple addresses to make it difficult to track. But why using public addresses from e-commerce sites like mine? Shouldn’t be the same creating multiple new addresses? Maybe you can extract more meaning from this transaction and the intention behind it.

For additional info, the IP from where she made the purchases at my site is

❓ASK – Can I use same bitcoin address for more than one satoshi claim websites |

You can claim with one Bitcoin address from all the faucets,on which you are active.There is no point,why to use different Bitcoin addresses to claim from different faucets.You can generate in your wallet as many addresses as you want but you can use the address that you want from them,to claim from faucets.