[GET][NULLED] – Premium Addons PRO for Elementor v1.4.9


[GET][NULLED] – Premium Addons PRO for Elementor v1.4.9

[GET][NULLED] – Premium Addons PRO for Elementor v1.4.9


[GET][NULLED] – Premium Addons PRO for Elementor v1.4.9

Add-ons: Is Updraft Backup breaking my site and converting all URLs to 404 errors?

I received this strange error where all my pages would give 404, obviously a massive nightmare for SEO. I fixed it by disabling all the add-ons, then re-activated them and restarted the permanent links by clicking Save permanent links.

Then the error happened again.

and again,

once every day

Finally, I fixed it by disabling the backup copy of the update and I have not had any problems for a while.

But, why would this error cause the update? What are some backup alternatives that will not break my site?

javascript: error of this Jquery validation plugin[0] is not defined – Development of online Sharepoint add-ons

I am developing a SharePoint add-on hosted on the Sharepoint Online tenant. I am using Jquery and Jquery Validation to perform form validation, but I have a problem with JQuery Validation due to a procurement error is[0] it is undefined Always on the Event button.

I checked:

  • Valid identification reference in form.
  • Load the Jquery and Jquery Validation scripts inside the page.
  • Verified in the browser debugger that the scripts are loaded with status 200.
  • Wrap script in a ready event handler [Jquery].

I am new to Sharepoint development and I do not know if I need to enable something in the tenant, the site collection or if this is a limitation of Sharepoint online.

This is my current code in Page.aspx:

Section to load scripts










HTML section:




$ (document) .ready (function () {

// foo ...

$ (& # 39; # FormCreate & # 39;). Validate ({
rules: {
thisval: "required"

$ ("# BtnCreate"). On ("click", function () {

if (! $ ("# FormActAuditoria"). valid ()) {<=== Error here ...
console.log ("error");



Add-ons – Problem with request after admin-post.php

I am trying to make a publication request from my administrator settings page for a new add-on.

The following code takes me to a blank page after sending (the URL is:

Do not dump var, do not redirect to google. There are no console errors and I do not see any apache errors in the registry either. I suspect that the form is not being sent to the correct destination.

action = ""
method = "post"
id = "newCouponForm"
enctype = "multipart / form-data"
// other form fields deleted

// in my main plugin file
function setupCouponTargetImageUpload () {

  <? php

$ couponType = selectCouponType ();
var_dump ($ couponType);
echo & # 39; ===== $ couponType ===== & # 39 ;; // does not echo

if ($ couponType === & # 39; image & # 39;) {
insertImageCoupon ();
} else if ($ couponType === & # 39; text & # 39;) {
insertTextCoupon ();

wp_redirect (& # 39; http: //google.com & # 39;); // without redirecting
exit; // Delete this has no effect either

add_action (& # 39; admin_post_handleNewCoupon & # 39 ;, & # 39; setupCouponTargetImageUpload & # 39;);

Here is the admin-post request in the Chrome Network tab. Can someone detect the problem with this request?

Request URL:
Application method: POST
Status code: 200 OK
Remote address:
Reference policy: strict origin when crossed
cache-control: no-cache, must-revalidate, max-age = 0
connection: close
Content type: text / html; set of characters = UTF-8
date: Saturday, April 20, 2019 01:45:22 GMT
expires on Wednesday, January 11, 1984 05:00:00 GMT
Reference policy: origin-origin-strict-when-crossed
Server: Apache / 2.4.29 (Ubuntu)
Transfer coding: fragmented
x-frame-options: SAMEORIGIN
Accept: text / html, application / xhtml + xml, application / xml; q = 0.9, image / webp, image / apng, * / *; q = 0.8, application / signed exchange; v = b3
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Accept-Language: en-US, en; q = 0.9
Cache control: max-age = 0
Connection: keep alive
Content-Length: 18372
Content type: multipart / form-data; boundary = ---- WebKitFormBoundarydlJEsUJRkFBYkRVN
Unsafe update requests: 1
User-Agent: Mozilla / 5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit / 537.36 (KHTML, as Gecko) Chrome / 73.0.3683.75 Safari / 537.36

Add-ons – Add products to the Woocommerce user ID

I have created a REST API to synchronize the user's cart item with the web view and the Android view. I used the CoCart WP add-on Here are some scenarios:

  1. If I add a product from the website, I can get the items from the user's cart on both sides (website and Android view)
  2. Now, if I am adding a product from the Android API, it is not displayed in the web view.

Here are the details that I am using –


POST / wp-json / wc / v2 / cart / add

curl -X POST https://example.com/wp-json/wc/v2/cart/add 
-H "Content type: application / json" 
-d & # 39; {
"product_id": 1722,
"Quantity 1
} & # 39;

So I need solutions that can synchronize the user's cart item with the web view for Android.

What am I thinking about if it is possible to add products to the cart by particular user ID? It makes my job easier!

Add-ons – How do I get new post data in the post_publish link?

I am using the post_publish link to perform some operations on my plugin based on the taxonomies of the publication. If you update a post, call get_the_category ($ id) Returns the categories for the later version. before the update, not after it, that messes up the operations I'm running.

For example, if I publish a publication with category IDs 20 and 21, and I try to get the publication categories in the post_publish link, it works. If I then edit the publication, then it only has category 20, and I try to get the categories in the post post link, it returns categories 20 and 21, although the update only has category 20. If I edit the title of the publication, that is exactly reflected in the $ post argument.

I have read this similar question, but that concerns the target values, not the taxonomies, and I am not sure how to apply your answer here.

How do I obtain the new taxonomy data? This also happens if I use the save_post hook.

add_action ("publish_post", "process_published_post", 10, 2);

function process_published_post ($ id, $ post) {
$ categories = get_the_category ($ id);
// The categories here are old when the publication is being updated.

add-ons – Combining JS files to a script

I'm trying to combine all the JS files – local and third-party files. I tried using the following add-ons to do the same:

  • Automatic optimization: it simply does not combine the JS files to one
  • Minify fast speed: combines the JS files in grouped JS files (I do not know what basis) but includes both the original js files and these combined JS files. I did not understand why it behaves like this by default.
  • Merge + minimize + update: this behaves similarly to the "Fast speed reduction" add-on.
  • WP Fastest Cache: This is clearly giving options to combine the JS and CSS files, but still nothing happens. Even after saving the configuration. (By the way, this requires a premium version for a complete job)


  • I'm trying to find an add-on that allows me to combine JS and CSS files regardless of whether they are being loaded locally or from a third party such as CDN, Facebook, Google, etc. (Based on dependencies)
  • The concatenation or combination of JS and CSS files must be done according to the wp pages. So every time I make a change to the existing JS / CSS file or add a new file, I must visit this add-on -> Select the page where I made the changes and simply click on a button like "Bundlify". This will create two JS and CSS files, specific to that page.
  • When I did the previous action, it also caches the entire page by deleting the individual JS and CSS files and adding the newly grouped JS and CSS files.
  • Therefore, there will be literally only two HTTP requests: JS file and CSS file.

Additional requirements

  • Clean the JS and CSS files according to the selected page
  • Pushing the created JS and CSS to any CDN cloud
  • Able to defer or async the JS script
  • The add-in must also be able to dynamically combine the addition of JS and CSS files.

^ The above features that I am waiting for seem to be fundamental and should be available in the million WordPress add-ons, but I can not find any.

Please let me know if there is a plugin that has the above characteristics. If not, at least tell me to create my own custom add-on.

Thank you.

Add-ons: complement to analyze the size of the files and / or verify the sizes of the directories?

Question for beginners here: I just started working on a WordPress site that seems too big in terms of disk space for a very basic site: currently about 4 GB, for a site with 5 pages and approximately 200 blog posts. Is there a secure add-on that can scan a site to find unnecessary / unused files, or at least one plugin that can calculate the size of each directory to help identify problems (my cPanel shows only 4K for each directory, regardless of the total size of files stored inside)?
Any other suggestions appreciated.
Thank you!

Add-ons – Automatic WordPress generated registration page

One of my clients wants this type of page where it will be generated automatically for each of the clients that read your message and you will know what he wants.

Task 2: design a new full incorporation page that will be generated
For each company that becomes a client in our platform. It's just a web
Page with the logo of the user's company and a registration form.

He wants this to be generated automatically for each company.
Now my question is.
it's possible?
If yes, what complement can be useful in this case?