Configuration API – How to save the checkbox options on the add-ons options page

First of all: I am really a newbie. So I used a template for my options page and tried to customize it (so far it works pretty well).

About my complement:
Create to post types and some meta boxes within them. The meta boxes have some fields and saving fields works quite well so far.

Now I get to the point, where I want my options not only to be shown on the options page, but to save the entered values.

I try it with a "brief excerpt" because all other options work the same way.


"; } function field_1_2_callback() { $settings = (array) get_option( 'my-plugin-settings' ); $field = "field_1_2"; $value = esc_attr( $settings($field) ); echo ""; } function field_1_3_callback() { $settings = (array) get_option( 'my-plugin-settings' ); $field = "field_1_3"; $value = esc_attr( $settings($field) ); echo ""; } function field_1_4_callback() { $settings = (array) get_option( 'my-plugin-settings' ); $field = "field_1_4"; $value = esc_attr( $settings($field) ); echo ""; } function my_settings_validate_and_sanitize( $input ) { $settings = (array) get_option( 'my-plugin-settings' ); if ( $some_condition == $input('field_1_1') ) { $output('field_1_1') = $input('field_1_1'); } else { add_settings_error( 'my-plugin-settings', 'invalid-field_1_1', __('Error in Field "Enable Food Post Type"', 'nutriplus'), 'error' ); } if ( $some_condition == $input('field_1_2') ) { $output('field_1_2') = $input('field_1_2'); } else { add_settings_error( 'my-plugin-settings', 'invalid-field_1_2', __('Error in Field "Enable Nutritional Information Meta Box"', 'nutriplus'), 'error' ); } if ( $some_condition == $input('field_1_3') ) { $output('field_1_3') = $input('field_1_3'); } else { add_settings_error( 'my-plugin-settings', 'invalid-field_1_3', __('Error in Field "Enable Additional Information Meta Box"', 'nutriplus'), 'error' ); } if ( $some_condition == $input('field_1_4') ) { $output('field_1_4') = $input('field_1_4'); } else { add_settings_error( 'my-plugin-settings', 'invalid-field_1_4', __('Error in Field "Enable Diet Post Type"', 'nutriplus'), 'error' ); } return $output; }
  1. I don't know if check boxes need sanitze or validate …
  2. I don't know how to save the current value and, of course, load the default value. I found examples with php functions instead of value = "xxx", but I don't know how to include this
  3. And yes … I know … the marked attribute should not be there when the current value should appear 🙂

Maybe someone can help me

add-ons – portfolio page – type of personalized publication or custom field or other options

I am trying to convert to a custom WordPress theme.

What would be the best approach to set up the & # 39; work & # 39; page as a wallet? I am trying to achieve the same behavior as in the html / css template, which is when the user clicks on the image link (thumbnail) on the page & # 39; work & # 39 ;, opens another page that is a description General of a project with larger screenshots and some text.

I read a little and discovered that you can use the Custom Publication Type or an Advanced Custom Field Pro plug-in (with the Repeater field function).

add-ons: why can't I move my button on the smart slider?

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the option to remove add-ons is not there, nor can I download add-ons

I'm still learning how to build a website and I want to start over, I've done it several times, but now I don't have the option to remove the add-ons, and when I try to install a new theme it says

Add-ons: Is it possible to obtain data from a remote API while the administrator writes a new publication?

Stock Image:

enter the description of the image here

I wonder if it is possible to obtain data from a remote API while the user writes a new publication within the editor. That data should be displayed anywhere on the screen (that is, within the editor). Is that possible? If so, how? Thank you very much in advance

Data to look for: video title 1, link to video title 1, code to embed video1 in the publication. video title2, link to video title2, code to embed video 2 in the post

Note that the data must be retrieved while the user writes a new publication and that the data must be displayed in a sidebar (while the user writes). The idea is that the user type some characters, the data is obtained based on those characters The data received is code for embed a video inside the post

add-ons – help calling a function

Hi, I want to call a function called "my_custom_login_stylesheet" inside an if ($ test_option == & # 39; yes & # 39;), I have done it, but it does not work, here is my code:



id="test_init" />

thanks in advance

How do World of Warcraft Classic add-ons access game data?

What I am trying to find are the WoW commands that I can use to create a custom plugin. I've been using normal add-ons like everyone else. I'm an engineer, I can do better.

I am looking for a list of commands like the following, to facilitate the connection, learning and use of the necessary functions.

WoW $wowobj = new WoW() #object for connecting to WoW database
  $wowobj.Connect() #connect to current logged in WoW instance.
  $wowobj.Disconnect() #disconnect when WoW instance is closed/disconnected
   $reqLevels = $wowobj.RequestQuestLevel() #minimum quest level you can acquire
   $reqText = $wowobj.RequestQuestText() #all text of each quest 
   $reqQi = $wowobj.RequestQuestItems() #all items involved in the quest
   $reqPre = $wowobj.RequestQuestPrerequisites() #all needed completed quests   
   $auctions = $wowobj.RequsetAuctionHouse() #auction house items
   $display = $wowobj.CreateCustomTooltip(5,5, 300,300)#custom display window at 5x 5y, size 300x300
   $display.Write($customMessage) #write data to the text display of the window

Using commands like the previous one, the data extraction of the wow objects could be traversed and extracted the relevant data to process and display information about the various elements, missions and zones in WoW.

Where would you need to look for this information?

I enjoyed playing and decided to use my programming skills to do something that was easy to use and save people the time to have to look for it.

How do I prevent add-ons and themes from automatically updating in a new add-on?

I found these 2 filters to add in my function.php:

add_filter( 'auto_update_plugin', '__return_false' );

add_filter( 'auto_update_theme', '__return_false' );

but I need to do this in multiple wp sites. so I thought about creating a plug-in that installed where I need to go every time to change function.php. But is it possible to add these 2 lines with the complement?

add-ons: add a simple event calendar that my non-tech client can edit and update?

As the title says. I would prefer to keep my client out of WordPress, since the only real changes I would need to make is to add events to a simple event calendar page.

Ideally, I would like a site / application where I can log in and make these updates that would then be updated through an add-on on the WordPress site.

The client would prefer not to pay me to do the updates myself and would rather not.

Can anyone point me in the general direction of something to help me with this?

If there is no other way than teaching you how to log in and do it through WordPress, can someone point me to the easiest to use plug-in?

Thanks in advance.