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graphics – Dijkstra Algorithm – Find additional paths with the same weight but different edges

given a network with n stations. assuming that the shortest among s, t was found using the dijkstra algorithm. let that path be denoted as $ (a_1, a_2, …, a_k) $

Suppose that between the syt nodes, there is at least one additional route with the same weight, but with different edges (which means that both routes have different edges, nothing in common). How can we find that additional path?

My attempt: we create a matrix containing the father. that matrix will be separated, so the value of $ father (v_i) $ for some vertex $ v_i in V $ stores the father of $ v_i $ in the matrix, in the shortest path tree that is formed by the algorithm. Now, we will start the first element, which means that the root's father will be -1, and if we find a shorter path through some vertex u, we can make it the father of the current vertex. but unfortunately I'm not sure it solves the problem.

I would really appreciate if you could explain what you do so you can understand it.

I tried to do an investigation on the site, but I couldn't find a similar problem without the same edges and I don't know how to solve it, so I ask for help here

Thanks a lot

powers: can the additional "Damage" be deactivated for the purpose of Move object?

Don't truncate the rules

His confusion comes from ignoring half of the sentence.

Your effect can inflict damage, such as a normal Force application with damage equal to its range.

When you wear Move object With additional damage, it can be used as Force to inflict damage equal to the range of effect.
the Move object The effect is not made of fire or similar automatic damage, it simply has the ability to crush or strike as if it were normal Force.

Powers: Can additional damage be deactivated for the Move objects effect?

I am using the Portuguese version of the third edition. The general rule for Extras is that they cannot be deactivated, changing the power effects permanently. But the Extra Damaging describes that & # 39;your effect can inflict damage …& # 39;

Should I assume that this Extra can be deactivated? The second edition was clearer in this regard since it had Feats (on / off) and Extras (always activated).

How to add an additional multiple image attribute backend product form – Magento 2

How can you add the additional image upload attribute in the form of a backend as a screenshot?

I follow this link "magento 2 how to upload images and videos in a custom module" but it doesn't work.

Do not use in custom modules, use as a product.

enter the description of the image here

Are there rules for a character's hand beyond the additional attack of the double hilt?

Is there an innate ability for the characters in Anima, or is it just something that applies to a specific situation? Here are all the applicable rules that I could find about it:

Attacks with additional weapons
A character can try to increase his offense by wielding a weapon in
each hand If you do, you can carry out an additional attack while
paying a penalty of โ€“40 only for the second weapon. If the fighter is
Ambidextrous, the penalty for the second weapon is reduced to a mere -10.
Anima – Beyond fantasy Page 84

An ambidextrous person can use both hands.
equally good.
Effects: An ambidextrous character can perform
maneuvers with any hand. In combat he suffers
only โ€“10 to attacks with an additional weapon.
Anima – Beyond fantasy Page 15

The first rule says that the game only cares about an "improvised hit" when used to perform an additional attack without incurring the penalty of usual additional action, however, the second rule seems to imply that all characters have an innate hand (it may be necessary to specify in the creation of the character) that if they perform any action (action is used as a synonym for maneuver in the book) with their right hand they would suffer this penalty.

The following issue raised the issue:
A character has the ability to perform multiple additional attacks through a ki technique and wants to distribute those attacks between the weapons in his two hands and end the additional weapon attack. The question is whether normal attacks made with your second weapon are affected by this penalty, or just the last one.

No display for additional drivers

No display for additional drivers

I am using the Ubuntu 16 LTS and GT 610 graphics cards. Recently, after the update, my audio and video do not work.

I looked for additional drivers in the software update window, it doesn't show anything (keep looking).

I added and updated the repository for xorg and the graphics still don't show any screens. See the attached screenshot and provide a solution.

enter the description of the image here

Design: Is it practical to pass function pointers to a separate class to avoid additional inclusions?

In my program I have included the header of an external library (GLFW) in my Main class. Everything I need to use that library can be handled in my main class, with the exception of two small stealth methods that I need in a separate class.

#include "graphics/Display.hpp"

int main()
    glfwWindowHint(GLFW_CLIENT_API, GLFW_NO_API);

    GLFWwindow* window = glfwCreateWindow(800, 600, "Adventum", nullptr, nullptr);

    uint32_t extCount;
    const char** extensions = glfwGetRequiredInstanceExtensions(&extCount);

    Display* display = new Display();

    auto terminate = (&)(){glfwSetWindowShouldClose(window, true);};
    auto surfaceCreation = (&)(VkSurfaceKHR* surface){return (glfwCreateWindowSurface(display->instance, window, nullptr, surface));};

    display->create(extensions, extCount);

    while (!glfwWindowShouldClose(window))

    delete display;


This is my main function. The two functions that I need are glfwSetWindowShouldClose Y glfwCreateWindowSurface both require a reference to variables in main and it would be an additional obstacle in addition to including the heading in both classes. As you can see, I solved this by creating two lambda functions (terminate Y surfaceCreation) that contain the call to the external function.

My question is, does this become a nuisance for experienced developers? Is this a raw and unnecessary job? (I'm trying to figure out how to ask this without being "opinion based").

numerical integration: why do I receive this message? "The additional output of NIntegrate :: inumri will be removed during this calculation."

Use exact constants so that numerical integration can be performed with a specific level of accuracy.

p = 1/100; 
m = -1/2*Log(29/10); 
s = Sqrt(Log(29/10)); 
r = 1/2;

tailF(x_) := 1 - CDF(NormalDistribution(0, 1), (Log(x) - m)/s) 

t = Quantile(LogNormalDistribution(m, s), p);

v1 = -r*NIntegrate(((tailF(x)/(1 - p))^r)*Log(tailF(x)/(1 - p)), 
    {x, t, Infinity}, WorkingPrecision -> 20)

(* 5.4205112147940705531 *)

mysql: the additional Select instruction inside the cursor ends the loop unless the Select instruction returns results for all cursor rows

I have a simple database called & # 39; held_toys & # 39; (A retained toy is a toy that is not yet for sale) consisting of a primary key and an external key for a Toy. I have a second table called & # 39; toys_on_sale & # 39; which is also composed of a primary key and an external Toy key.

It is required that you use a cursor to scroll through all held_toys, inserting Toys that are not yet for sale in the toys_on_sale table and removing the Toys from held_toys that are already for sale.

While debugging my cursor, I noticed that the LOOP will only be repeated once unless the Toys in held_toys (by Toy ID) are found in the toys_on_sale table. Therefore, the problem must be reduced to having the following SELECT statement inside my LOOP:

CREATE PROCEDURE `sp_Toys_On_Sale`(inToyIds text)

DECLARE existingSaleId BIGINT;

DECLARE curHeldToys
        select ht.ID, ht.TOY_ID
        from held_toys as ht
        where find_in_set(ht.TOY_ID,inToyIds);


    OPEN curHeldToys;

    getHeldToys: LOOP

        SET existingSaleId = 0;

        FETCH curHeldToys INTO heldId, heldToyId;
        IF finished = 1 THEN
            LEAVE getHeldToys;
        END IF;

        #LOOP only runs once if heldToyId is not found (even though there are 500 records in held_toy), I want the loop to continue regardless if the select below returns no results
        from toys_on_sale tos
        where tos.TOY_ID = heldToyId INTO existingSaleId;

        IF existingSaleId > 0 THEN
            DELETE FROM held_toys WHERE ID = heldId;

            INSERT INTO toys_on_sale (TOY_ID) VALUES (heldToyId);

        END IF;

        DELETE FROM held_toys WHERE ID = heldId;

    END LOOP getHeldToys;
    CLOSE curHeldToys;


I know the problem is in:

#LOOP stops only increments once if heldToyId is not found, I want the loop to continue regardless if the select below returns no results
        from toys_on_sale tos
        where tos.TOY_ID = heldToyId INTO existingSaleId;

But I lack the knowledge of how to embed a SELECT like this in a CURSOR that can be ignored if it returns zero results. Instead of causing the CURSOR to stop making loops.

Any help is appreciated!