How can I add one OPENGL page to another when ENTER key is pressed?

I created one GLUT project which has my project’s introduction page. When I pressed ENTER key, it should redirect to my front page of project which I created as another project.

unity – How can i add to the waypoints multiple objects to move between the waypoints?

unity – How can i add to the waypoints multiple objects to move between the waypoints? – Game Development Stack Exchange

entities – Add new default value to existing content type

I’m currently on the latest version of Drupal 8. I have a content type called News and Articles. In this content type I have a field called Category which is a taxonomy term -> Entity reference field. When I first created this content type I added all my categories as default values.

Now 2 years later I want to add another default value to this content type. All the answers I’ve seen so far deal with making the change through the database. I wanted to see if there was a different option? Reason is because I have about 400 pages using this content type, really don’t want to make a new one.

Here a screenshot to the list I want to add to:

qt3d – How to add normal map to material in Qt 3D?

I’m trying go apply normal map to QDiffuseSpecularMaterial or QMetalRoughMaterial. I Use QTextureImage to load the textures. When I try to apply normal material just becomes black, however, I don’t have any issues with other maps (baseColor, ambientOcclusion, metalness and roughness)

What I’ve tried without success:

  • Changed direction of vertex normals, but vertex normals are correct
  • Swapped RGB channels in normal map texture – all the combinations. Also tried with grayscale texture
  • Mapped values in texture loaded in QPaintedTextureImage from (0, 255) to (0, 1) range
  • Thought that normal maps maybe don’t work with QPointLight, so I’ve also added QDirectionalLight to the scene

linux networking – What is the difference between ip link “add link” vs “add dev” commands

I’ve seen examples of the ip link command where some are shown as

ip link add dev xxx type devtype 

and sometimes its of the form

ip link add link xxx type devtype

I looked at the documentation and still am confused about the difference between the two. Is there a difference, and if so when would you use one vs the other.

unity – How to add the “Default-Line” material by code?

I create a line renderer by code:

trajectory = gameObject.AddComponent<LineRenderer>();

But this line renderer has pink color due to it doesn’t have any material assigned, so I wanted to assign it the “Default-Line” material that Unity provides. I’ve tried a lot of things but nothing works, the thing that convinces me the most is:

trajectory.material = Resources.GetBuiltinResource<Material>("Default-Line");

But this, also, doesn’t work. How do I assing “Default-Line” material by code?

admin – Magento2 | Add select-box with search/filter option | Auto suggestor

admin – Magento2 | Add select-box with search/filter option | Auto suggestor – Magento Stack Exchange

plugins – Add Woocommerce Fast and standard delivery optin

plugins – Add Woocommerce Fast and standard delivery optin – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

permissions – SP REST – add an existing group to site with REST api?

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Possible to add a clock/current time into a Google Slide?

I’m trying to convert a powerpoint used for signage to Google Slides, but I can’t figure out a way to display the current time on the slide. Is it possible to have a script do that?

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