magento2 – How to add an icon next to Payment Method for Amazon Pay?

I have looked for some similar questions but I cannot understand how.
It is the default Amazon payment module that comes with Magento 2
I am editing this file


but it is not having an effect (it also did setup: upgrade, s: s: d, c: f ..)

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* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License").
* You cannot use this file except in compliance with the License.
* A copy of the License is in
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* permissions and limitations under the License.
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Amazon payment icon

SharePoint Powershell script: update or add conditional list item

I found this script and it works very well. But I need it to verify if the list item exists first and make an update if so. Otherwise, add the list item as new. At this time, just keep adding them.

Can anyone help me modify the script so that it first checks the list item by SiteID and updates it if it finds it? Otherwise, add it as new. I found this link where it could be done, but I need help to do the same with my script. update SPList using csv through Powershell

if((Get-PSSnapin "Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell") -eq $null)
      Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell

function Get-UsefulWebsitesFromSql                        
    #Connect to the database                        
    $conn = New-Object System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection("Data Source=mySQLServer;Initial Catalog=myDB;User ID=username;Password=******")                        
    Write-Progress -Id 1 -ParentId 0 -Activity "Importing Data From SQL into SharePoint" -PercentComplete (1) -Status "Opening Connection to the SQL Server";                        
        #Execute the query                        
        Write-Progress -Id 1 -ParentId 0 -Activity "Importing Data From SQL into SharePoint" -PercentComplete (2) -Status "Querying SQL Server";                           
        $query = "select * from dbo.dimSite where ContractID = 'I-000124'"                        
        $dap = new-object System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter($query,$conn);                        
        $dt = new-object System.Data.DataTable;                        
        $w = Get-SPWeb https://mysecurus/dev1;                        
        $list = $w.Lists("dimSite List");                           
        $listTitle = $list.Title;                        
        $pi = $dt.Rows.Count;                              
        $pci = 1;                                       
        $itemsAdded = 0;                               

        Write-Progress -Id 1 -ParentId 0 -Activity "Importing Data From SQL into SharePoint" -PercentComplete (25/($pi+45)*100) -Status "Importing ($pi) items into SharePoint.";                              

        foreach($r in $dt.Rows)                        
            Write-Progress -Id 1 -ParentId 0 -Activity "Importing Data From SQL into SharePoint" -PercentComplete (($pci+25)/($pi+45)*100) -Status "Importing ($pi) items into SharePoint.";                        
            Write-Progress -Id 2 -ParentId 1 -Activity "Adding new items to $listTitle" -PercentComplete ($pci/$pi*100) -Status "Importing item $pci into SharePoint.";                        
            $i = $list.Items.Add();                        
                #Set the Title                        
                $i("Title") = $r("SiteNm"); 
                #Set the SiteID
                $i("SiteID") = $r("SiteID"); 
                #Set the ContractID
                $i("ContractID") = $r("ContractID"); 
                #Save changes to the item                        
                Write-Host ((String)::Format("Added item: '{0}',",$r("SiteNm"))) -ForegroundColor Green;                        
            catch (System.Exception){                        
                Write-Host ((String)::Format(" Error adding item. Item {0} has been skipped. Error: {1}. ",$r("SiteNm"),$_)) -ForegroundColor Red -BackgroundColor White;                        
        Write-Progress -Id 1 -ParentId 0 -Activity "Importing Data From SQL into SharePoint" -PercentComplete (80) -Status "Closing SQL Connection.";                              
        Write-Host ((String)::Format("Finished importing items into the list. Imported {0} items. ",$itemsAdded)) -ForegroundColor Blue -BackgroundColor White;                        
        Write-Progress -Id 1 -ParentId 0 -Activity "Importing Data From SQL into SharePoint" -PercentComplete (90) -Status "Finished importing ($pi) items into SharePoint.";                        
    catch (System.Exception){                        
        Write-Host ((String)::Format("Error: {0} ",$_)) -ForegroundColor Red -BackgroundColor White;                           
        Write-Progress -Id 1 -ParentId 0 -Activity "Importing Data From SQL into SharePoint" -PercentComplete (100) -Status "An error occurred.";                               
#Call the function                        

Thanks for the help!

7 – Modify the POST data of the form Add to cart provided by #action

I will gradually remove Drupal Commerce on our website in favor of a new custom application that is hosted on another URL. Without completely rebuilding everything, I am trying to cancel the Add to Cart form to redirect POST data to the new application.

Using $ form (& # 39; # action & # 39;) I can redirect correctly and download shows something like this:

array(7) {
    string(1) "2"
    string(4) "8566"
    string(48) "form--90fc5Yp9qgp4CVFJlq03jfEZyYBkAhDX-j7E5g9oBQ"
    string(43) "T08Fl1dNHuI4BCZ4JuLNwxbw6gUTOfnodbc1zcQMR4E"
    string(35) "commerce_cart_add_to_cart_form_8566"
    array(1) {
        array(1) {
            array(1) {
                string(3) "yes"
        string(11) "Add to cart"

This is useful, but product_id is useless since I need more information, such as the SKU or a custom ID field that I have at the product level. I can't seem to get this to provide me with the product information I need.

Initially I tried to use a custom send driver, but that didn't work. drupal_http_request is not correct, since it only sends publication data, it actually redirects with publication data as the action does.

So, since configuring the action works very well, how would you alter this form to send more information during that step within hook_form_alter?

Python: how to use the same variable to add different keys in a dictionary?

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How to add google maps to contact us page magento2

I'm new to magento. I want to add google maps on the COntact Us page in magento. I don't understand how to do it? Someone help.

Add column to customer_grid_flat from customer_entity.update_at

I would like to ask how to create a new column in customer_grid_flat that will be called updated_at and you will get the values ​​of customer_entity.update_at. I tried indexer but it doesn't add any columns in the customer_grid_flat table. Need help! Thank you!

Add a table in Sharepoint Modern Sites?

I'm trying to make a row of 4 buttons, so I want to put them inside a table, all with the same width. But I can't find any web part to put tables. Is there any way to do this?

trade: help me write a condition and action of the rule to remove the discount line and add the payment

I am trying to write a rule for an existing order.
The order has a total of zero due to the discount (Commerce), for example:
Widget $ 3.00
Discount – $ 3.00

For the condition, I would like to verify if a specific discount applies.
For the action, I would like to:
1. remove the discount line (- $ 3.00)
2. Add the existing (specific) check payment method with the total before the discount ($ 3.00)
3. Perform the "cash" / authorized transaction in the payment method.

So far I only managed to do step 1. using the trade_coupon_rules_order_has_specific_coupon.patch looking for a specific coupon, which works but ideally a condition that seeks a discount would be preferable. I could not perform any of the operations in steps 2 and 3.

online sharepoint – OneDrive could not synchronize – "Sorry, OneDrive cannot add your folder at this time", MachineIsNotAllowedToSync

I have two computers in discussion, one of work (united in a company domain) and another staff. Trying to synchronize OneDrive for the company on the personal computer fails, with this message:

"Sorry, OneDrive cannot add your folder at this time"

After hours of digging, debugging with Fiddle like here
OneDrive cannot connect to Sharepoint

It turned out exactly the same problem


My computer is probably not "bound" in that active directory domain.

But I don't want AD at all, I just want my files when I work remotely.
This is totally crazy, since I can log in to sharepoint from the web browser very well, access my folders, full access. Basically I create a TEST folder in sharepoint, upload files, download, do what I like.

But still OneDrive refuses to synchronize … it doesn't seem logical at all.

My one million question:
How can I provide the required GUID or another way to resolve this?

Thanks in advance,