Actual offers after 18+ transformed everything

Finally, I thought that it is really the way you love the memorandum of the real solar panel, which obviously each manufacturer offers to choose to adhere to when it appears. Since just people who see the bottom of the footwear you've been and also the players, a person walks away in your wake up, the real After 18+ includes a really striking solar panel. In the end, it is warned that the Adidas Predator 19.4 TF soccer shoes, which makes it difficult to use, as well as large images, can begin to see the full nick or even decrease, but we agree with the manufacturers, the Adidas Predator 19.4 TF soccer shoes offer that benefit of providing real large plastic material design below feet, as well as getting some powerful color hazards. If you can't consider the dangers at all, an observed part of the cheap Adidas X 18+ FG football boot, exactly where can you consider the dangers?


Since 18+ can make everyone look like we should end up testing in a windy channel, he's wearing this type of footwear around the area, as well as before the golf ball decides whether this kind of story inside his personal store of Nike Tiempo Legend VII FG soccer shoes correct or even if we end up sitting here, in the end, considering exactly what the Nike Magista artwork II TF soccer shoe might have been. For any trunk that looks like a good respect to the F50, without laces, with the real PureSpeed ​​construction, we were all prepared to remember directly the nearest defensive player and discover exactly what type of footwear he experienced available. . We all loved the original PureSpeed ​​By 16+, but the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF FG football boots, experienced as By 17+, have been as good as the change for any suitable trunk. After 18+ real offers transformed everything, but does this offer everything that is done for the elderly?

His first minutes in this type of footwear will be invested in recognizing exactly how carefully the real trunk hugs his own feet despite the laces that have a little tension in the ball. This particular ends after theft and also understands that this particular beauty in the boot is based on the real soft lining that works under all the skeletal tissue portions of the trunk. Despite what we should believe through photos with the real trunk in our hands, the real skeletal fabric, as well as the thin artificial lining along with everything else, is fair for the Adidas Predator football shoe online store Precision TF give the trunk its shape and keep your feet secured inside. The real fabric is not your own standard fabric, they are just a few strings, and nothing exceeds exactly what we have observed through FlyKnit or even PrimeKnit produces, as well as not doing anything to really give your ball a different feel. Also, at the moment, there is not enough to express that there are more rubs on your ball.

Optimize the query that according to the plan produces more than 500 billion rows: the actual result is only 400k rows

I am trying to improve database performance. I have noticed a query that according to the plan produces many rows, but I know that, in fact, there are no more than 400k rows in the table after that insertion. Why is there such a big difference between the current plan and the result of the consultation?
The consultation plan is here

Actual analysis: the limit of a function with derivative of at least 1_Q

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php – I need to show 7 posts from the actual date

I have a specific category, in which I have many publications.
Each publication begins, for example, on October 21, 2019.

I have this code to show the posts in the correct sequence:

class GoroskopController


static function get_data($parent_id, $number, $heading, $heading_color = 'dark')
    $loop = new WP_Query(GoroskopModule::loop_args($parent_id, $number));

    if ($loop->have_posts()) :

        echo '
'; echo '
' . $heading . '
'; while ($loop->have_posts()) : $loop->the_post(); $this_date = self::this_gor(get_the_title()); include "templates/block.php"; endwhile; wp_reset_query(); echo ($parent_id == 156) ? '' : ''; echo '
'; endif; } static function now_date() { $m = ( 'january' => '01', 'february' => '02', 'march' => '03', 'april' => '04', 'may' => '05', 'june' => '06', 'jule' => '07', 'august' => '08', 'september' => '09', 'october' => '10', 'november' => '11', 'december' => '12' ); return $m; } static function this_gor($title) { $gor_date = explode(' ', $title); $m = self::now_date(); $this_date = date('d.m.Y'); $day = (mb_strlen($gor_date(0),'UTF-8') == 1) ? '0' . $gor_date(0) : $gor_date(0); $month = $gor_date(1); $year = $gor_date(2); foreach ($m as $key => $value) { if ($month == $key) $month = $value; } $sep = '.'; $gor_out_date = $day . $sep . $month . $sep . $year; $this_gor = ($this_date == $gor_out_date) ? true : ''; return $this_gor; }


and now I need to show only 7 posts from the actual date.

I tried this

class GoroskopModule


static function loop_args($parent_id, $number)
    $args = (
        'cat' => $parent_id,
        'showposts' => '7',
        'orderby' => 'ID',
        'order' => 'asc',
        'date_query' => array('after' => date('d.m.Y', strtotime('-2 days')) )

    return $args;


but it doesn't work because I have many posts that they published on the same day.

I need to show 7 publications of the actual date calculated in the first code. ty

api: how should I handle cases like this in which the Bitcoin Core documentation establishes one thing and the actual program does something else?

The so-called Bitcoin Core RPC API "getnewaddress" is documented here:


Result: "address" (string) The new bitcoin address

In other words, it is assumed that it returns an associative array that contains only the element & # 39; address & # 39 ;, which is a string that represents the new Bitcoin receiving address.

Anyway, that currently returns only one "untitled" string without an array / object. It is just a simple string of immediate output, not wrapped in any matrix / object / container. Perhaps this is what they mean by "(string)", but it sure seems to me that the "address" part makes it an associative matrix with an element. This seems to be the case elsewhere in the API:

The call "sendtoaddress" does returns an associative matrix with only one "txid" element, and is documented as "getnewaddress":

Result: "txid" (string) The transaction ID.

(Or all my previous work was in vain and I was really wrong. I can't try to send Bitcoin easily.)

Should I assume that they will not change the behavior of the program, but the documentation? Or will they really change the program to reflect the documentation? If they ever do, my code is broken as I expect the return value to be a string and not an array with an element called & # 39; address & # 39 ;.

These kinds of things cause me a lot of stress, especially because there is money involved and the slightest mistake could cause huge losses or (in the best case) a ton of manual nightmare work to try to "restore the state" after something It is in disrepair halfway.

Note: I cannot report errors to your GitHub page because MS GitHub does not allow me to register an account. I even gave up on trying.

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plotting – Why does Mathematica set the ListPlot x axis as a number of points instead of the actual values?

You can use DataRange for this purpose. For example:

data = Sin[Subdivide[0, 2Pi, 100]];

Without DataRange:


enter the description of the image here

With DataRange:

ListPlot[data, DataRange->{0, 2Pi}]

enter the description of the image here

An alternative is to use a peer list, for example:

ListPlot @ Table[{x, Sin[x]}, {x, Subdivide[0, 2Pi, 100]}]

same image as before

For the b1 / b2 visa, is it okay to change my actual travel itinerary from the original travel plans I described on the DS 160 form?

I received the b1 / b2 visa and I want to travel to the USA. UU. According to my original travel plans, I only gave 12 days for my trip while applying for the DS160 visa, but now I want to stay around 50 days to extend my time in the US. UU. For tourism purposes and follow-up meetings.

I also want to change my hotel (the place where you stay in the US in DS 160 form) since I found a cheaper and more convenient one.

As it is my first time travel, I am a little worried about these changes, since they are not in line with my original travel plans described in DS 160.

Is it okay to move on with the new plan or should I strictly book my flight and hotel according to DS 160 that I requested?

c – Why does the result of my printing operation print 00 and not the actual result?

I'm practicing the syntax of the C language, a code about voting, I wrote a code and went to compile to test, but it gave me an error, I broke my head here and it doesn't solve, I made a castingand it didn't work, I tapped with int, double, float is nothing,%d,%f %i is nothing…


int main(int argc, char*argv())

    double totalv=0, vnulos=0,vbrancos=0,vvalidos=0;
    double v,n,b;

    printf("digite a quantidade de votos brancosn");
    printf("digite a quantidade de votos nulosn");
    printf("digite a quantidade de votos válidosnn");

        printf(" foram um total de %.2d de votos nulos totalizando um percentual de %d %%",vnulos,n);

        printf("valor incompatíveln tente novamenten");

    return 0;

unit: actual sizes of an image loaded with a path

I have a method that selects an image of the device. I need to show this image to users.

The codes below work well, they do what I need.

    Texture2D texture = new Texture2D(512, 512);

I just want to know how to change new Texture2D(512, 512) to actual size of this image.

Maybe this: new Texture2D(img.ActualWidth, img.ActualHeight)

Any ideas?

Also, is there any way to get the original width and height of an image loaded with a base64String ?

    byte() imageBytes = Convert.FromBase64String(base64Str);
    Texture2D textureImage= new Texture2D(**250, 300**);