macos: Is there an alternative command line to the Activity Monitor that would yield the same results?

A good reference to give an idea of ​​the energy tab is given here. It relates to the Power column of the superior command that can be generated using the superior command as such: state superior pid, command, cpu, idle, power -or power -d The power column is usually not displayed due to the width of the monitor.

Android 3.4 Windows / Linux crashes when trying to design GUI activity with ConstraintLayout

In my Android project I am trying to design an activity GUI:
If I try to enter margins for a Custom View within ConstraintLayout, as seen in the screenshot above, I get the following exception:
This error / exception appears in the Windows and Linux versions. Does anyone know any kind of solution?

android studio – How to send a data from an Activity to a class that extends from View

Well, that's it, I'm new to programming and to the community so my apologies if I do not know how to behave, the thing is that I'm trying to send a parameter from an Activity Data towards a class Canvas but I can not find a way to do it, I tried to send the parameters from Data with intent.putExtra and receive them in Canvas with getIntent () but because Canvas it's a class the method does not work.

class Canvas extends from View because I use it as a container Canvas.

public class Canvas extends View {

I would greatly appreciate the help and suggestions if I do not understand.

Strange and strange activity of Beam server support.

Very strange situation with the support of
I can not get my account activated for 4 days (as of Sunday), still in Pending status
Invoice # 23430 for with 2 dedicated IP addresses – paid 14.04
And it is not a custom server with specific configuration, but only a reseller account in a virtual hosting!

The support (Martin) just asked yesterday (04/16/2019 10:53 # 344292) a really irrelevant question "Hello, do you need to use the dedicated ip as shared ip of the distributor or for a single host?
and that's all people!
The seller in the chat can not do anything because he is "just a seller".
I used this accommodation since 2016 and it was good, but not anymore.

Free activity time monitoring tool

Hi guys,

I think we all know how important it is to keep our sites / servers active all the time. Any downtime can damage the reputation of our company, making us lose potential customers and a lot of money.

Responding to the needs of the market, we have decided to create a completely free up-time monitoring tool called

Like many payment services offered, we present many features that help you pay attention to the prize: monitoring of websites and servers with 2-minute intervals, content verifications, customizable alerts and much more.

Since it does not cost a single penny, try and let us do your job for you, overseeing all your important assets, alerting you whenever something bad happens.

I hope you find it useful!


privacy: views of the website page for pages that do not exist, is it spam or malicious activity?

I recently bought my first domain name and set up Google Analytics, partially to learn and also out of curiosity.

I have noticed that I receive several visits per day (although my site is not registered in any search engine), but in pages that do not exist and also with strange queries associated with them.

For example, some of the strange successes for which I have had visits to the page are:

/ about? dm_device = mobile
/ contact? dm_device = mobile
/ categories / 54920394
/ shop / shoes-38932522

Although I have no route to / contact / categories or / store, or many of the other pages that have been tried to access, on my site.

I have looked at the host name for these page visits and they do not match the correct hostname to access the site, so I assume that maybe some other site is using my GAID.

My biggest concern is that they may be malicious attacks of some kind.

The reason I thought this is that since I noticed that these pages were visited in GA, I have received numerous spam calls on my mobile (5 or 6 per day), with recorded voicemail messages that are not in English, so I have no idea what he's saying.

I have verified that the protection of my whois is working and, on the surface, it seems that my information is protected, so it could be a coincidence on these spam calls.

If anyone can clarify what may be going on here and possibly reassure me, I would really appreciate it, and I apologize if I had not asked this in the right place.

Thank you

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How to call the activity from an external application and configure url?

So I managed to call a webview activity from frida objection, and I was wondering how I could call it and configure it from outside the application, it's also worth noting that it's a matter of appboy.

User activity by Xon

AnimeHaxor has sent a new resource:

User activity by Xon: shows user activity by content

Shows the user's activity below the content.

Supported content:

  • Rags
  • Conversations

Permissions / Options

  • See users who are viewing content


Originally derived from …

User activity by Xon

applications – Customized activity dimensions for a native C ++ application for Android

I'm new to Android development and I have a game that I've ported to Android with C ++ NDK for r28 (Android 9). It works well and everyone, except the portrait and landscape modes, stretches the screen and does not look good.

I had the idea of ​​doubling the height of the screen and half of the screen in portrait mode would be the area of ​​the joystick. This would solve two problems: 1) the aspect ratio of the screen will look better and 2) touching the screen will not interfere with the game.

This also proved to be complicated because each Android phone has a different size. Event, if I say twice as high, it is possible that some phones still have to stretch a little.

I can have a LinearLayout with 2 Activities, one for the game and the other for this area of ​​the joystick, and have them communicate with each other through IPC and it can look a little better. But what other solutions are there?