macbook pro – Is there a way to change colour of active tab in finder?

macbook pro – Is there a way to change colour of active tab in finder? – Ask Different

email server – postfix/qmgr: warning: qmgr_active_done_3_generic: remove BCD2761F9C from active: No such file …rectory

I have a CentOS 7 with postfix and dovecot and dovecot-mysql installed. Receiving the errors shown:

Sep 05 02:17:32 postfix/qmgr[22004]: warning: qmgr_active_done_3_generic: remove BCD2761F9C from active: No such file …rectory

I do not understand the message warning: No such file or directory..
Is this related with PHPMailer; since I am using PHPMailer to send emails?

active directory – Trying to reproduce petitpotam exploit, got “KDC_ERROR_CLIENT_NOT_TRUSTED (62)” error

I’m following this article to reproduce the EFS bug:

My environment:

  1. Windows 2016 AD (Hostname: W2016$)
  2. Windows 2016 SRV01 (Running AD CS service)
  3. Windows 2016 SRV02 (Attack machine)

I’ve successfully generated the certificate with ntlmrelayx

(*) Skipping user W2016$ since attack was already performed
(*) Base64 certificate of user W2016$:

Then I logged in to SRV02 with a low privilege user. When I pass the ticket in kekeo, it results in KDC_ERROR_CLIENT_NOT_TRUSTED error:

# tgt::ask /pfx:xxx /user:W2016$ / /ptt

Realm        : (corp)
User         : W2016$ (W2016$)
CName        : W2016$   (KRB_NT_PRINCIPAL (1))
SName        : krbtgt/    (KRB_NT_SRV_INST (2))
Need PAC     : Yes
Auth mode    : RSA
(kdc) name: (auto)
(kdc) addr: (auto)

Does anyone know what’s wrong here?

active directory – ADFS with SAML: Error MSIS7075

I’m currently seting up a dev environment to test SAML Login for our web app. Since many customers use Microsoft AD, I’m now trying to setup ADFS with a simple SAML provider.

The SAML Redirect from my app to the AD Server works but after I login with my User Account, error MSIS7075: SAML authentication request for the WebSSO profile must not specify any SubjectConfirmations pops up in the ADFS eventlog.

I’ve checked the signedsamlrequestsrequired Parameter, which is set to False.
(as noted here: SAML authentication fails with error MSIS7075)

My request does not include any SubjectConfirmations Nodes. The Auth Request works with KeyCloak. I have to set the saml:Issuer to http://... instead of https://... (see below), though that might be because I missed the s somewhere in the configuration. The SAML Target URL begins with https://...

I followed, but setup everything on the same virtual machine (IIS, ADFS, …) because I need a simple setup that may be startet as a single machine. I don’t need anything production ready but mearly a working dev environment for development tests.

Any Idea how to fix this? Or is there any Windows2012R2 guide on how to set up ADFS together with SAML?

Here is the SAML Request im sending:


active directory – Can any local domain controller authenticate NTLM or do they pass it on to the primary domain controller?

When a Windows server needs to authenticate a domain user with NTLM it asks the local domain controller.

My question is whether that domain controller (assuming the user is in that domain) can process NTLM authentication entirely locally, OR, does it have to forward the request to the primary domain controller to do part of the authentication?

I would have assumed it does it entirely locally but NTLM has been around since NT 4 and the PDC carries PDC Emulator responsibilities. Furthermore DCs are meant to be in constant contact with the PDC otherwise weird things can happen, but that weirdness is not well defined.

The reason I ask is to determine whether specific authentication issues between servers and a DC (that I won’t go into here) could be influenced by WAN failures between the DC and the PDC.


permissions – Active Directory: pinpoint cause for access denied when modifying objects

I need a general way to determine the cause of access denied errors when modifying/moving/etc. objects in AD. I know that I can view “effective permissions” but not sure which permission corresponds to which real world action.

For example, the computer objects in a certain OU have the Delete effective permission, but I can’t move it to a new OU that was created.

group policy – GPO to set DFS Path to Active in Referral List for mapped drive

I have a DFS Namespace of domain.lclDFS that replicates a folder ReplFolder across 3 geographically dispersed servers:


I can manually map a drive to \domain.lclDFSReplFolder and it works great.

However, I want to be able to set up a GPO to set the active path so that the users in Vancouver, their active path is set to \VANCOUVERFolderA, and same for the users in the other 2 locations. Is there a GPO or Registry setting that would be able to set this?

This can already be manually done by right clicking the drive letter on the client, selecting the DFS tab, and setting the preferred Path to “Active”. But for 500+ users, I’d like to automate this somehow.

Unfortunately we do not have AD Sites & Services enabled in our environment, otherwise I would go that route.

Thanks very much in advance.

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Count Active & inactive employee from 2 different tables and set value 0 if employee is not found in any of the tables

SELECT Emp_Name, COUNT(Usr_Status) as ‘Total Active’
FROM tb1
SELECT Emp_Name, COUNT(Usr_Status) as ‘Total InActive’
FROM tb2

enter image description here

replication – mySQL cluster with Active Active DC

replication – mySQL cluster with Active Active DC – Database Administrators Stack Exchange

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