dnd 5e – Why is it so important for the party to acquire the Strahd Volume?

As part of the reading of Tarroka's letter, the party is informed of the location of three "treasures"; the solar sword, the sacred symbol of Ravenkind and the volume of Strahd.

Looking at the description of the Sacred Symbol of Ravenkind in Appendix C (p. 222), it seems something that a group of adventures wishing to bring down a powerful vampire would like to have. The Sword of the Sun is also obvious when you want to face a vampire; in fact, the extract from Strahd's Volume (p. 252-253) describes what Strahd fears.

But how does Strahd's Volume help the party? They really don't need to know that Strahd fears the Sword of the Sun because any vampire is right to fear any Sun Blade, and we don't need to read your diary to solve it. The adventure at least implies that it is as important as the other two elements by including them in the same Tarroka card reading that guides the party during the adventure.

However, I can't see what makes it as important as the other two elements when all it does is give it some history. It may be interesting for players to learn, but the party could happily skip the part where they collect that book (although some history would be lost) and face Strahd with only the Sword of the Sun and the Sacred Symbol of Ravenkind and still have the same odds of win.

Having the book on his person does not seem to confer any benefit to the party. It's not that every object should be a super powerful magic object, but at least I expected him to tell you a secret that would indirectly facilitate the fight against Strahd or something. I thought the idea was that if they marched directly to Strahd's castle, he would clean the floor with him, but each of these special items they acquire along the way increases their chances of success against him.

The only effect it seems to have is that it enrages Strahd, but I imagine that assaulting his castle with the other two powerful objects and trying to kill him would be enough motivation for him to be angry enough. From the description of the Strahd Volume in Appendix C (p. 221):

If Strahd sees, or finds out about a servant, that the volume has fallen into the group's possession, all of his other objectives (see chapter 1, "Into the Mists") remain on hold until the book is recovered. When Strahd attacks, his preferred target is who has the volume.

The reason I ask is because of the motivation in the character. Why would the party want this besides "because the reading of the card told us where it was, and the other two elements he told us seem quite important, so I guess this must also be …"- I don't want my players to find it, Sunsword in hand, and go"oh, it's just a story that doesn't really tell us anything useful … what was the point of that?"Keep in mind that my players are not all who make numbers, they mainly enjoy the narrative, but they still need a reason in the character to worry about this Volume.

So, is there any benefit (mechanical or narrative) that Strahd's Volume gives the party against Strahd (directly or indirectly)?

synchronization: which board to use to activate and acquire data from multiple cameras

I am looking for a convenient board that allows me to activate camera recording at the same time and acquire data from them at a frequency of 100Hz. Every 10 ms I acquire an image of each camera (we are planning to use 4 cameras). you should look for a microcontroller, DSP, raspberry pi … no processing is expected inside the board, just turn on (shoot the recording), acquire data, turn off
I hope any kind of hint thanks
Hier a visualization of my question

Guide to acquire RuneScape Archer Helm – Forex Training

Do you want an archer's helmet? It can be obtained after completing the search for Runescape Fremennik Trials, which requires you to be sincerely accepted by the people of Fremennik. And 45 Defense is also necessary to use the helm. Now, go ahead, get more details about it.

Requirements for using the Runescape Archer Helm

To use the archer's helmet, you not only have to complete the Fremennik Trials mission, but you must have 45 Defense. Only the two requirements have been met, the rudder can be purchased with 78,000 coins from Skulgrimen & # 39; s Battle Gear, which is a gun shop located north of the Longhall in Rellekka.

Tips for completing RS Fremennik tests for the goalkeeper's helmet

Runescape Fremennik Trials is a mission for members only with seven tests. To help you complete the search easily and quickly, here is a brief guide shared with you:
1. Skill Requirements
– 40 crafts
– 25 Fletching
– 40 woodcut
– Ability to defeat a level 96 NPC
– Ability to defeat a fairly strong warrior without armor and weapons.
2. Item requirements
– Beer and 250 coins are needed when you complete the first test, Manni the Reveler.
– Raw potato, onion, cabbage and a raw shark are necessary to complete Olaf the Bard.
– You better finish the Sigli the Huntsman test with a combat equipment item.
– 5,000 coins for the Sigmund The Merchant test
– We strongly recommend that you bring lots of food (such as sharks), recoil rings, super attack potions, super strength potions and super defense potions for the Thorvald the Warrior test. Also, be sure to store all armor and weapons before visiting Thorvald.
Upon completing the mission, you will receive the ability to use the archer's helmet.

In a word, you can follow this short guide to get the Runescape archer's helmet. If you want more RS guidance, go to the professional RSorder at any time.

dnd 5e: Can a character acquire additional funds, or at least their benefits?

No and yes

No, a character cannot replace his backstory. It already happened, so it really wouldn't make sense for them to lose the benefit.

Yes, there are no background ways to get most of these things. This is what the Faction Agent gets you, according to SCAG 147-8:

  • Skill Skills (two of your choice)
  • Languages ​​(two of your choice)
  • Equipment: badge or emblem of your faction, a copy of a seminal faction text (or a code book for a covert faction), a set of common clothing and a bag containing 15 gp.
  • Feature: Safe Haven: has access to a secret network of supporters and operatives, etc., etc.
  • Features and motivations: Acolyte background, with exchange of & # 39; faith & # 39; by & # 39; faction & # 39 ;.

The first two are not very distinctive. The equipment section could literally be Bregan giving his charlatan a backpack full of things. Safe Haven is he promising some underground support. Traits and motivations depend mainly on the player and are beyond your reach.

So basically, all this could be free. However, as a DM, you will not want to show favoritism, and you may want to provide rule support.

PHB 187, in the Downtime Activities section, is a Training subsection. With an instructor, 250 days and 250 gp, you can learn a new language (or a set of tools).

DMG 227 begins a section called Other Rewards. Near the end on page 231 there is a section called Training, which offers competence in skills as an option.

For a faction emblem, flip a page back and consider the Prestige Mark option of a medal. This should cover the special item of the team.

Finally, for Safe Haven, see the Special Favors section. This could provide a particularly good role play as faction agents begin to come to you to get the favors due or to look for new ones.

How to acquire a client for an online investment platform?

Hello everyone! My team and I have just launched an online investment platform, and we are about to start doing more for marketing. Any suggestions on how to market our platform?

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javascript – Acquire a new token with `axios.interceptors`

When the token expires, I want to get a new token based on refresh_token. I have read that this can be obtained with axios.interceptors. Please check if I have correctly configured axios.interceptors and if I have placed it in the right place, that is, aboveItems class.
axios.interceptors.response is assigned to theinterceptor variable. What should I do with this variable? In addition to `axios.interceptors & # 39 ;, I need to get a new token. The token is valid for 24 hours. I have to wait 24 hours to see if it works, or if possible in a different way, faster.

Code here: https://stackblitz.com/edit/react-pkea41

import axios from 'axios';

axios.defaults.baseURL = localStorage.getItem('domain');

const interceptor = axios.interceptors.response.use(
  response => response,
  error => {
      // Reject promise if usual error
      if (errorResponse.status !== 401) {
          return Promise.reject(error);

       * When response code is 401, try to refresh the token.
       * Eject the interceptor so it doesn't loop in case
       * token refresh causes the 401 response

      return axios.post('/api/refresh_token', {
          'refresh_token': JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('token'))('refresh_token')
      }).then(response => {
          localStorage.setItem('token', JSON.stringify(response.data));
          error.response.config.headers('Authorization') = 'Bearer ' + response.data.access_token;
          return axios(error.response.config);
      }).catch(error => {
          localStorage.setItem('token', '');
          return Promise.reject(error);

class Items extends Component {

  constructor (props) {
    this.state = {


  render () {
    return (
) } } render(, document.getElementById('root'));

dnd 5e – Is there a way for the character of an adventure league in the eighth season to acquire a heavy armor competition?

There are certain divine domains of clerics that provide the heavy armor domain as a class feature ("bonus domain"), which means that it does not need to appear in the multiclass competition table (PHB, page 164). See this question for more information about that.

Bonus skill
When you choose this domain in the first level, you gain ability with heavy armor.

Life Domain (PHB, page 60) is one of those examples of the PHB, but there are others (but whether or not you can have permission to choose some of them can depend on which books are allowed with your "PHB + 1"). Depending on the domain you choose, you could also master the martial weapon.

This also means that only a multiclass level will "cost" you to get that armor skill, with no need to spend any ASI on feats like Heavily Armored (unless you need to use the ASI to achieve certain skill scores, see below. .)

Note that, according to the multi-classification requirement in PHB, p. 163, you must have an Intelligence score of at least 13 (which I assume you will have as an assistant) for multiclass outside of assistant, and a Wisdom score of at least 13 to multiclass inside cleric…

Also keep in mind that your cleric spells would be based on Wisdom, not Intelligence, so, unless you have the same Intelligence and Wisdom scores (at the time of writing, you have not indicated your character's skill scores) , your cleric spells would probably be a little less powerful than your wizard spells (for example, with regard to how high your spell attack bonus and DC is to save spells). But a magician who is capable of healing is always good to have …

dnd 5e – Is there any way for the character of an adventure league in the eighth season to acquire a heavy armor competition?

There are certain divine domains of clerics that provide the heavy armor domain as a class feature ("bonus domain"), which means that it does not need to appear in the multiclass competition table (PHB, page 164).

Life Domain (PHB, page 60) is one of those examples of the PHB, but there are others (but some of them may depend on the books that are allowed with their "PHB + 1").

This also means that you will only "cost" a level multiclass to get that armor skill.

dnd 5e – How do you acquire an undead eyeball enclosed in a gem?

An undead eyeball

The acquisition of an undead eyeball itself seems relatively trivial to the unethical necromancer; Just kill someone, cheer him up like a zombie using Animate Dead and then tear off an eyeball from your new zombie friend.

I have interpreted that this requirement means the eyeball of an undead creature, not specifically an eyeball that is a non-dead creature animated in its own right; but it is a good basic element of the undead that the separate parts of a zombie remain animated independently, and like DM, I would like to … happily … allow you to acquire an undead eyeball animated through this procedure anyway.

Enclosed in a jewel

You must be able to manage this part of the component by using a large and expensive gem (no more than 1 foot in diameter), a set of jewelry tools and the repair cantrip. Simply divide the gemstone with a clean break; make a hollow space inside the gemstone large enough to contain your undead eyeball; place the eyeball inside, press the halves of your precious stone again and use Mending To seal the rest in the gem. The repair can only fix a single break or tear at a time, so you should be able to seal the original break without affecting the cut hole. Voilà; An undead eyeball wrapped in a precious stone.

The services of someone skilled in jewelry tools could be recommended for this process, since making a clean break is probably difficult for someone who shakes a hammer and a chisel without knowing what they are doing.

dnd 5e – Is there a way for a half-orc sorcerer to acquire a domain of heavy weapons?

The greataxe is a martial weapon as indicated on page 149 of the Player's manual. It also has heavy and two-handed properties, but these are irrelevant to obtain the ability.

Alternatively, if your DM allows you to perform multiclasses (PHB page 163), take a barbarian level, ClericoneFighter, Paladin or Ranger you get skill with all martial weapons, including Greataxe.

1: If you choose the Tempest or War domains.