Travel and accommodation arrangements around Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA

What are the names of different websites or web portals that provide information about private accommodation facilities (off-campus housing) for international graduate students, around the campus of the Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA?

I am looking for off-campus private housing facilities usually rented by university students of Iowa State University. I am looking to book private accommodation before the Fall 2021 semester
commences in August 2021.

Regarding room preferences, my preference is that of a studio or single-bedroom apartment.

Also, is the rent and other living expenses, combined together, in the case of private/off-campus housing in Ames, Iowa, the USA, less than that of the case of student housing provided by Iowa State University? Or, is it cheaper to stay in the student housing facilities provided by Iowa State University, especially applicable for graduate students (Ph.D.)?

Schengen visa reservation of return flight from another country than accommodation

I am going for travel from Barcelona (which is my main destination) and will continue to Amsterdam. Instead of booking my return flight from Amsterdam, the travel agency booked my return flight from Barcelona.

My accommodation papers show that I was in Amsterdam 1-2 days before the return flight. After I told him that I am getting back from Amsterdam, he said it doesn’t matter there is train (which makes the story that I did go from Barcelona to Amsterdam, and then from Amsterdam back to Barcelona for my return trip).

Do they actually care about this a the embassy? Can my visa get rejected because of this?

accommodation – Where should I look for a shared apartment in Poznan/Poland?

Is there a website where I can look for shared flats/rooms in Poznan? I need the accommodation for about 1 year.

I know of but this is only for renting a full flat. As reference for what I’m looking for there’s the German that offers rooms in already existing shared flats.

I’m not a student so I cannot rely on student housing.

Help is greatly appreciated!

airports – Turkish Airlines rules to get free accommodation on long layovers

I’ve flown a couple of times with Turkish Airlines and, the last time I had a long layover at Istanbul airport I applied to a free tour with Touristanbul. When I was waiting for the tour start at the Hotel Desk, I saw a lot of groups of people that were taken to hotels and along the tour somebody told me that they had a long layover and Turkish paid for a hotel for them. I had no time to ask at the Hotel Desk. I’d like to know how to get this free hotel, if it really exists.

accommodation – Where to stay in eastern Slovenia?

We’re planning a one-night stay in Slovenia within the trip to Southern Croatia in the summer, and the quickest ride is through Maribor. And since all the beautiful mountains, lakes, and caves are in western Slovenia around Ljubliana, I want to ask, does anybody know some good places to stay in max 40-50km radius from Maribor or near the main highway to Zagreb (E59)?

accommodation – Annapurna Tilicho Lake without camping?

accommodation – Annapurna Tilicho Lake without camping? – Travel Stack Exchange

Why do some countries require a proof of accommodation in their visa application?

I am applying for a visa to enter a country. The visa application requires a proof of fully-paid accommodation post-quarantine.

I understand the usefulness of a proof of accommodation if:

  1. It was challenging to find accommodation. However, the country in question has a plethora of near-empty hotels desperate to find customers
  2. The visa applicant was impecunious. However, the visa application also requires a proof of funds via bank statements.
  3. The country wants to make sure that the visa applicant has somewhere to stay for the first few nights. However, the country imposes a mandatory 14-day quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic in designated quarantine facilities.

In that context, why do some countries require a proof of accommodation in their visa application?

Affordable accommodation around Ireland? [closed]

Would be moving to Ireland in September, I’m looking for an affordable apartment that would not be too expensive. can I get info on that?

What action is recommended if your accommodation refuses to let you leave without paying additional fees?

In this specific situation, the CAA has provided details of what to do at

In short, they advise not to pay anything unless their team specifically advises this in your personal circumstances. Ordinarily the accommodation providers would be expected to accept the CAA’s guarantee, which should be far more reliable than Thomas Cook’s guarantee that the providers were previously happily accepting.

Whether the contact number provided on that page is adequately staffed is another matter of course.

In general, the advice would be to contact whoever it is that you expect to be paying the hotel on your behalf (e.g. the travel agent who made the arrangements if they’re still trading, an insurance provider, or similar, or in this case the CAA), in order to clarify why the hotel isn’t accepting their payment or guarantee.

The original documentation providing details of the package, guarantees, insurance, etc. would also certainly have details of relevant emergency assistance numbers, so one can best prepare for unexpected situations like these by ensuring the relevant documentation is printed off and kept to hand.

accommodation – Where to live in Sweden for two months on a budget

Me and my girlfriend want to travel to the north of Sweden for about two months and we are looking for an option to stay. We dont have a particular place where we want to go. Anything between 62°N-70°N would be good. We would like to live rather remote (a very small town would be okay too). Since we are students we dont have too much money. Our budget would allow up to 400-500 euros (600 max) a month only for living. Do you have any suggestions for us?

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