Is it possible to generate a graph in the data access of two tables?

name   ran    date
steve  5      05/01/2018
bob    20     05/05/2018
bob    25     05/06/2018
bob    35     05/07/2018
steve  37     05/02/2018
bob    15     05/19/2018
steve  5      05/20/2018

name   boughtDate
bob    05/07/2018
bob    05/20/2018
steve  05/02/2018

I'm trying to see if we can generate a chart that shows how often people buy new shoes based on how many miles they run. My data more or less looks like this. I cannot understand how to add or configure the chart to accommodate such data. I wish I could see that Bob ran 45 miles before buying new shoes, and / or that, on average, he buys new shoes every X miles of miles.

it's possible?

Windows: access to the external memory address

char buffer(4096);
SIZE_T bytesRead;
HANDLE proc = OpenProcess(PROCESS_VM_READ, FALSE, );
ReadProcessMemory(proc, , buffer, 4096, &bytesRead);

I am putting aside many things here, for example, error checking to determine if you can really open the target process with the VM_READ permission, but it really is that simple. Virtual memory does not mean a single process I can not Accessing the memory of another, only means that the address space of each process is (by default) own, and if you want to access that of another person, you must request it.

Windows, by default, allows all processes that run as the same user and with the same level of integrity to obtain read access to the memory of others (processes of greater integrity can also read those of lesser integrity, although not the other way around). A process can change its own ACL or that of any other ACL that runs with the same or strictly minor privileges; This can be used to grant a process that runs under a different user access, if for any reason you wish to do so. Administrators (and anyone else with SeDebugPrivilege) can also access the memory of any another process (with the exception of some that have special "don't purge me!" indicators); That is why a debugger released as an administrator can debug (almost) anything.

Note that this code example also avoids two important steps: get the PID of the other process and get the address from which you want to read. The PID is quite easy (they are not especially secret, and anyone can easily list the processes that run as the same user), but obtaining the base address is more complicated. You can do, using debug symbols or simply XORing an expected base address with the current ASLR mask of the operating system (which is the same for all processes running on the machine, although it changes with each restart), but you must put something effort on it. If you request an address that is not assigned in the destination process, the ReadProcessMemory The call will simply fail.

As a side note, APIs are Windows specific, but the concept is not. Each operating system that supports debugging has a way of reading the memory of another process. This includes Linux, MacOS, etc. Sometimes, the default permissions on a memory access between processes are different, but it is always possible for a sufficiently privileged process.

Does the multilingual feat allow me to choose a language that I don't have access to?

The multilingual feat Pathfinder 2e says:

You easily choose new languages. You learn two new languages, chosen
of common languages, unusual languages ​​and any other that you have
access to

Unusual character options, including languages, require some special function to access. For example, Gnome Weapon Training grants access to Gnome weapons.

Does the multilingual feat allow a player to access an unusual language to which he does not have access? The text of the feat says that you can choose between "uncommon languages", it is surprising to me that a player can get white card access to any language they want.

What to specify in the host name / address if I want remote access to my PostgreSQL database from a home PC?

Let's say I did the following things.


  1. OS: Windows 10
  2. PostgreSQL: 12.0

Things done:

  1. Change listen_addresses to listen_addresses = '*' in the postgresql.conf
  2. Add host all all md5 in the pg_hba.conf

Now I want to create a new server / database, usually specific localhosts as my hostname / recipient

But since I want to go to "Live" now, what should I specify? And how do I connect to the other PC later?

enter the description of the image here

Is paid advertising a direct access to success? The | Forum Promotion

Advertising can always bring success to something with high demand and a decent or well designed site. However, for a situation around lower demand, say a video game product in a video game forum, it will be more difficult because visitors are not going to buy or click (at the beginning of the purchase or click cycle).

javascript – Literal objects within a class How to access?

I am doing a class exercise, where we have been asked to do a student class with three variables, one of them a literal object, my question is when accessing that literal object to be able to change the parameters, that is, how to change the Student Test. Mathematical Notes? how is it done? Because doing this tells me that math is not defined.

I leave what I have done

class Alumno {
    constructor(nombre, apellido, notas) {
        this._nombre = nombre || 'Sin nombre',
            this._apellido = apellido || 'Sin apellido',
            this._notas = notas || {
                Matematicas: generaAleatorio(0, 10),
                Lengua: generaAleatorio(0, 10),
                Fisica: generaAleatorio(0, 10),
                Ingles: generaAleatorio(0, 10),
                Musica: generaAleatorio(0, 10)


function generaAleatorio(min, max) {
    return Math.round(Math.random() * (max - min) + min);

var AlumnoPrueba = new Alumno();
AlumnoPrueba.nombre = "Paco";
AlumnoPrueba.apellido = "Martinez";

root access: why do you need superuser permission to access the partition / data?

The default account is a normal user, and I used it to install the Google Play Store APK (for /data) Then Google Play Store opened with my current user permission, and downloaded and installed other APKs for /data. That means I have full access to the /data divide.

Why can't file manager applications see that partition without root permission?

Applications: When access to notifications is not available on the certein phone, is it possible to run third-party applications / in the background?

I have installed (…) (device monitoring application) on a phone.
During installation, an error appears on the destination phone that says "Notification access: this feature is not available on this device"

From there, my monitoring application does not work properly! Ou doesn't work at all.

Question: I understand that (…) is a background / third party application. So, is it possible to run a third-party application on a device where the notification access function is not available?

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users – Access denied for the Reset password link

Our users get the password reset link and "access denied" when they try to access the link. To my knowledge, we have not made any edition that may affect this. I tried adding the following two lines to the end of the settings.php file. This link is automatically generated by the password policy module.

$cookie_domain = '';
$conf['https'] = TRUE;

Any help you can provide is appreciated.