How do I access the Processor power management options in Windows 10?

While Googling I found that to make my computer more silent I could set it in the Processor power management options overview.

Unfortunately, I don’t see it at:
enter image description here

Was it moved somewhere else? How do I set it?

root access – How to back up rooted phone to PC? (Magisk)

Before handing in my OnePlus 6T for repair, I want to create a full system backup and reset the phone to factory defaults. Afterwards, I want to restore the original state. My phone is rooted with Magisk.

How do I do a full system backup?

What I tried:

  • adb backup -apk -obb -shared -all -system: This finishes successfully, but at 5.5GB, even if compressed, the backup file is suspiciously small. According to the settings app, my phone uses 55GB of storage, ten times the size of the backup file!

  • OK, so I thought adb root needs to be run before. However, that doesn’t work: adbd cannot run as root in production builds

  • So I installed the adb_root module. But now when I run the above backup command, then it simply quits. No backup is created.

    PS C:UsersFelixDesktop> adb backup -apk -obb -shared -all -system
    WARNING: adb backup is deprecated and may be removed in a future release
    * daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037
    * daemon started successfully
    Now unlock your device and confirm the backup operation...
    PS C:UsersFelixDesktop>

How to accelerate mempool data access with bitcoind

What could I do to accelerate access to the data I get when I call for example: bitcoin-cli getblocktemplate ?

If I would like to be able to be the fisrt one who get information about all the new tx getting into the mempool in term of milliseconds is there any optimization to bitcoin.conf or hardware or node deployment or even modification to code that I could do to be the first one to get the info?

All I want to be able to do with my bitcoind would be see the mempool info coming in as fast as possible (and if possible mining). So I’m wondering if I can remove any other feature to get this faster?

Thanks in advance for any clue!

ubuntu – Windows 10 loses access to SMB shared folder when folder renamed

I have Samba version 4.11.6 installed on Ubuntu 20.04.1
On Windows 10 version 1809, I have a shared folder mapped.

When I rename or create a sub-directory I lose access to the shared folder. Despite being disconnected, the change does go through.
First the folder looks like a file. When I refresh, I get the error message “The directory name is invalid” That holds true if I try to access it directly (ex. //192.168.1.X/directoryname/) or if I try to open the shared directory. (At that point the error changes to “is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The directory name is invalid.”)

I have to disconnect and reconnect (sometimes that doesn’t work though) in order to regain access.

What’s screwing up? is it Windows 10? is it Samba? Is there a better way to set this up?
I was running Deepin previously (instead of Ubuntu) and I had no issues at all. That leads me to believe either it’s a Samba setting, or it’s a newer version of Samba that is messing stuff up.

Can G Suite admins access suspended users’ data?

According to Google’s G Suite, "What happens to a suspended user’s account and data? …unavailable to the user."

But what about the admins? Is the data still available to them? If so, how?

how to convert android 10 phone to a software access point

I have an android 10 device which I would like to use use as software access point. I have broadband connection landline in my home. There are some corners where signals dont reach. So I want to use my spare android phone to convert it to a software access point. If this is some how possible then please let me know. I want my phone to be connected to the exisiting wifi network at a location in which signal is comming and at the same time want to convert the phone to work as an AP.
The phone is already connected to Wifi network in my ADSL router.

java – Should all third party methods that access outside resources (like other databases) be wrapped up?

From the perspective of unit testing, the code under test should obviously not be accessing outside resources so the third party methods need to be mocked. However, it seems like this is poor practice because third party methods can change and become static/final which makes mocking difficult in Mockito. So in that sense, is it best practice to always wrap up third party methods?

I suppose this question may also apply to other programming languages and testing frameworks.

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How to access hard drive partitions formed after dual boot?

I have recently dual booted Ubuntu alongside windows 10. After the Dual Boot, I split the D drive of 1000 GB into different drives in windows. But in Ubuntu I can only see the shrunk D volume of 250 GB and am unable to access the rest which now contain much of the media on my device.