pathfinder 2e – Should I award reputation for a quest if the PCs accept a reward?

Reputation isn’t payment and shouldn’t (usually) be used in place of it

Reputation is a concept designed to help the GM arbitrate the world. Players may appreciate knowing when their Rep moves, but the characters are not being given tokens of +1 with the Theives’ Guild. Most characters expect or at least appreciate payment for service rendered, and continued accrual of valuables is a hallmark of the genre as well as a key component if you follow Paizo’s balance efforts.

This is not to say gratitude can’t be a reward. If the PC’s save an NPC who has nothing to their name, or perform favors too small to rate actual payment, you don’t need to introduce a +1 striking weapon that you hadn’t intended. Also occasionally, groups may wish to perform duties to organizations and decline payment in favor of increasing their standing. That’s OK! I would personally allot an extra Rep point for factions that would appreciate this showing of altruism (and perhaps reduce it for groups that would see it as weakness… although I’m be less tempted by that idea).

This is all most exemplified in the final section of the Reptuation page on AoN, Running Reputation. It is additionally made clear that it also isn’t some ephemeral currency, as it can be thrown away or gained at the whim of the GM.

Using Reputation Points in the background allows you to track the PCs’ status with a variety of groups or factions in your campaign based on the PCs’ actions and choices. This is especially useful for a sandbox campaign or other structure with numerous possibilities, helping you build a reactive structure and track how PCs are doing with groups they interact with only occasionally. When the point totals don’t fit the story, use common sense. For instance, if the PCs are hunted by the town guard due to a corrupt mayor, but then perform a major quest revealing the mayor’s wrongdoing and saving the town, that might jump them from the worst negative reputation to a much more positive reputation. Similarly, the PCs’ foes could frame them, harming the PCs’ reputation though they’ve done no disservice.

8 – How to override nid filter to accept multiple values on views

I have read a dozen of open tickets on this issue, but none of them explains how to solve this.
Lets say I have a raw array of nids and wanting to override the query in a hook for the nid filter.
The nid filter allows only 1 value or some of the operators given in the image below.

enter image description here

There isnt an operator “is one of” as in the taxonomy reference filter. So how could this be overriden and allow multiple values for the nids?
Is this possible perhaps within the hook_views_query_alter()?

usa – Why would a hotel only accept guests older than 21 years old?

I’ve booked a stay in a hotel at our local Crystal Mountain resort and noticed a peculiar message:

All guests must be 21 or accompanied by a legal guardian.

Why would a hotel not allow someone who’s 18 year old to check into the room? In theory, someone who’s 21 years of age is not supposed to stay in this room with their 20 year old boyfriend?

Note that this hotel is a part of a ski resort, so there’s no gambling involved. The rooms are very basic and don’t seem to include alcohol in the minibar. There’s a restaurant that serves alcohol at the ski resort but they check your ID there and don’t care if you’re a guest of the hotel. So what could be a possible explanation?

vpn – Is it safe to set up your firewall to allow localhost to accept incoming connections?

I have set up a VPN client and I’m using iptables to block all connections not tunneled through the VPN. An example of the iptables rules I am using can be found here.

Unfortunately with this configuration RStudio does not start up.

In fact the RStudio guide says:

Check firewall, proxy settings, and antimalware

Although RStudio does not require internet access, it does use a
localhost connection to link your R session with the RStudio IDE. As a
result, it is possible a (software-based) firewall, network setting,
or antimalware program is blocking access to RStudio. If you have a
firewall, HTTP or HTTPS proxy configured, add localhost and
to the list of approved Hosts and Domains. After this, try restarting
RStudio. If you have antimalware software configured that may be
blocking RStudio, please check its settings and whitelist RStudio if

I had already allowed outgoing connections on the loopback interface:


By experimentation I have discovered that adding this line to the rules would make RStudio work again:

# Accept localhost

From a security perspective, is such a rule safe?

Can such a rule be exploited by malware/spyware?

Will such a rule leak my private IP address despite the VPN connection?

EDIT: Is the rule:

-A INPUT -s -d -j ACCEPT

safer? Also this rule would make RStudio work

finite automata – Constructing a NFA that accept complement of language L of another NFA

Is there a general way to do it? The answer is yes: one way to do it is to find a DFA that accepts $L$ (for example with the powerset construction), make it complete (by adding a sink state), and swap final states and non-final states. The automaton is deterministic, but it is a special case of non deterministic.

Is there a polynomial time way to do it? I don’t know, since the construction above can be exponential time in the number of states (because of the powerset construction).

Force to accept GPS coordinates & not “correct” them

I often need to tweak the GPS coordinates of images I take with my iPhone. Since I work on a MBP laptop, I do it there. A workflow: use a map app to find the precise location of the photo. Enter those coordinates into the location field in the Get Info box of the image. Watch decide what I “meant” and move the coordinates to what it thinks is the closest place. This is often a what it thinks a city’s coordinates are when I feed it a location inside that city.

The question then is how I make it stop doing this. I can move the pin, of course, or just use something like exiftool to edit the image’s data directly, but it seems like this should be doable within Photos.

Then again…

Is it possible to accept messages in Postfix that are sent to an invalid email address?

I have a Postfix server running and receiving email for “”. I am wondering if it is possible to configure Postfix to accept email for any address sent to it. For example, could I configure it to accept messages sent to Right now when I do this, the message bounces.

money – How to draw cash when ATM does not accept card?

A few tidbits about Visa Debit cards (from the USA I am guessing).

While they work in all USA ATMs, as you discovered they are not always tied to the Plus ATM network so you need to make sure the ATM machine displays the Visa logo.

If you have a choice, when outside the USA the card should be treated as a “credit card” not a “debit card” when used for POS (points of sale) transactions (food, stores, gas, etc). The USA systems for pin based debit transactions aren’t link to many countries outside.

Many banks now limit the cash advance amount to the same as your ATM withdrawal limit. They used to allow you to withdraw up to your daily limit for purchases, but now most treat the advance the same as ATM transactions.

If the ATM asks what account, what we call a “checking” account, many countries call a “current” account.

Always let your bank known you will be traveling and where.

Google Forms – two required questions – accept with at least one of them

I collect links to historical records describing persons falling into certain categories (e.g. secret Protestant or vampire/witch case). User specifies the Category with a checkbox answer (multiple options possible).

I want to add more options, describing professions. But now the checkbox list would be too long.

I want to do either:

  1. Add a separate question Profession. One of the the two questions Profession and/or Category must be filled in (required question) or
  2. Format the Category question so that the options are organized into sections or the checkboxes appear in multiple columns.

I do not want to add additional form page.

sharepoint online – Inside MS Flow how i can build an email array from a “People or Group” which accept users and groups

I have the following field inside my sharepoint form:-

enter image description here

and i want to send approval emails to all the group/s members (if any) + the individual user/s (if any):-

enter image description here

now i read this link @ which mention that i can get the members of an office 365 group, but in my case i need this to be dynamic + i need to build a list of email addresses for the following:-

  1. Individual user/s (If any)
  2. Office 365 group/s member/s (If any)
  3. SharePoint group/s members (If any)