Anyone have a good source of abusive domains?


I know about google safebrowsing api. but I’m looking for a csv/json list of abuse domains used/being used for phishing, booters, ma… | Read the rest of

[ Psychology ] Open-ended question: Do you think the emotional work of the covid19 virus is making people abusive?

Being married for 12 years, I had only hit my wife once. Now 40 days in a pandemic and I have hit her 3 times. I am not violent or abusive, and hitting the wife is not a vicious or intentional act. I never hit her like she was a man, and she doesn't have any marks. Usually it starts with an argument, and then I get the feeling that I want to cry and I'm angry at the same time. It's like frustration and anxiety, emotion and anger and, before I know it, POW! I tried to suppress the feeling and for many years I was able to control it. Now with the coronavirus I can't control that much and when she says something, and I keep pushing, or I keep criticizing, it builds up and then POW on the side of my head. She runs and cries and locks herself in the bathroom. I do something good for her and a few hours later we are friends again.

VULTR opens claim tickets and claims they come from Google :) And more about abusive claims

I run a site that hosts Android apps, apk files, it's a pretty big site, with around 500,000 listings.
I recently tested Vultr cloud hosting, the site of course has some traffic so I put a higher than average load on CPUs and network.

Almost instantly I started receiving "Safe Browsing Report" tickets in my Vultr account

Dear Customer,
We notify you about malicious software that Google has detected on its servers. Please check the following alerts:

I looked through them, most of them were clean files, I scanned them with ~ 50 antivirus software using VirusTotal API, some of them had ad / adware reports and removed them but to be clear these are the type of files that They are also accepted on Google Play (the same number of false positives or files that contain ads).

I tried to explain to them, they keep telling me that "Google is the plaintiff" and not them, I told them that if Google actually sent these complaints, then they must have an original email or something similar.

After asking 3 times and they pretend they don't see my question, they told me I have 48 hours to move my domain because my account will be closed

– The actual files are not even under the Vultr network, they are under a "download". subdomain because that other host offers unlimited 100mbps traffic and the site does around 24TB of traffic per month.
– I checked all the Google services (Google Webmaster console, Google's safe browsing report), they all say they have no registration and that the site is clean with these Google services.
– The site also runs Google AdSense ads, and they have strict policies for AdSense sites.

Still, Vultr claims that Google submits these complaints but refuses to show me the original "complaint".
It seems that they just want me to leave because it is more profitable to host paying clients and hardly use any resources.

Due to how large the site is, there may also be legitimate complaints, there was one such complaint and I deleted that file in less than 24 hours. But I found that many complaints are abusive, made by competitors. The DMCA allows me to counter-notify as far as I know.

Coinbase, for example, pays a company called RiskIQ to take down competitors, this company reported most of the Bitcoin wallet apps on my site, claiming they infringe on Coinbase copyright; These apps have nothing to do with Coinbase, other than being other wallet providers. And ISPs like Vultr are on their backs without any minimal investigation. None of these whistleblowers responds when you contact them.

You can also disconnect ads from anyone by making a fake DMCA claim to Google, they will automatically disconnect the ads and then manually enable them after you prove the claim was abusive (takes ~ 7 days), then the abuser can instantly disconnect them again . It's crazy

So Vultr, can I see this complaint that Google made? Ticket # DHZ-84ODO

abusive email from an unknown, untraceable IP address

receive abusive emails from for a long time, through the IP address The IP address mentioned above does not exist or belongs to a proxy server.
It is requested that you please help me obtain the location and address of the IP address mentioned above.
Thank you very much in advance

Steps to follow with an abusive client

I am sure that many hosting companies have frequent problems with customer abuse. Often, these customers are the ones who post negative reviews on the forums. Hosting companies are often in a bad situation and do not know how to react when a client abusively uses their servers to launch DDoS attacks or host illegal content (pharmacies, child pornography sites, etc.).
I will write here the steps we follow in such situations. I hope this is useful for those who own hosting companies and even for customers who may think twice before blaming a hosting company for not hosting its abusive content / applications:

1. Analyze the report of abuse or local records about illegal activity. Check if the abuse report is real. Local law may allow you to host copyrighted content or some content that could be illegal in another country.

2. React to the abuse report immediately and let them know that you notified or suspended your client's server.

3. Server suspension is urgently required if DDoS attacks are launched (to protect your own network and keep the Internet clean). You can use an automated system to automatically suspend servers that send attacks. For other abusive content, the client should be contacted and given some time to react (less time if the situation is urgent). You should keep in mind that some clients may resell their services and do not even know it. If the client does not respond, the server must be suspended.

4. Many customers will not check your email and respond to the abuse report only after you suspend your servers. When you receive an answer, try to explain the situation and ask the client to remove the abusive content.

5. Once you receive confirmation from the customer that you deleted the content, verify if the content was actually deleted and respond to the abuse report with the confirmation.

6. Many customers will feel bad to see their servers suspended and post negative reviews on the forums or begin to threaten you with everything they can. Try to remain calm and explain the situation as best you can.

7 Always keep records of the conversation with the customer, reports of abuse and traffic records (if the problem is about DDoS) and use them when you need them.

8. Watch for reviews of your hosting company's site (google: HOSTING_COMPANY review, HOSTING_COMPANY scam, etc.). If you find a review, identify the customer and respond with the details you have. Keep in mind that a negative review can become a positive review as long as you have arguments and manage your customers correctly.

What is the Abusive Experience Report in the search console?

What is the Abusive Experience Report in the search console?

Automatic blocking of abusive IP | Web Hosting Talk


We are on a fully managed server. Each time our server load increases, our technician tells a story.
"We found that some abusive ips are making many connections and we block them, now the load is decreasing."
The same statement every day.

So, is there any add-on that can block ips after verifying it with abusive IP databases?

Help, Chrome's abusive experience report hits my site

Take a look at this:

The latest version of Chrome is now marking sites for abusive experiences. Check the ads on your site to see if any one produces an abusive experience.

The unexpected click areas and the deceptive behavior of the site are probably the two most important ones to worry about.

FYI – unexpected click areas are pop-up ads. Sites with pop-ups that bypass the Chrome pop-up blocker will eventually be marked. False video players, playback or download buttons, closing buttons that open a pop-up window and similar elements of the site are all deceptive behaviors of the site.

World Ventures unfair, deceptive and abusive practices in Romania

For more than two years, in Romania, it perpetuates a dangerous and deceptive situation created in the tourism and direct sales market by a US company that is activated through a so-called multilevel marketing (MLM) under the name of World Ventures, a company that uses intermediaries to sell. its so-called products and services here, but without being registered as a legal entity in this country and without a legal and commercial collaboration agreement with those people through whom it operates.


This company sells to the Romanians the membership in a private travel club, saying that they offer luxury holidays at low prices to those who join the club, as well as commissions to promote the registration of new members.

World Ventures already has in Romania a network of more than 5,000 members, some of them are service users, others are service / concept / business sellers. The membership fees to the company are composed not only of an initial registration fee, but also of the monthly fees, considering that the parent company and its entities are not registered fiscally and do not pay taxes to the Romanian state for this work, so that in the documents neither Uno nor the other exist.

Since I had no idea or previous experience about the deceptive manner in which things are happening in this company, I joined as a member in October 2014, after they informed me in a public presentation that in our country, World Ventures is offering the possibility of joining the club only as an individual, but not yet as a company or legal entity. Moreover, each individual registration was made using the same foreign unique address provided by the presenters / hosts / sponsors of each new member, and said that some World Ventures members agreed to provide their own addresses for the temporary registration of the people located in those countries where World Ventures is in its early stages of activity and development. The address that World Ventures used to register me and all the other people present at that meeting was a Hungarian address. I did not understand very well the procedure involved, but as we were talking about a company that was operating at that time in some 20 countries, I considered that this was a good and safe enough reason to register as a traveler and also as a commercial representative. paying for 6 months around $ 700 as a deposit fee for future holidays, as well as for the right to promote the club as a marketing representative at some point.

The problem arose when I made a website that talked about the availability of this concept for Romanians and that it provided information about the mechanisms of this club, as well as the possibility of registration.

Just before starting the construction of the website, I asked those who showed me the business, but also the official employees of the company, if it is possible to have a website that promotes this business in a different way to face-to-face meetings or within the presentation rooms (the old MLM methods that I personally do not agree with due to the pressure involved and the reluctance of the general public regarding the good intentions of those who present business concepts in this way). Initially they told me that there is no problem, except by following some rules of site construction. I took the answer for granted and created the website aimed at Romanians around the world through a detailed online presentation of the concept. Once it was ready, I sent another informational email to the company for final approval. The response I received from Heather Vincent (company specialist for the relationship with members about policies and practices) left me speechless:

The website will have to be removed immediately. This website is a Romanian website. WorldVentures is not open for business in Romania. Therefore, we will need you to provide proof of your residence in Hungary. The requirements to become a WorldVentures Representative establish that you must reside in a country in which WorldVentures conducts business and accepts new Representatives. If you do not, delete the website and send us your Hungarian ID within three (3) business days, which could lead to the suspension of your representative ID number: 63088902.

Not only did I not run any World Ventures business until that date, but I never imagined that I will not be able to do it other than "clandestine" while the company, through the leaders of Romania, organizes public presentation meetings so systematic In addition, the contents presented by the leaders of Romania, supervised from time to time by the leaders of the company from outside, were the same main information as that which I presented in Therefore, I considered that prohibiting the promotion of the Internet in writing and encouraging the spoken word harms me and has a discriminatory character, which also raises serious questions about the legitimacy and legality of this business here.

Taking all these facts into account, I told the staff that I am out of this scheme anyway, but I want my money back (the membership fees paid that time in value from which I did not receive any product or service, a basic requirement). to include a commercial act in the MLM category or direct sale and not in the enrichment pyramid scheme). I did not want to return but only $ 60 of the $ 730 that I spent for NOTHING, inviting me to challenge their decision within 14 days if I do not agree. Although I challenged him immediately, I did not receive any response from the staff and, after a week of waiting, I wrote a second letter asking them if I should consider silence as an answer. What I received was an email that ignored any dialogue on this topic and in which I received a copy of the first message, stating again that I violated the company's policies regarding business development in national markets without opening, so that the Case is considered closed. .

We have canceled your WorldVentures Membership ID number: 63088902 since you were marketing the WorldVentures Products and Services in an unopened country. Currently, we do not have an established timeline for opening WorldVentures in Romania. We have strict criteria and a firm strategy to launch the business in any new country.

How should I call such treatment? Unfair? Misleading? Abusive? Imoral? Illegal? I would say all of them.

But the history of World Ventures in Romania is not isolated and it's not about me. It is the story of a rich company that believes that it can carry out activities anywhere, at any time, anyway, by adopting undisturbed policies and abusive practices. My desire is to expose the illegality, hypocrisy and absurdity of the organizational culture called World Ventures Marketing LLC, which choose to worship the benefit and flagrantly despise the human being.


How things happen

The board of directors of World Ventures knows very well what it does and is highly trained in the attempt to stay safe from all possible consequences of the deceptive way in which they carry out their activities. The company owns several websites from which it manages the business: registrations of new members in the business and the virtual office of each independent collaborator (, booking of vacations (, recruitment and presentation of personnel (www.worldventures .com). Payments for registration as a collaborator with the tourist status or business partner are made exclusively online with a credit card using The list of countries of residence of those who can join the club now has approximately 28 countries. Romania has not been or is today (December 2016) among them because "it is in pre-launch", this is what they say in their presentations very well organized throughout the country.


Therefore, you must understand that here it operates with some restrictions, but the business has already started to work and grow widely. And since World Ventures is in this stage prior to publication for years, no one from Romania can register with a Romanian address and, therefore, must indicate an address that belongs to one of the countries on the official list. Therefore, in the presentations, he receives a specific address from a representative or employee of Hungary or Cyprus whereby the new members of Romania sing for many days in a row. As I mentioned, the inscriptions can be done only for individuals. When I asked why it is not possible to register as a company, a legal entity, those who were presenting spoke about the "pre-launch" status and the legislation that restricts things at this stage.

When I communicated the Hungarian address, I saw the money extracted from the card without any other identification filter. Although I have never made an electronic payment in which I communicated the address of others as the billing address, completely different from the registration address of my personal card (or card address), the payment was considered valid despite the delimitation criteria from the country. When I saw that it worked perfectly, I imagined that the registration form where my data was required to enroll in World Ventures is nothing more than a simple formality, in the same way that you create, using the information you want, an email account of Hotmail or a Hotmail email account. Yahoo Messenger account.

However, the next legal aspect that I noticed later was very curious: if that form served as a certification of the individuals as coming from a country where the company World Ventures carries out its activity and, therefore, is legitimated to register new members and to collect money from them, why the address communicated, at least in the section "billing address", does not compare with the address of the card from which the payment is made, also facing the nationality of the owner of the card, so that, if they do not, does it correspond, both the payment and the registration are invalidated (hence the migration of money in World Ventures accounts)? As I know so far, any legitimate electronic payment processor asks you to mention some VERIFIABLE identification data, which then take into account the validation or invalidation of the transaction. Normally, you should not be able to provide a Greek address for services payable through electronic payment that operates only in Greece, but you can take advantage of this service in Romania after having paid using a card of Romania as a means of identification and payment (without any document additional required as long as the payment processor allows it).

The World Ventures counterfeit the country tiebreaker criteria in this way, ensuring that they can collect money from all sides, but they shout that they only operate in 20 countries, of which Romania does not belong, but where they have won millions. From dollars until now, money without taxes.

In addition, if they really want to use a tiebreaker criterion of the country, as additional measures applicable at the time of registration, they may require an identification of the new member or a property document or a utility bill or the constitutive act of the personal company. As any of this is not part of the application form, the country's tiebreaker criteria is a simple story with no legal or contractual value.

In addition, so that anyone can SELL on behalf of a company (the product in this case is the membership in a traveling club, not the actual vacation) must be legalized in terms of a contractual relationship between the legal entity (legal entity) World Ventures Marketing LLC and legal entity (legal entity) George & Company. While George & Company performs marketing services for World Ventures and collects money for these World Ventures services, and the two entities do not have a collaboration contract with the initial legal and commercial value for marketing services on the one hand and the payment of fees On the other hand, both parties have a big problem: they are illegal. This is exactly how World Ventures and its associates operate in our country.

And when we talk about World Ventures, we are talking about a company that we find in lists of graphics and international magazines, a company that in 2014 appeared in 47th place in the ranking of the most profitable direct sales companies in the world. A company that organizes presentations in front of tens of thousands of people. Would anyone think that this company acts like a mafia structure where it has the opportunity?


I attach two photos that show how World Ventures operates here through one of their base men.

one. Facebook page of Wes Melcher, official trainer and speaker of the company World Ventures, while it is presented (capture made in mid-2015).


two. The poster of a local presentation announcing the arrival of Wes Melcher to Romania to train the Romanian team on how to develop the business.