blockchain – Find an updated Bitcoin Bock browser (like Abe)

I'd like to do some research with the data in the bitcoin blockchain (things like figuring out how many of the new transactions have been verified with SegWit, or how much the addresses are reused in the transactions, or whatever I find interesting later on ). For this purpose, a SQL database of blocks and transactions would be much better than consulting the web APIs, so I am trying to find information about whether the bitcoin block scanner Abe is still updated since I have seen some mentions that Still not compatible with SegWit?

Is it safe to use a bitcoin Abe fork such as that will allow normal ingestion of new SegWit blocks, or do I risk keeping a non-maintained code even more than using Abe?

And there is an alternative to these 2 solutions, since I hope it is better to use an existing and mature solution, instead of ingesting it from the RPC interface and risking to ingest something incorrect in a SQL table and draw nonsensical conclusions due to errors or failures data.