Drupal 8 – How to configure the local development environment?

I need to configure the local development environment for the existing Drupal 8 site.
They provided me with their base code, including site files and db dump.

Please, help me set up the local development environment for it.

Thanks in advance!

8 – How to use hook_prepare to modify a field of a node before editing it

I want to modify the contents of a field of an Article node just before it appears for editing. I have read the documentation at http://api.hostdog.gr/api/drupal-8/drupal%21core%21modules%21node%21node.api.php/function/hook_prepare/8, which indicates that hook_prepare "Act" an object of node to be displayed in the add / edit form. "I have also read many other things.

I have tried many ways to name the function:

MyModule_article_prepare ()
MyModule_article_node_prepare ()
MyModule_prepare_article ()
MyModule_prepare_node_article ()
and so on

But the function is never called. I have tried placing these functions in the MyModule.module file and in the MyTheme.theme file. I have read innumerable publications. Nothing has caused my function to be invoked (I make an output to the error log to indicate that it has been called).

I simply want to see a field in the node and possibly modify it just before it appears in the add / edit form for the user to edit it. I feel very silly; This has to be very simple and I do not understand it.

8 6 "8 6"

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Posted by: AzXpjzcc
Time of publication: May 21, 2019 at 01:28 a.m.

Windows 8: "Error reading sector 0x728b6c0 from hd1" after dual boot

I installed Ubuntu on the second SSD of my laptop, but when Grub appears and I choose Ubuntu, the following error appears: "error: error in the reading sector 0x728b6c0 of hd1, first load the kernel". The sector is different every time I try to start. Windows 8 starts normally. Do you have any idea how to solve this? Grub repair does not help …

8 – In the code, only create a revision if a field is changed

I have a customizable review entity with a few dozen fields. I am importing data about the entity on a regular basis. If the entity has changed, I would like to save it and create a new revision.

$ dogs =  Drupal :: entityTypeManager ()
-> getStorage (& # 39; my_entity & # 39;)
-> loadByProperties (['my_entity_id' => $my_entity_id]);

$ dog = reset ($ dogs);

$ dog-> set (& # 39; name & # 39 ;, $ register['TheName']);
$ dog-> set (& # 39; birth_date & # 39 ;, $ record['Dog Birth Date']);
// Much more -> set going on here.
$ dog-> set (& # 39; notes & # 39 ;, $ registration['Notes']);
if ($ dog-> someMagicComparisonFunction ()) {
$ dog-> setNewRevision (TRUE);
$ dog-> save ();

I searched for the someMagicComparisonFunction but I did not find it Is there?

thematic: use the filter of twigs to resize / crop the image in the template in Drupal 8

I want to use a filter of twigs to resize / crop images in templates, I know that this is possible with the styles of image and sensitive images, but I do not like that approach.

I would prefer something like:

Or something similar to LiipImagineBundle https://symfony.com/doc/master/bundles/LiipImagineBundle/basic-usage.html

Does anyone know if it is possible to use it with Drupal 8?

8 – Print a view within a block

First of all, it's a bad practice to use the PHP filter that comes with the core in D7 and the module contributed to D8. The PHP filter was removed from the D8 kernel to prevent the new developers of Drupal from falling into this trap of bad practices. Unfortunately, an evil genius decided to make a contribution module for D8.

Read carefully What are the disadvantages of using the PHP filter code in blocks, nodes, points of view, arguments, etc.? to know why it is bad.

Now to answer your question:

  • You can simply place the Vista blocks by clicking on the place block in the user interface Manage blocks and, perhaps, use Block group if you have many blocks.

  • Another option is to create a block through the user interface and then print your View in a View in your template file.

    • To do this, copy /core/modules/block/templates/block.html.twig and change its name to block – block–[block-id].html.twig that you then move it and place it in the folder / templates of your theme. See How to embed a view in a specific node? To print the block in the template file.

Print views within a block in Drupal 8

In drupal7, I usually use this code to print more than one view within a block.

But now in drupal8 it does not work. I mean, it just returns & # 39; Array & # 39; Although some manuals like this one say it's the same in drupal8, but it does not work in blocks using the php filter!

8 – How do I cancel the mail system?

You can achieve this by overriding the service defined from the Drupal kernel.
Altering existing services, providing dynamic services describes the code to be used.

In your case, the code should be similar to the following.

Drupal namespace  my_module;

use Drupal  Core  DependencyInjection  ContainerBuilder;
use Drupal  Core  DependencyInjection  ServiceProviderBase;

// @note: You only need Reference, if you want to change the service arguments.
use Symfony  Component  DependencyInjection  Reference;

/ **
* Modify the mail provider's service.
* /
the MyModuleServiceProvider class extends ServiceProviderBase {

/ **
* {@inheritdoc}
* /
public function alter (ContainerBuilder $ container) {
$ definition = $ container-> getDefinition (& # 39; plugin.manager.mail & # 39;);
$ definition-> setClass (& # 39; Drupal  MY_MODULE  MyMailProvider & # 39;);

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