Looking for Dual Xeon Gold 6130 supplier

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But I need a provider that can accept Bitcoin and does not require my personal data. I will not use the server to host anything, it will only be used for some personal work (compilation, coding, etc.).

Hello, imub3r and other WHT readers. Unfortunately, we do not currently accept Bitcoin and we have no plans to do so in the near future.

If a customer's account information seems suspicious for any reason, we will ask for additional identification to help confirm the identity of the customers. Any ID that we receive for this purpose is deleted immediately afterwards. The rest of the customer information is handled in strict accordance with the data protection regulations of Germany and the EU (GDPR).

We understand the importance of privacy; however, our low prices also attract some rather unpleasant characters who try to abuse our servers. That is why we must be very careful with the new accounts that we accept.

Some customers will always prefer not to provide any personal information, and we suggest that these customers simply choose another company.