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The application throws 500 internal server errors only when I use to burp

I am conducting a security test in an application. It is throwing 500 internal server error when intercepting with the belching proxy. It is working fine if I turn off the proxy. I have tried the troubleshooting tips available at the Burp support center ( -use-burp) But without luck. This is the first time that I am observing this king of behavior. Do I need to change any settings so that the belching works well?

Thanks for your answers.

laravel – Error 500 nolara in ajax return

The error only occurs on the return of json, I tried the route with id
separates and returns normal but inside the controller does not occur




        type: 'GET',
        dataType: 'json',
        success: function(response){

            var html = '';
                    html = '
'; html += '

'; html += response.errors; html += '

'; html += '
'; $('#form_result').html(html); $('#form_result').show(); } var len = response.length; for(var i=0; i" + negociacao_id + "" + "" + parcela + "" + "" + due_date + "" + "R$ " +formatMoney(amount) + "" + "" + url + "" + ""; $('#form_result').hide(); $("#boletos tbody").append(tr_str); } console.log(response); } });


public function geraBoleto($id)

        $boletos = AppBoletos::where('negociacao_id', '=', $id)->get();
        foreach ($boletos as $boleto) {
            if (!$boleto->RequestID) {

                $amount = $boleto->amount;
                $due_date = $boleto->due_date;
                $customer_document_number = $boleto->customer_document_number;

                $id_devedor = Devedor::findOrFail(1);

            } /
        return response()->json(Boletos::where('negociacao_id', '=', $id)->get());



Route::get('boletos/gera/{id}', 'BoletosController@geraBoleto');

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migration: files outside wp content receive a 500 error

So we recently duplicated a WordPress site originally in WP Engine and moved it to another server. This is a Korean server run by a company called Gabia, I'm sure there is no difference, but I thought about mentioning it.

Since we moved, we have had problems with all the JS, CSS and Image files that are outside the wp-content directory, obtaining 500 errors when trying to navigate to them.

I thought this would have been a permissions issue, but all directories are 755 and all files are 644, which I think is correct.

I removed the necessary add-ons required by WP Engine and reverted the wp-config file to a standard one.

I'm a little lost for the answers and I really hope someone knows what it could be.

The site in question is:

Thank you.

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