javascript – Change aid and limited case? Estou trabalhando em um slider of 48 pages and do nothing ele parou de trabalhar no 37

var slideIndex = 1;
// showDivs (slideIndex);

function plusDivs (n) {
showDivs (slideIndex + = n);

showDivs (n) {function {
var i;
var x = document.getElementsByClassName ("mySlides");
if (n> x.length) {
slideIndex = 1
yes (n <1) {
slideIndex = x.length
for (i = 0; i <x.length; i ++) {
X[i].style.display = "none";
X[slideIndex – 1].style.display = "block";

switch (slideIndex – 1) {
Case 1:
animationPage3 ();

Case 2:
animationPage4 ();

Case 3:
animationPage5 ();

Case 4:
animationPage6 ();

Case 5:
animationPage7 ();

case 6:
animationPage8 ();

Case 7:
animationPage9 ();

Case 8:
animationPage10 ();

Case 9:
animationPage11 ();

Case 10:
animationPage12 ();

case 11:
animationPage13 ();

Case 12:
animationPage14 ();

case 13:
animationPage15 ();

Case 14:
animationPage16 ();

Case 15:
animationPage17 ();

Case 16:
animationPage18 ();

Case 17:
animationPage19 ();

Case 18:
animationPage20 ();

Case 19:
animationPage21 ();

Case 20:
animationPage22 ();

Case 21:
animationPage23 ();

Case 22:
AnimationPage24 ();

Case 23:
AnimationPage25 ();

Case 24:
AnimationPage26 ();

Case 25:
animationPage27 ();

Case 26:
animationPage28 ();

Case 27:
animationPage29 ();

Case 28:
AnimationPage30 ();

Case 29:
animationPage31 ();

Case 30:
animationPage32 ();

Case 31:
animationPage33 ();

Case 32:
animationPage34 ();

case 33:
animationPage35 ();

case 34:
animationPage36 ();

Case 35:
animationPage37 ();

Case 36:
animationPage38 ();

animationPage48 ();

48 hours of scheduled downtime?

Previously, I received an email from my server in which the server on which my Cpanel reseller account is hosted "will be migrated to DirectAdmin within 48 hours".

When they said "within 48 hours", I assumed they meant that it will be migrated sometime within the next 48 hours, and not that my sites will be inactive for 2 days!

My sites have been inactive for 7 hours and the host does not respond to emails or live chats.

Could it really be 2 days of scheduled inactivity?

how to make $ 200 + in 48 hours (really)

Book cover A5 for $ 100 and design of backrest 48 hrs.

My client is a real estate company in Myanmar. Recently they decided to make some promotional material. The designer of the house made some designs for the cover of a promotional book, but they are not happy with them.

I'm looking for better designs than the ones attached to this Google Drive folder.

The design assets and previous works that you liked are included here.

Art styles that they like.
Art Deco or cartoons

Take a look and if you think you can do better, send an entry.

We need covers and back covers, so its design must contain a front and back.
Add the logo somewhere but do not feel the need to make it the focal point of the design.
The deliverable files must be psd or ai. Feel free to use any graphic asset.
The contest will last 48 hours from the first presentation.


BlackHatKings: Proxies and VPN section
Posted by: ThomasLound
Time of publication: June 29, 2019 at 02:40 AM.

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